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FileZilla Setup Screen Shots

The following description shows screen shots of the Site Manager when configured to connect in Passive Mode to the Freepages server at

1.. Click on File then Site Manager
2.. Click the New Site button and enter a "name" for the new site
3.. In the General Tab (which is already open) do the following:-

(a)Host: - enter -
(b)Port: - leave blank
(c)Servertype: - set to FTP - File Transfer Protocol
(d)Logontype: - select Normal
(e)User: - enter your assigned username (without the ~ [tilde])
(f)Password: - enter your assigned password (it is CaSe SeNsItIvE!!)
Nothing else should be entered in this tab, and it should be compared with the screen shot below.

screen shot 'A'

4.. Click on the Advanced Tab and do the following:-

(a)Servertype: - select Default
(b)Leave Bypass Proxy unchecked
(c)Default local directory: - select with the Browse Button your local folder
(d)Default remote directory: - enter genealogy_html
That completes the entries in this tab and it should be similar to the screen shot below.

screen shot 'B'

5.. Finally click on the Transfer settings Tab and do the following:-

(a)Passive - check the Radio Button
The set-up is now complete and this tab will be the same as the screen shot below.

screen shot 'C'

If your FileZilla Tabs have been set in accordance with the foregoing instructions and compare with the screen shots, then provided you are online, clicking on the Connect button at the bottom of either of the tabs will cause FileZilla to connect to the Freepages Server.  Check the Log at the top of the page and if all has gone as expected, the contents of the 'genealogy_html' community will appear in the Explorer style window on the right, while your Local files will be on the left side.

Select a file in your Local folder by right clicking on it and then click on 'upload'.  Your file will be transfered to the Server and will appear in the Directory of the Remote Site.