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At the Manoeuvres

CAMPING with the British CAVALRY in old photographs 

another "content over style" heritage web page from Steve Johnson Cyberheritage

Even in their anonymous form, they provide an interesting window into life in the British Army, not too long ago.

setting up the tents

the campsite is full of tents

same as above, but a different view

feeding the horses

same as above, different view

horses and tents

a camp scene

unloading the cart

the barrel cart

saddled horses

doing something with sacks?!

sacks in front of a stripped tent

a conical tent

"on parade"


wash-up, a different view

what next - eh, old boy? What oh!

Get "orn" with it matey!

horses with coats on

men and their steeds


nose bags and tent

a camp scene

kit laid out...sadly a poor pic

more kit on the grass.....sadly a poor pic

man and his mount



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