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The Bobet/Bobbett/Babbitt Family

The Northern Branch In America

There are various and many spellings of this name.  "The same person will frequently use several varieties of spelling the name in the same document...  Bobbett was a common family name in Suffolk and Devonshire in the middle ages in England...  The land grant of William Bobbitt on October 27, 1673 spelled his name as "Bobbett". The land survey for his son, in 1706 in Prince George County, Virginia, spelled the name as "Bobbett" and as "Bobbitt" in the same document...  In the 1700's and early 1800's the name was spelled the way it sounded. Frequently the person using the name, did not know how to spell it correctly, since he did not know how to write it." - John W. Bobbitt


Listed below are links to the northern branch of the family.

Descendants of Edward Bobet

Edward Bobet Family - The Northern Branch Of The Family

Ronald P. Babbitt's Genealogy Home Page - The Northern Branch


Babbitt Family Association

Babbitt Family Association Request for Application

You must have Babbitt Heritage, or related to someone who has, to become a member. Dues are one year for $15, two years for $28, three years for $40 payable in US dollars.


Cline Library Digital Archives


The Babbitt Family History, 1643-1900

Browne, William Bradford, b. 1875 (Main Author)

Includes Briggs, Burt, French, Hathaway, Leonard, Phillips and related families.


THE BABBITT FAMILY HISTORY, 1643-1900, 2 VOLS - Browne, William Bradford (1912),, 8X11, comb-binding, 893 pp [11160QP] $98.23


What We Know About The Babbitt Family


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