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Memoirs of the Wilkinson Family in America, 1869

Sixth Generation, cont.

IV.  Jencks went out in 1816 on a prospecting tour to the South-western sic States for the purpose of finding a suitable place to settle, where he and his brothers could all be together, was taken sick and died at New Orleans, [now Orleans Co.,] La., at the age of 25.

VI.  Joanna married Dexter M. Leonard, and resides in Willimantic, [now Windham Co.,] Ct., no children. Mr. Leonard died July 4, 1858. Mrs. Leonard is still living and is noted for her energy and business talent.

VII.  Joseph never married. He went South in 1819, with his brother George and stayed the winter in Mobile. The first of June following George went up the river and purchased the township above mentioned. Joseph was left to close up the unfinished business, and then to follow George. He started about two weeks afterwards, and stopped at Claiborne, [now Monroe Co.,] about 100 miles from Mobile, to transact some business, was taken sick and died suddenly, aged 21. George did not arrive till after his death, his feelings can better be imagined than described. Joseph was a promising young man, and his early death was sincerely lamented by a large circle of friends.

IX.  Julia Ann m. Daniel Tracy, no children, resided at Windham, Ct.

X.  Ahab m. Eliza Ann Jillson, and moved to Willimantic, [now Windham Co.,] Ct. about 1830-2.  June 12, 1832, he purchased a lot of land of Sam'l Gray "near the center of Williamantic sic village for the purpose of converting the same into a public road and for no other purpose."*  The same year he bought another lot in said village "bounded North by Union St.—west by Clark and Wilkinson's road, south by Hartford turnpike and the new road, east by the land of Mr. Gregory."*  Oct.  1, 1832 he made another purchase.  July 10, 1833, a deed of land was given to secure a note, and Sept. 17, 1833, "Ahab Wilkinson of Windham, Ct., in consideration of $1500 received of Abby Wilkinson, Joanna, Julia A., and Martha—all of Windham, conveys a certain village lot and building situate in Williamantic sic."§  Sept.  26, 1833, Ahab purchased a wood lot.||  Oct. 20, 1834, "Deed of sale by Administration of the estate of Ahab Wilkinson, deceased, to Abby, Joanna, Julia Ann and Martha Wilkinson."  Thus ends the record of Ahab so far as the traffic in real estate is concerned in Williamantic sic. He was an active business man—highly respected by the community. He was in Co. with Loring Carpenter, and the Windham town records show the transfer of six different parcels of land from Asa and Seth Jillson to Eliza Wilkinson, Ahab's widow, and Wm. E. Jillson consideration $5000.**  This occurred May 31, 1841. He had one child, a son who is now in the U.S. Patent Office, Washington, D.C.

XI.  Martha m. Dr. Oliver Kingsley, resided Williamantic sic. The doctor had a large and increasing practice and possessed the confidence of the community. They had one son born and died March 10, 1843. The Doctor died Oct. 1, 1847, aged 40. Martha is still living at Williamantic.

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Shubael Wilkinson5    [156] Daniel,4 [66] Daniel,3
      and   [18] John,2 [4] Lawrance.1 [1]
Mahala Smith,  

Of Elbridge, [Onondaga Co.,] N. Y.

318.I. Daniel Smith,6 b. Jan. 8, 1813, d.
319.II. Abigail,6 b. Apr. 14, 1816, d.
320.III. Joanna,6 b. June 27, 1819, d.
321.IV. James,6 (579-581) b. Mar. 12, 1822, d.
322.V.Smith S.6 (582-583)b. Dec. 7, 1824, d.
323.VI. Otis,6 b. Oct. 8, 1827, d. Oct. 20, 1847.

I.  Daniel Smith never married, resides in Adrian, [now Lenawee Co.,] Michigan. He is a farmer.

II.  Abigail married William J. Machan, and resides in Marcellus, Onondaga Co., N. Y. Their children are as follows:

(1) Sylvia M., b. July 15, 1841;
(2) Alice A., b. Dec. 28, 1842;
(3) Elizabeth, June 25, 1845.

III.  Joanna married Esek Sanders and lives in Earlville, Madison Co., N. Y. Their children are:
(1) Abigail M., b. July 13, 1845;
(2) Alma, b. Sept. 21, 1848.

IV.  James married for his first wife Harriet Talmage and for his second a sister of the first. He is in California and his family reside in Blissfield, [now Lenawee Co.,] Mich.

V.  Smith S. married Helen Tabor, has two children and resides in Prairie DuLac, sic Wisconsin. He is a lawyer and has been a State Senator, and President of the Senate. As a legal practitioner he has few superiors.

Alfred Wilkinson5    [162] John,4 [71] Daniel,3
Susan Smith and   [18] John,2 [4] Lawrance.1 [1]
Laura Edwards,  

Of Skaneateles, [Onondaga Co.,] N. Y.

324.I. Joab,6 (584-585) b. Oct. 22, 1810, d.
325.II. Winfield Scott,6 (586-589) b. Sept. 11, 1812, d.
326.III. Harry,6 b. Apr. 28, 1815, d. Feb. 3, 1849.
327.IV. Morton Smith,6 (590-591) b. Jan. 22, 1819, d.
328.V. Elizabeth,6 b. Dec. 23, 1821, d.
329.VI. Sarah,6 b. Mar. 21, 1825, d.

I.  Joab married Lydia Douglass, and has had seven sic children. His life has been a chequered one—born in Skaneateles, [Onondaga Co.,] N. Y., the oldest of six children, he left home for the first time in the Patriot War in Canada, and walked all the way afoot and alone to Meridosia sic on the Illinois river with a stick across his shoulder and all his worldly goods suspended from the end of it, and commenced getting his daily bread by using the shovel and pick on a railroad. Since then he passed through many vicissitudes. He has been captain of a flat boat on the Illinois river bound for St. Louis, a captain in the Regular Army, several years as a bridge builder, mate of a western steamboat—twice elected Justice of the Peace, served through the Mexican War as a Lieutenant of Regulars—candidate for the Legislature, but was beaten by the present Senator from Illinois, Ex-Gov. Yates. Resides Illiopolis, Sangamon Co., Ill.

II.  Winfield Scott married Frances Sampson. They have four children. Mr. Wilkinson is a man of great native powers of mind, modest and unassuming in his deportment, of extensive general information and reading, and is highly respected in the community where he lives.

IV.  Morton S. married Sally Boss, lives in Mankato, Blue Earth Co., Minn. They have two children. He is a lawyer, has been U.S. Senator.
For other particulars concerning him, see Biography No. XXII.

V. [and] VI.  Elizabeth and Sarah still reside at the old homestead in Syracuse, [Onondaga Co.,] N. Y., the first place settled by John, some sixty or seventy years ago. They carry on the farm.

John Wilkinson5    [163] John,4 [71] Daniel,3
        and   [18] John,2 [4] Lawrance.1 [1]
Henrietta Wilhelmina Swartz,  

Of Syracuse, [Onondaga Co.,] N. Y.

330.I. John Swartz,6 b. Aug. 8, 1827, d. July 25, 1836.
331.II. Joshua Forman,6 (592-594) b. June 12, 1829, d.
332.III. Alfred,6 (595-599) b. Aug. 17, 1831, d.
333.IV. Maria Hermans,6 b. Dec. 15, 1834, d.
334.V. Theodosia B.,6 b. July 16, 1837, d.
335.VI. John,6 b. Feb. 14, 1840, d.
336.VII. Janette Lee,6 b. Sept. 1, 1841, d. Oct. 8, 1842.
337.VIII. Dudley P.,6 b. Oct. 1, 1843, d.

II.  Joshua Forman married Louisa B. Rayner, and has three children. Resides in Syracuse, N. Y. He is a banker.

III.  Alfred married Charlotte May, daughter of the distinguished Rev. Samuel J. May. They reside in Syracuse, N. Y. They have had five children. He is a banker.

IV.  Maria Hermans married Theodore C. Welsh, an artist of considerable repute. His sketches of Alpine Scenery are decidedly beautiful. They have crossed the Atlantic 8 or 10 times, and are now in Europe.
They have one child:  (1) Henrietta Wilhelmina Clara, b. Sept. 30, 1861, resides in Syracuse, N. Y.

V.  Theodosia B. married Joseph Kirkland, resides in Tilton, Vermillion Co., Ill.

VI.  John married Mary Ware Fogg who died Feb. 22, 1865. He is a Bank Clerk.

William Wilkinson5    [165] William,4 [73] Jeremiah,3
        and   [19] John,2 [4] Lawrance.1 [1]
Lydia Ballou,  

Of Cumberland, R. I.

338.I. Betsey,6 b. Jan.    1798, d.           1860.
339.II. William,6 (600) b.           1800, d.
340.III. Eliza,6 b.           1803, d.

I.  Betsey married Israel Smith, resides in Pawtucket, R. I.

II.  William married Mehitable Angell, has one child, resides in New York.

III.  Eliza married Henry Angell, resides in New York.

George Wilkinson5    [166] William,4 [73] Jeremiah,3
        and   [19] John,2 [4] Lawrance.1 [1]
Lydia Whipple,  

Of Ira, Rutland Co., Vt.

341.I. Pardon W.,6 (601-4) b. Nov. 8, 1796, d. Sept. 28, 1866.
342.II. Anny,6 b. May 25, 1798, d. young.
343.III. George,6 (605-7) b. Sept. 4, 1802, d. May 27, 1863.
344.IV. Ira,6 (608-617) b. Oct. 15, 1804, d.

I.  Pardon Whipple married Cynthia Mason, resided in Ira, Rutland Co., Vt. He was a farmer, held many town and county offices—was a member of the Legislature and died much respected as a prominent and worthy man. They had four children.
For a more particular account of him, see Biography No. XXIII.

II.  George married Cynthia Tower, had three children and live in Vermont.

IV.  Ira married Emeline Griggs, and has had ten children. He resides in Ira, Vermont.

Simon Wilkinson5    [172] William,4 [73] Jeremiah,3
        and   [19] John,2 [4] Lawrance.1 [1]
Betsey Coope,

Of Boston, Mass.

345.I. Simon,6 b.             d.            
346.II. David,6 b. d.
347.III. Elizabeth,6 b. d.
348.IV. William Henry,6 b. d.
349.V. Andrew Jackson,6 (618-620) b. d.
350.VI. Caroline,6 b. d.
351.VII. Lucina,6b. d.
352.VIII. Francis,6b. d.
353.IX. Sarah,6b. d.

I.  Simon r. Boston, Mass.

IV.  Wm. Henry was a merchant, went to Sidney, N. S. W.

V.  Andrew J., hardware merchant in Boston, Mass., married, has three children.

Gardner sic Wilkinson5    [177] Jeremiah,4 [74] Jeremiah,3
        and   [19] John,2 [4] Lawrance.1 [1]
Olive Smith,

Of White Creek, Washington Co., N. Y.

354.I. Smith,6 (621-622)b. April 23, 1798, d. May 15, 1829.

I.  Smith m. Oct. 2, 1819, B. Mariah Aldrich, of Smithfield, R. I. She was born Apr. 18, 1800. They had two children—both daughters. He died at White Creek.
The name is extinct in this line. His widow survived him 28 years and died in 1857.

Jeremiah Wilkinson5    [178] Jeremiah,4 [74] Jeremiah,3
        and   [19] John,2 [4] Lawrance.1 [1]
Phebe Elbridge,

Of White Creek, Washington Co., N. Y.

355.I. Anna,6 b. May 15, 1809, d.
356.II. James,6 b. Mar. 18, 1811, d. May 18, 1812.

I.  Anna was married at White Creek, N.Y., Nov. 11, 1833, to James P. Noxon. They have five children:

(1) Phebe Ann, b. Oct. 8, 1834, m. McDonough Cornell at Philadelphia, July 23, 1857. They have two children. 1. Ella Frances, b. May 26, 1858 at White Creek; 2. Howard Noxon, b. Feb. 17, 1860.

(2) Sally Maria, b. March 3, 1836, m. Elou Sweet at Philadelphia, Nov. 26, 1857. They have one child:  1. Burton E., b. April 27, 1862, at White Creek.

(3) Mary Frances, b. Oct. 3, 1838;

(4) James Edward, b. Dec. 6, 1842;

(5) Bogardus, b. Nov. 2, 1848.

Jonathan Wilkinson5    [179] Jeremiah,4 [74] Jeremiah,3
        and   [19] John,2 [4] Lawrance.1 [1]
Joanna Darling,

Of Hartford, Conn.

357.I. Larned,6 b.               d.              
358.II. Samuel,6 b. d.
359.III. Joanna,6 b.d.

Nothing is known of this family further than their names appear upon the Judge's order in the division of property left at their father's death.

Job Wilkinson5    [180] Jeremiah,4 [74] Jeremiah,3
      and   [19] John,2 [4] Lawrance.1 [1]
Kesiah Chase,

Of Macedon, Wayne Co., N. Y.

360.I. Silea Ann,6 b.           1796, d.
361.II. Job,6 b.           1799(?), d.        1837.
362.III. Isaac,6 b.           1800,d.        1826.
363.IV. Elizabeth,6 b.           1802, d.        1847.
364.V. Jeremiah,6 b.           1806, d. May, 1865.
365.VI. Samuel Chase,6 (623-624) b.           1808,d.
366.VII. Barney,6 (625-628) b. Jan 6, 1810, d.
367.VIII. Daniel,6 (629-631) b. Apr. 1, 1812, d.        1866.
368.IX. Hiram,6 (632) b. Mar. 20, 1804, sicd.
369.X. William Garner,6 b. Jan. 29,(?) 1817,d.        1849.
370.XI. Mary Jane,6 b.           1819, d.
371.XII. Maria,6 b. Mar. 15, 1821,d.

I.  Silea Ann never married, r. Kansas City, Mo.

II.  Job married Gertrude Lansing, r. Fenfield, N. Y.—no children—he was a clothier.

IV.  Elizabeth m. 1. Russel Scovill, 2. Denison Rogers. By first husband had
(1) Mary Jane m. Charles Rogers, and had Mary J., d. 1842(?).
(2) George, m. and lives in Ohio;
(3) Edwin, m. and went south;
(4) Eliza, m. Clark Mather has 2 chil., r. Penn.;
(5) Seymour, m. has 2 chil., r. Bellfontaine, [Logan Co.,] O[hio].

V.  Jeremiah m. his brother Job's widow, r. Schodae sic, N. Y., he was a carder and cloth dresser, and was engaged in the manufacturing business.

VI.  Samuel Chase had 3 wives, 1. Susan Bradley, 2. Rachel ______, 3. ______ ______. He is Justice of the Peace, and a member of the Baptist Church, r. near Kalamozoo, Mich., had chil. by his 1st and 2d wives.

VII.  Barney, m. Elizabeth Briggs, and has a family, he is a lumber dealer, and has been town clerk, &c., and resides at Riga, Lenawa sic Co., Mich.

VIII.  Daniel m. Ruth Shourds, is a carpenter, r. Palmyra, [Lenawee Co.,] Mich., has a family.

IX.  Hiram m. Ann E. Miller. He is a clothier, merchant tailor, and dealer in furnishing goods, &c., r. Palmyra, Wayne Co., N. Y., of the firm "Huyck & Wilkinson." He was formerly engaged in the manufacture of farming implements at Macedon, N. Y., has been Justice of the Peace 16 years, a very worthy man.

X.  Wm. Garner married and died in Galveston, [Galveston Co.,] Texas.

XI.  Mary Jane, m. Joseph Purdy, a lumber dealer—no children, r. Macedon, Wayne Co., N. Y.

XII.  Maria m. Caleb Carpenter, a merchant tailor, r. Kansas City, Mo., he has been a Justice of the Peace, chil.
(1) William was in the Union Army during the Rebellion;
(2) Warren.

Daniel Wilkinson5    [183] Jeremiah,4 [74] Jeremiah,3
      and   [19] John,2 [4] Lawrance.1 [1]
Ruth Aldrich,

Of Cumberland, R. I.

372.I.Elizabeth Arnold,6 b. Oct. 29, 1812, d.
373.II.Ruth Aldrich,6 b. Oct. 13, 1814,d.            
374.III.Ann Maria,6 b. Feb. 24, 1816,d.
375.IV.Lydia Ardella,6 b. Mar. 20, 1819, d.
376.V.Frances Lois,6 b. Oct. 31, 1820, d.

I.  Elizabeth Arnold married James R. Case, and reside at Hastings, Dacota sic Co., Minn. Their children are:
(1) James Augustus, b. Nov. 5, 1839;
(2) Maria Antoinette;
(3) George Edward;
(4) John Harris;
(5) Lilla Bell;
(6) Edward Deforest;
(7) Daniel Rodney;
(8) Daniel Fraser;
(9) George; and two others.

II.  Ruth Aldrich married James A. Angell. They reside on the old homestead of the first Jeremiah in Cumberland, R. I. . . .

Pages 242-255 were not scanned and so that text does not appear here.  The following section begins at the top of page 256.

Seventh Generation, cont.

Mr. [Israel] Wilkinson married, Oct. 21, 1860, Miss Caroline Elizabeth Bonney, daughter of Josiah S. and Parnell M. Bonney, of New Bedford, Mass.
July 27, 1865, he received the Honorary degree of Master of Arts, from Union College.
He is the author of the Memoirs—upon which work he bestowed six years labor. In 1867, he received the appointment of superintendent of schools of the city of Jacksonville, [Morgan Co.,] Ill., to which place he moved Sept. 5th, 1867.

VIII.  Mary Minerva married Willis Aylsworth, of New Berlin, [now Chenango Co.,] N. Y. They moved to Michigan and settled near Cannonsberg, Kent Co., where Mr. Aylsworth purchased a quarter section of land from the Government. It was a perfect wilderness at that time, but under the hand of cultivation it has been made to "blossom like the rose." Mr. Aylsworth is an active business man, and a first-rate farmer, perfectly honest in all his dealings, and is much respected as a citizen.
They have one child:
(1) Mary Minerva, b. Feb. 6, 1845, m. Wm. G. Litle sic, r. at Cannon, Mich.

IX.  James Elliott, never married, he is a blacksmith and machinist, a first-rate workman, and resides in Cumberland, R. I. He owns a beautiful farm in Michigan, which he has never seen.

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