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Compiled By: James H. Culbert
Last Updated: 7 Sep 2004

[Note: PLU Codes are periodically added and revised.
These codes were obtained 21 Jul 2004, and it cannnot be guaranteed that they are still accurate.]

Code Definition (Product)
4550 Brussels Sprouts
4551 Brussels Sprouts [Retailer Assigned]
4552 Cabbage, Chinese/Napa/Wong Bok
4553 Pear, Taylors Gold
4554 Cabbage, Red
4555 Cabbage, "Savoy, Green"
4556 Cabbage [Retailer Assigned]
4557 Cabbage [Retailer Assigned]
4558 Cactus Leaves (Nopales/Cactus Pads)
4559 Cardoon/Cardoni
4560 Carrot, Baby
4561 Carrot, French
4562 Carrot, Loose
4563 Carrot, Sticks
4564 Carrot [Retailer Assigned]
4565 Carrot [Retailer Assigned]
4566 Cauliflower, Florettes
4567 Cauliflower, Green
4568 Cauliflower, Purple
4569 Cauliflower [Retailer Assigned]
4570 Cauliflower [Retailer Assigned]
4571 Cauliflower [Retailer Assigned]
4572 Cauliflower, Large, 9 size and larger
4573 Cauliflower, Baby
4574 unassigned


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