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In the year 1646, the parishioners of Kirkby Stephen petitioned Philip, Lord Wharton, the patron of the living, recommending that "one Mr Anthony Shaw" be appointed to manage "the welfare of our Soulls for matters of instruction in the Misteries of Salvation." The names listed below are of those who signed this Petition....."wee therefore humblie pray yor Honor that the said Mr Anthony Shaw may be our Vicar and as in dutie bound we shall ever pray, &c." However, Mr Shaw was not appointed, the position going to Rev. Francis Higginson, in 1648.

These details have been extracted from "The Ejected of 1662 in Cumberland & Westmorland", by B. Nightingale (2 vols., 1911), a publication of the University of Manchester, Historical Series, no. X11. The particular reference for the information below is to the Rawlinson MSS, Letters 52 (Bodleian), fol. 25, the 'Letters' including the correspondence and papers of Philip, Lord Wharton, 1640-1691.

My sincere thanks to Barbara Youds, without whose efforts I should not have been able to locate and select these records for publication on the Internet.

In order to correspond with the layout as originally published, these names should be read from left to right; although not indicated, it would seem that these people have been grouped within their villages of residence.

William Willis, ArchididascalRobert AtkinsonChrist. HindmerJames Peares
Humphrey WillmsonRich: WmsonWm. HindmerTho: Knewstubb
Jo: HindmerWm. ffawcettHenry WardellJohn Page
James ffawcettHugh WilsonWm. ShawWm Blewbarne [possibly 'Blenkarne']
Tho: HindeEdw. HartleyAdam HowardTho: Lowson
Jo: TomsonRich: HindmerRich: DarbyeRich: Crakhalt
Wm. EwbankeEdward WilsonRobt. WilsonJames Tomson
ffrancis ffawcettThomas ShawWm. MusgraveTho. Denyson
John BilbowTho: RanisonJames TomsonJohn Tomson
Tho: DawsonWm. DawsonJames BowlandRobt. Addinson
Edw. AmblerGeoffrey HarrisonJo. SkelbeckeJohn Milner
Tho: ffawcettEdward ffawcettRobt. IslippMich: Waller
Tho: RawWm. BarnetTho: KiplinWm Tomson
Wm BarnetRich: ScrewtonTho: RudChristo: Dent
Tho: RuddWm. BellTho: WmsonGeo. Wilson
James TaylorRobt. ScaifeJohn BrackinJo: Haisthwitle
Jo: ShuttJames ScaifeWm AtkinsonJo: Atkinson
Geo. RuddWm BlacklinTho: WallerJenkin Waller
Lawrence GarsdellTho: WillmsnRich: WallerTho: Waller
Christo: RansonHenry SalkeldEdward ScaifeJo: Blackburne
Wm WmsonJo. BousfieldHenry WhartonTho: Newton
Wm ScaifeJo: DentJames HurJames Banke
Jo: MorlandCuthb: MorlandRow. EubankeMich. Morland
Lanc. MorlandEdw. WallerWm. ParkinXpo. Parkin
Rich. WallerJa. ParkinRow. ScaifeWm. Waller
Rich. SpenceleyRich: HolmeLaw. BousfeildGabr. Morland
John MorlandRobt. AddesonGeo. DentTho: Cleasby
Jenkin MorlandJo: HutchinsonRobt. RackstreyMiles Bonson
Edw. CockinEdw. HultonHugh MasonWm. Hetherinton
Tho: HuttonRobt. CollinRich. BattersbieNicholas Walker
Nath. DevisEdmond DentTho: BensonWm. Busir
Wm. TomsonTho: WalkerGeo. PettieMichaell Wolfe
Rich: BrunskellJo: WallerTho: WhiteheadEdw. ffaijrer
Jo: WallerRobt Spraerley [?Spenceley]Rich: SpenceleyJo: Waller
Wm WallerJohn BlandWm. MorlandRobt. Wright
Rich: ScaifeRow. OrtonHen HuginsonRich Rogrson
Tho: HarrisonJames BellJo. WallerJo. Laidman
Edw. HindmerJohn KnewstubbWm. PettieJohn Knewstubb
Rich. LawJo: WallerHen. BousfeildEdw. Walker
Miles MorlandJohn RobertsonMich: WhartonTho: Waller
Tho: ffothergillEdw. ffothergillGabr. ffothergillTho: ffothergill
Robt. KnewstubbJames WetherellJo: ffothergillSymon ffothergill
Jo: ffothergillJo. CollinsonRobt. MosseJo: Banke
Jo: WastallTho: BlenkarneTho: BousfeildTho: Hallyday
Tho: WallerTho: MosseTho: WhartonJo: Pettie
Christopher BellRowl: PettieHen. LawTho: Cooke
Jo: UnthankeEdw. CookeHen PettyeJohn Tebey
Geo. ffranklandJo: BarnesTho: LaidmanJo: Pettie
Jo: GraingerJohn HarrisonWm HugginsonPeter Wharton
Wm. HutchinsonRich: WhartonWm. WhartonTho: Orton
Wm. OrtonAdam GoodbarneWm. BlenkarneChristo: Hindmer
Tho: AddisonJo: WhartonHen: ffawcettRobt. Jackson
John OrtonRegnold RaikstreyJohn SpoonerJames Simpson
Edw. WalkerEdw. BirkdaleWm BlandJo: Wharton
Hen. ParkinGeo. HarrisonEdm. ShawJo: ffothergill
Willm. WhartonJo. AtkinsonGeo. BerkbeckeJo. Croasdell
Rich. BellWm ShawRobt. ShawRich. Shaw
Sym. ShawHen. WhitfeildEdm. ShawTho: Shaw
Hen. ShawHen. HugginsonJo: HugginsonJo: fothergill
Brian HuginsonTho. ShawRich. ShawRobt. Shaw
Rich. ShawTho: WhitfeildGeo: BerkdaileAntho. Shaw
Giles HallTho: WhartonHen. BirkbeckeJo. Warricke
Math. RobinsonAntho. DixonMich. ffothergillExpo. Kinge
Geo KingeLeo. EwbankeRich. WhartonMich. Wharton
Rich. WallerRobt. WallerRobt. WilsonTho. Turner
Wm. TurnerRich. MorlandWm. DarbieLanc. Parker
Jo: HaisthwitleJo: DarbieTho: ffawcettRich. Haisthwitle
Ed. HaisthwitleGeo. WilsonMich. HuitsonTho: Ewbanke
Robt. SmartWm ffothergillCharles DentWm. Dixon
John DixonTho: MasonPhil Wharton[End]. Sep 1646

"Petition from Kirby Stephen Parish for Mr Shaw to bee Minister there."

- From "The Ejected of 1662 in Cumberland and Westmorland", by B. Nightingale, volume 2, pages 1072-1075.