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more rare photos are found locked in a cupboard 

A beautiful young woman from an age long past. Who can she be? (click on it to enlarge, click here for hi-res image)

We know little of who, where, why, when, for any of these photos - but perhaps you do? You will notice that on some there are lines. These appear to be caused at certain degrees of enlargement when scanning the glass plates - possibly due to an interference pattern being set up by the silver halide crystals in the plate`s gelatine emulsion. If you slightly reduce the size of the image, they tend to lessen, or by using a slight "soften" filter in your photo software.

a beautiful baby

a vintage piece of farming machinery with a child having a good look at it

a scene from Whitby ....hi-res

another scene from around Whitby, this time a beach study....hi-res .This is somewhat reminiscent of a Frank Meadow Sutcliffe image, and also reminds me of the "Newlyn School" of painting.

a child holding a staff

a man in a doorway


more archery

still more archery

a group of men, one of whom has his arm in a sling

fancy dress???!!

a vintage car - when brand new

activity on the Meadow, is this "ring-a-ring of roses, a pocketful of poses"?

bathing the dog

a slightly cleaner dog

horse and cart

a local rail viaduct in construction?

a farm scene, or a scene with working donkeys

more activity on the Meadow

an old lady

horse and lady rider

a snowy valley view..where?

a fine study of two men in a doorway

a man sitting

a rural view

an archway, perhaps a folly on a country estate

a spaniel dog

a fine horse

farm dogs? hunting dogs?

an unknown sea resort

a man in a bowler hat

a very faded photo of an unknown country residence

my fav; a man snaps a photo of his dog watched by a very elegant and well dressed woman



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