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Fireworks in 1908

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click to enlarge, large files 900k, but well worth it as they are superb and will print out to A4

This appears to be a tender or contract to supply a firework display on January 27th 1908. On second study, it appears it be a programme of the display. The grand total of all was only 30 ( Thirty Pounds)...and it has 25inch circumference, now my "pye" maths were never much what is that in diameter?!

Let`s have a closer look at it. Most scans are scanned at half size, so they should print out at half the size of the original - except when mentioned otherwise.

The colour thumbnail above at right is the frontispiece. The one on it`s left is another unrelated Pain`s original. Then we have -

Page 1...also a "banner" sticker type ad for the "Franco-British Exhibition," here seen in colour at 1:1 size, it hides the embossed "Royal Warrant" mark, also at 1:1 in colour.

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Back cover

Back cover "Royal Laurels" at 1:1 in colour and also "James Pain" in colour at 1:1 on back

Signature of "James Pain and Sons" at 1:1 in colour from base of Page 5.

Hope you all liked that...something you do not see every day.


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