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The Bobbitt - Bobbet Family In England and America

This web site has evolved into a repository of research that has been reported to us in 2006 - 2007 - 2008.  New information has been found  by  genealogists  Marsha  Berry,  Dr.  Amy  Harris and students --  Bobbet British Researcher Kellie Scherbel and Center for Genealogy and Family History Newsletter Verification Specialist  Bradley Marchant -- British and Scandinavian Research Emphasis.

Updated May 7, 2008

If you are new to this web site, please get comfortable, pour yourself two or three cups of coffee, and be prepared to possibly re-write and make adjustments to your Family Tree software.  Also, find a Bobbitt male in your line and arrange to have him take a DNA test and to share the test results with the rest of the family for genealogy purposes.

The following statements have been proven true both with paper sources and/or DNA testing.  These statements are not listed in any particular order.

Not all Bobbitts in England are from the same family.

Not all Bobbitts in America are descended from the same immigrant ancestor.

There is more than one Bobbitt family line in America.

Bobbitts in America are not all from the same line.

New  generations  have  been  added  to  the  top  of  our family tree.

New 15th (1600s) and 16th (1700s) century Bobbitt immigrant ancestors to America have been found.

Prior to 2005 and to the present day, no sources have been found that proves an immigrant named William Bobbitt came from Wales in the 1600s.

Results of Sturdivant family DNA results show no Bobbitt ever in their family.

It is verified Isham Drury Bobbitt, Junior's ancestors came from eastern England in Suffolk County.

Burial of William Bobbet and his wife Elizabeth Bobbet was on the south side of Jones Hole Swamp, south of today's Carson, Surry County, Virginia, which is south of Templeton, Prince George County, Virginia. They were not buried in Ferry Chapel South of Petersburg, Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia.

Your family tree MAY NOT BE THE SAME as those you will find on this web site.

Most Bobbitt pedigrees you find on the Internet will list a William Bobbitt from Wales.  This is probably not true.  There are no sources that support this.


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If you are not familiar with Marsha Berry Research, here are two links for your perusal.

Marsha Berry Research Genealogy Reports, Sources, Maps, Pictures, Read The Actual Pages Of Isham Bobbitt, Jr's. Bible

Marsha Berry Research @ Rootsweb

This is my small branch of the family.  It will give you a look at how Marsha's research combines with my research.  Marsha's line is John (of Chowan) Bobbitt.  My line is William Bobbitt, Jr.

Keith Bobbitt Branch Of The Family @ Rootsweb


Reported on 01 Jan 2008 -- Bradley Marchant Finds Burial Date Of Our Earliest Ancestor

"Although you weren't looking for it specifically, I did find the burial date for William Bobbet (b. 1558).   It was not listed on your family group record so I decided to record it.   Below is a transcription of that burial for your ancestor William.
'Grundisburgh Parish Register Transcripts, Film # 991934 Page 14 ….   Wm. Bobbitt buryed the XXIIIJth of June Aop'd [1582]'
(Should be the 24th day of June 1582)" -- Bradley Marchant

"Today, 2 January 2008, I was looking through an old family group record for William Bobbet that my/our former Bobbet in Suffolk County, England researcher Kellie Scherbel used.   Kellie said nothing to me but she found the same burial record of 24 June 1582.

Kellie Scherbel wrote in her notes:  
Grundisburgh, Suffolk Registers Transcripts, 1539-1823. FHL Film 991934 Item 1 Burial" -- Marsha Berry


New Discoveries - The Bobbitt Family In Early America
Research by Marsha Berry
November 20, 2007 --
December 3, 2007  -- Stop The Presses!  MORE indentured Bobbitt immigrants found by Marsha Berry.  One each in 1701, 1706
Click here to read about new discoveries concerning our family in early America 


Bobbitt Family DNA Project

If you would like to actively participate in today's Bobbitt family genealogy, this is the way to do it.  DNA will advance our knowledge of all Bobbitt family genealogy lines.  We are working through Family Tree DNA and The British Isles 2 project because we get a discount on the price of each test.  Surnames in The British Isles 2 project includes those in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.  All monies are for lab expenses.  No one connected with this web site receives any money.  We just want your numbers to compare with other Bobbitt participants.

Preview Pages Of The Bobbitt DNA Project at this web site


New Discoveries - The Bobbitt Family In England
-- Research by Marsha Berry

"Groundishbroughe in the Countie of Suff and the dioces of Norwiche"
Name:  William Bobbet or Bobbett
Birth: ABT 1558 in Suffolk, England
Will:  14 June 1582
Will Probated:  4 August 1582
Probated by Katheryn Bobbett (wife) and John Lynnden on 4 August 1582.
Transcription by Dr. Amy Harris received July 12, 2006 from Marsha Berry
Original Will can be found at the Family History Library - Microfilm 94910
Death: Between 14 - 24 June 1582 in Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England
Burial: 24 June 1582 Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England

Research of the above information and more can be found at the following links.

Click here to read 'Continuing Research Page 1' -- Research performed in 2006

Click here to read 'Continuing Research Page 2' -- Research performed in 2007

Click here to read 'Continuing Research Page 3' -- Research performed in 2007 and 2008

At the time these pages were being set up and published, research results were coming in rather profusely.  I wanted everyone to see exactly what was being done, who was doing it, when it was happening, and of course, what information was being discovered.  It was an ongoing situation that is still in progress.


No Bobbitt Or Variations From Wales

Click Here To Read This File In .PDF Format

  This is documentation that proves no Bobbitt/Bobbet or variations thereof were buried in Wales until the late1800's to 1900's.

 "There are Bobbitt/Bobbet variation spellings in Cambridgeshire, Cardiff, Dorset, Essex, Kent, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Salop or Shropshire, Somerset, Suffolk, Warwickshire, and Yorkshire, but there is no Bobbitt/Bobbet or variations family buried in Wales in the 1500's to 1700's, but there is a Bobith family buried in Wales in the late 1800's to 1900's." - - Marsha Berry

If William Bobbitt - The Immigrant came from Wales, certainly his parents or some family member(s) would have been buried there.  I have yet to see any proven evidence that a William Bobbitt or variant spelling came from Wales in the 1600's. - - Keith Bobbitt


16th Century Suffolk England to 21st Century America - Abt. 1558 to 2008

Genealogical and historical records of the Bobbitt Branches of the family in America and an introduction to The Bobbet - Bobbett - Bobbitt branches in England.

Our research goes back to William and Katheryn Bobbett who lived in Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England


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Information we have read about for years in books and on the web is being scrutinized and researched more closely.  Some information is true and some is false - Click here to read about it.
Research by Marsha and George R. Berry
Research by Dr. Amy Harris


Cemeteries, Graveyards, and Tombstones


Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941

Lest We Forget - Historical and Informational Page of September 11, 2001


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The Bobbitt Family Reunion - West Virginia

Pipestem Resort State Park

"Where Cousins Meet Cousins and Become Friends"

Future Reunion dates can be found in "The Bobbitt Family Reunion Newsletter"

Click here to see an old Reunion Photo - Date: August 14-15, 1954.  Place: Camp Caesar, Webster County, WV

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Dock Scene at a British Port.  1673 Painting by Jacob Knyff With Explanation and Sources.  Highly possible this is the ship "Martha" that sailed our immigrant William Bobbet to Virginia, America

Late 1673 and 1674 Immigration: Ship "Martha" sail to Virginia from London, England, stop in Wales.
Wm Bobett
Voyage Origin: Felixstowe, Suffolk, England to London, England
Voyage: London, England to Virginia

Jacob Knyff: 1638 - 1681.  Dock Scene at a British Port by Knyff Date 1673
Materials: Oil on canvas
Measurements: Painting 965.2 x 1270 mm

England and Dutch ships taking on stores or cargo at a port. The activities relating to
the loading has been closely observed. It has been set in a harbor, with the tower of a
gate and a quay visible on the right, and the coast in the distance on the left. An
England flagship is on the right, firing a salute and flying the ensign from the stern
carved with the royal coat of arms. Beside the quay is an English flyboat that, from her
shape, was probably Dutch-built. A royal yacht is arriving on the left and this has
prompted the firing of the salute. On the extreme left is the stern of a Dutch ship. On
the quay two bales of stores or goods with clear markings have been positioned in the
foreground. Men are involved in loading up small craft. a horse dragging a barrel on
skids to the water's edge and there are several groups of gentlemen and women
observing the activities. A guard stands outside a sentry box in the gate-way.

Information courtesy Marsha Berry


Bobbitts Linked To Bobbet, Bobbett, Babbitt and various other spellings.


Previous to 1992 and from 1992 until today, Bobbitt family genealogists have searched for Bobbitts in Wales to find ancestors of our immigrant William Bobbitt "of Wales".  None have been found.

Our family has been blessed with two authors of Bobbitt genealogy books the likes of which will probably never be seen again.  The amount of information found in the books written by Allen Wade Mount, Sr. and John William Bobbitt is very impressive and extremely useful to those of us trying to find and extend our family roots.  Both authors did what they could to lead us to our early ancestors. 

"Trips to Wales were made and letters were written but no information was found on the name Bobbitt or it's variants.  Glamorganshire was the primary center of the 'cross the pond' Bobbitt research. John William Bobbitt, his sister, and a cousin went there several years ago and met some Bobbitts in the area." --  Newsletter Producer/Historian Julie Bobbitt Vass  John hired a professional genealogist to do further research to no avail.

There is no documentation that proves William, our immigrant ancestor in America, was from Wales.  More recently,  Bobbitt  family  genealogists  have researched  documents  that  prove  William  lived  in  another  area  of the British Isles.

Marsha Berry, a Bobbitt family genealogist, published new information on her Rootsweb site that proved William, his father Willm, grandfather John, and great grandfather William were christened in churches located in Suffolk, England.

Marsha and her family knew nothing about books written by Allen Wade Mount and John W. Bobbitt.  Our family history would have been much more accurate if these authors had contacted Marsha's family prior to publishing their books.

Scroll down the page to find links to Marsha's research.


Pictures From The PhotosCenter

Uploaded By Bobbitt Family Members In 2005

Pictures saved from our other family web site

(Beautiful Old and New Family Photos)


Information Of Interest

The Bobbett Family In England - Bill Norman

Early 1970's Research Of The Bobbitt Family Book by John W. Bobbitt  

Synopsis Of Bobbitt Family History, Early History Of The Bobbitt Family, Letters, Sources, Excerpts From Deeds

The Northern Branch In America - The Babbitt Family

Read These Two Books Online

Babbitt Genealogy by William Bradford Browne

The Babbitt Family History by William Bradford Browne



The Southern Branch In America

Read the research pertaining to this shield. 

Major Breakthrough To The Southern Branch

Thanks to Marsha Berry, the Bobbitt family has added new generations to the beginning of our family tree! 

 First Documented Generation

Genealogy of the First Four Generations Contributed by genealogists Marsha Berry and Dr. Amy Harris

There is a NEW first generation found by Dr. Amy Harris and Marsha Berry on June 22, 2006.  John Bobbet b. 1579 has a father named William and a mother named Katheryn Bobbet.  The sources are found in two Wills transcribed by Dr. Amy Harris. 


William Bobbet
"Willm Bobbett of Groundishbroughe in the Countie of Suff and the dioces of Norwiche"
Will probated by Katheryn Bobbett (wife) and John Lynnden on 4 August 1582.

Transcription by Dr. Amy Harris received July 12, 2006 from Marsha Berry
FHL Microfilm 94910

Wife:  Katheryn
"Item I will and bequeathe unto Katheryn my wiefe all my house and houses in Groundisburghe where I nowe dwell"

Son:  John
"Item I give to my sonne John to him and his heyres for ever all my houses and Landes Lyeing in Burghe or Goundisburghe to enter the same at suche tyme as he shalle at the age of one and twentie yeres"

Daughter:  Dorothie
"Item I will and give unto my Daughter Dorothie fyve poundes of good and Lawfull money to be payd her by my sonne John oute of my Landes at suche tyme as she shall come to the age of one and twentie yeres,"

Daughter:  Alice
"Item I give & bequeathe unto Alice my Daughter the some of fyve poundes of good and Lawfull money to be payde by John my sonne oute of my Lannde at suche tyme as shee shall come to the age of one and twentie yeres, ..."


The Will of William Bobbett Transcription by Dr. Amy Harris - Probated in 1582

Will of John Bobbet/Bobbett of Blaxhall, Suffolk Transcription by Dr. Amy Harris  28 January 1577



Second Documented Generation

John Bobbet
Christening: 20 Jan 1579 Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England
Source: Grundisburgh register Church of England. Parish Church of Grundisburgh. 

Wife: Margaret Edgare  Christening: 16 Mar 1577 in Campsea Ash, Suffolk, England



Third Documented Generation

William or Willm Bobbet
Christening: 18 Oct 1610 Campsea Ash, Suffolk, England
Source: Parish registers, 1559-1879 Church of England. Parish Church of Campsea Ash

Father: John Bobbet b: 20 Jan 1579 in Grundisburgh,Suffolk,England
Mother: Margaret Edgare b: 16 Mar 1577 in Campsea Ash,Suffolk,England

Wife:  Mrs. Francisse Bobbett  She was born in Suffolk, England

The following list of generations is the line of the first William Bobbitt immigrant.  The line of the second William Bobbitt is not known at this time.


Fourth Documented Generation

One Of Our Family's  Immigrant Ancestors.  There are more than just one.

William Bobbet
Christening: 12 Aug 1647 Saint Mary, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
Source: Parish registers, 1545-1910 Church of England. Parish Church of Woodbridge

Father: William or Willm Bobbett b: 18 Oct 1610 in Campsea Ash,Suffolk,England
Mother: Mrs. Francisse Bobbett born in Suffolk,England

Wife:  Miss Whittington, daughter of William's neighbor, Mr. Francis Whittington, and his father spelled Mr. Francis Withington born/chr in West Bridgeford, England Wife born about 1652 living in Bristol Parish in City Point, Charles City County now Prince George County, Virginia, USA Elizabeth Whittington, daughter of William's adjacent neighbor Francis Whittington and his wife Effie Elizabeth Whittington Wife born 1652 Isle of Wight County, Virginia Source:  1860 Bible of Isham Drury Bobbitt Junior and his son William W. Bobbitt of old Caledonia near Magnolia, Putnam, Illinois plus other old Virginia records.

"My great grandmother Ida Belle Bobbitt Funk wrote: quote 'Because my 5th Great Grandfather William Bobbett was not a married young man who sailed from Felixstowe, Suffolk County, England and settled on the land granted him in late Oct 1673 near January 1674 adjacent to the Francis Whittington family in Citty Point, Charles City County, Virginia, it was love at first sight for William and the eldest Whittington daughter of Francis and Effie Elizabeth Whittington, and after a month's courtship it led to a Miss Whittington marrying William Bobbett would be most likely.  Back in William Bobbett's day it was very proper to call a young lady Miss instead of by their first name and last name like we do today.  Elizabeth Whittington, daughter of Francis and Effie Elizabeth Whittington, who was born 1652 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, married my 5th Great Grandfather William Bobbett in late February 1674 in Citty Point, Charles City County, Virginia according to our 1860 Bible and other old Virginia records that belonged to my Grandfather Isham Drury Bobbitt Junior and my Father William W. Bobbitt.' unquote  

Please note that none of my family heard of a Sturdivant marrying our William Bobbett but the Whittington/Withington name has been written on family pages, particularly the 1860 Bible of my Great Grandmother Ida Belle Bobbitt Funk's Grandfather Isham Drury Bobbitt Junior and his son and my Great Grandmother Ida Belle Bobbitt Funk's Father William W. Bobbitt from old Caledonia near Magnolia, Putnam, Illinois and other old Virginia records.  Written beside William Bobbett's name is Miss Whittington on a family record.  The Whittington/Withington spelling of the name is both used.  Others in my family descended from and related to Isham Drury Bobbitt Junior and William W. Bobbitt have Bibles that has both the Bobbitt/Bobbett/Bobbet and the Whittington/Withington family within the pages.  

Also note:  According to The William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 5, No. 4, April 1897, page 261: quote ....'The term "Mr." accorded to the immigrant, is indicative of social standing.'  This would also include "Miss."  

Another note:  The parents of my/our Elizabeth Whittington who married my/our Immigrant Ancestor William Bobbett, Francis and Effie Elizabeth Whittington, had a grandson John Whittington and his wife Mary that followed William Bobbet and Elizabeth Whittington Bobbitt's son John [of Chowan] Bobbitt [Marsha Berry's 7th Great Grandfather] to settle in North Carolina." - Marsha Berry  

Attach: .pdf  William W Bobbitt has his Dad Isham Drury Bobbitt Jr 1860 Bobbet with Whittington Bible 2 pages



Fifth Documented Generation

Not all Bobbitts in America are descended from the same immigrant ancestor.

First things first –  do not be disturbed about the spelling of the Bobbitt family name.   You will find many different spellings in your research.   They are all of the same family… well, maybe.’s ship and immigration lists show many Bobbitts coming into America from different countries at different times.   Any one of these could be your immigrant ancestor.  

Do not assume your line leads to this line...

2. i. WILLIAM BOBBET, JR., b. 1675, Hopewell, Virginia; d. 1738, Probably Ferry Chapel Cemetery, Hopewell, VA.

3. ii. JOHN BOBBET, b. 1678, Hopewell, Virginia; d. 06 November 1736, Chowan Precinct North Carolina.

4. iii. JAMES BOBBET, b. 1680, Charles City Virginia; d. 1740, Halifax Virginia.

Research your line very carefully.  Children's names and birth dates must be exact.  A birth date that is off by one year or less may be a child in another line.


Partial Sixth Documented Generation, Partial Seventh Documented Generation, and Partial Eighth Documented Generation

The Bute Co. web site is no longer on line.  The names were spelled 'Bobbet'

From BUTE COUNTY RECORD BOOK 1, Bute County, North Carolina 1764 - 1779

Warren County North Carolina Records, Volume I
Bute County Record Book I
Mary Hinton Kerr

Bute Co., North Carolina Gen Web 1764 - 1779
Please notice the spelling of the surname for Lewis, Lewis, Jr., Miles, and William.
Your hosts for Bute Co. are Nola Duffy and Winona Solomon


Immigration Routes From North Carolina To Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana

North Carolina Routes

Orange County, Indiana Pictures


William Bobbet, Our Southern Immigrant Ancestor Married Joanna Sturdivant?

Extensive List Of Names And Links In 'The Bobbitt Bible'

 Ancestry Charts And Genealogy Reports


Family Search

Microfilming of Parish Registers by the LDS (Mormon) Church

Most of the Parish Registers for England have been microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Consequently, the LDS church has become a tremendous research tool for genealogists and the microfilm copies of Parish Registers may be ordered from any branch Family History Library of the LDS church.

It's important that the record you find in your search is from the International Genealogical Index and that under "Messages"  the words Extracted birth or christening record for the locality listed in the record are present.

The word 'extracted' tells us the information was copied from original records.

If the word 'extracted' is absent from "Messages",  it means the record was sent in by 'anyone' and is not necessarily valid or true.


From England - The National Archives

Records of the UK government from Doomsday to the present.

Library of Virginia

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Video Clips

Genealogy in a Granite Mountain


Find A Grave



Continuing Research

Ongoing research of the Bobet/Bobbet/Bobbitt Family

Including  Dr. Amy Harris' Transcription of the

Will of John Bobbet/Bobbett of Blaxhall, Suffolk   28 January 1577


The Will of William Bobbett Probated in 1582

This section now has it's own page.  Click here to see it.

Other Bobbitt Branches And Information


   Tombstones and Cemetery Information of Orange County, Indiana by Vickie Tolbert

Thomason Cemetery, Wayne City, Wayne County, Illinois by Vickie L. Tolbert

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   "The Ancestry Of Arlene Hansen" by Arlene Hansen

     William Bobbitt Family by Marvin P. Beatty

    "The Bobbitt Family In America" by John W. Bobbitt

Bobbitt Book Corrections And/Or Additions 2001 -  2005


     "Our Bobbitt Family" by Allen Wade Mount, Sr.

 Photo of Online Book Producer Joseph Rosser Bobbitt III

   "Robert Bobbitt Shoots Abner Jones, Jr."   by Liz Kilgore

   Mary Ann and Robert Kaylor

    Nancy Rattz Genealogy Report

    " Major William Bobbitt and Elizabeth Saunders Oliphant" by Billy Barton

    Kathie Bobbitt's Family Photos

    "My Line" by Joyce Westfall

   Foye Dashiell (Bobbitt) Debuts on "The Restaurant" on NBC  This is Rosser's daughter!

    The Family Of Rachel Egerton Bobbitt by Marilyn Jean Human


Marvin P. Beatty's Original Bobbitt Genealogy Chart

Marvin Beatty Online          Beatty Family Newsletter


     Morgan/Bobbitt/Oyler by Carolyn Whitaker


   Bobbitt Family Homepage


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     April Bobbitt's Site


     Bobbitt Cemetery (Bobbitt-Boyd Cemetery)
One mile north of Kelly, Kentucky on 41 North


    Bobbitt Genealogy Bridges


  The Bobbitt Family - Descendants Of William Bobbitt


The Genealogy Page of Barbara Gene Jennings


     Just like the car Henry Bobbitt sat on in above photo.







This is my son who has been so very helpful teaching me computeristics (how to do this and how to do that).  Thank you son.





The Bobbitt Family In Orange County, Indiana    

Cousin Connect Queries

Rootsweb WorldConnect Search

Jefferson - Bobbitt Bible

"Interest in this work passes from one family member to another. Just as in the past, several members of the family had some fragments, some interesting information, some documentary proof, someone in our future will sort out, rewrite, and become the centralized depository for our Bobbitt family history."  --  John W. Bobbitt

I want to thank everyone who has contributed information and photos to this and other Bobbitt Family web sites.  The information you see on this site was contributed by family members interested in expanding the base of family knowledge.    -- Keith Bobbitt 


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Marsha Berry Research


Marsha Berry's Bobbitt Site On Rootsweb
Spidle's Web
Bobbittville by Chird Bobbitt

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