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John ADDISON, Beathwaite Green,[Levens], parish of Heversham, co. Westmorland, basketmaker - will dated 3 Jan 1812
Daughter Mary ADDISON 100 pound, & 10 pound now in hands of Abraham GARNETT - plus personal possessions
Son William ADDISON - personal possessions
Daughter Agnes TAYLOR - personal possessions
Residue to son John ADDISON -
Dau Mary ADDISON sole executrix.
John ADDISON [signed]. Witnessed by .........
[Testator John Addison was born circa 1722 in Crosthwaite and Lythe, Westmorland, christened 27 Jan 1723, and died 25 Aug 1814 in Heversham, Westmorland, aged 92.]

William ADDISON, Levens, parish of Heversham, co. Westmorland, yeoman - will dated 28 Feb 1839
Nephew Peter MOON, Lythe & William CATON, Stainton, both in p. of Heversham, yeomen - Executors.
- to beloved wife Eleanor ADDISON real & personal estate and effects
- son Peter ADDISON to have land adjoining Turnpike Rd leading from Beathwaite Green to the Bridge Inn, bounded on the east by allotment belonging to Mrs BRAITHWAITE, on the west by one owned by Miles BAINS, together with buildings etc - to pay 300 pounds equally amongst my children (Peter included)
- Residue of real estate to be sold and the proceeds as follows:
- to my grandson Thomas Philipson ADDISON, the illegitimate son of my daughter Mary PHILIPSON, 20 pounds
- remainder of trust money to be equally distributed amongst my nine children, namely William, John, Thomas, Robert, Peter, Eleanor, Mary, Jane & Elizabeth.
To Peter MOON & William CATON 2 pound each for their trouble.
Wm ADDISON (signed)
Witnesses: Jos H PEARSON Michael WILSON Chs CLARKE.
[William Addison was born circa 1757 Crosthwaite & Lyth, Westmorland; christened 14 Nov 1757 in Bleathwaitegreen,[Levens], Westmorland; died Feb 1842, aged about 85, buried 6 Feb 1842.]

Ann AYREY of Kirkby Kendal in the County of Westmorland, widow -
Will dated: 21-Dec-1754
Executors: my brother in law Joshua WHALLEY of Lancaster, merchant and John BRAITHWAITE of Misslethwaite, Westmorland, yeoman
Witnesses: Thomas DODGSON, junior Joseph GOUGH John DAWSON
Whereas Stephen FIELD and Isaac WILSON owe me upon their note of hand, sixty pounds I give the said sum of sixty pounds to my nephews and nieces Jonathan DODGSON, Robert DODGSON, Abigail DODGSON, Jane DODGSON, Elizabeth DODGSON and Ann DODGSON sons and daughters of my late brother George DODGSON to share equally between them.
To my sisters Elizabeth DODGSON and Bridget WHALLEY ten pounds each.
To my nephew Jonathan WHALLEY sixty pounds he giving security to pay to my sister Elizabeth DODGSON forty shillings a year for her natural life before he receives the legacy.
To my nephews and niece Abigail WHALLEY, Joseph WHALLEY and Caleb WHALLEY sons and daughter of my sister Bridget WHALLEY ten pounds each.
To my niece Hannah WHALLEY daughter of my sister Bridget WHALLEY all the rest and residue of my goods, chattels, effects and all other real and personal estate.
Probate 2-July-1763 by the executors named in the will (Joshua WHALLEY and John BRAITHWAITE)
Bond 2-July-1763
Bondsmen: Joshua WHALLEY of Lancaster in county of Lancaster, merchant and John BRAITHWAITE of Misslethwaite in Westmorland, yeoman
Bound for two hundred pounds to well and truly execute the will of Ann AIREY late of Kendal, Westmorland, widow.

Elizabeth AIREY of Dent died 1831
This is the last will and testament of me Elizabeth Airey of Archers(otherwise known as Backstonegill) in Dent in the parish of Sedbergh and the West Riding of the County of York Widow, I being at the present time in sound disposing mind and understanding do make and publish this my last will and testament in the following manner(that is to say) First I do order and direct that all my just debts Funeral and Testamentary expences be paid by my Trustees herein after named, And I do herein andhereby nominate constitute and appoint my friends William Swinbank of Cage and Thomas Carter of Scotchergill both in Dent my Trustees and executors in Trust of this my said will.
And I do give and bequeath unto them my said trustees all my stock of cattle, hay, corn, husbandry gear and utensils household furniture with all my money and securities for money with all the rest of my personal estate whatsoever whereoever or what kind so ever, upon Trust, to hold to them their heirs or assignees. And I do order and direct that my said Trustees take possession of all my personal estate and immediately after my decease and sell and dispose of all my personal Estate Goods and Chattels immediately after my decease or when they think most proper and that they do collect the money raised from and out of the whole of my property and out of the money so collected I do order and direct my Trustees to discharge all my just debts funeral and Testamentary expences as soon as is is convenient for them so to do , and if any Money remains aftert the discharge of the said debts I do order as follows(viz) I give and bequeath he sum of ten pounds unto my son George Airey the sum of ten pounds which I do order and direct my trustees to apply the yearly interest towards his maintenance or buying him clothes and if the said interest should not be sufficient that they should be at liberty to apply the whole stock at their discretion.
And at the remainder of my money and property I do order as follows (viz) I give and bequeath to my four sons William, Thomas, John and George, the whole of the residue of my personal estate to share and share alike to hold to them their heirs and assigns. And I herein charge my Trustees with the full payment of my just debts funeral and testamentary expences legacy and residue from my personal estate at the end of one whole year after my decease and that my sons that are not arrived at the age of 21 years I do order my Trustees to place out to Interest their share which will be due to them where they think proper at their discretion and apply the yearly interest arising from the said sums for their assistance till they obtain the age of 21 years if my trustees think it proper at their discretion Provided always that my Trustees shall not be accountable for any loss or damage that may happen to the Trust premises except it be through their own neglect .And that neither of my Trustees shall be accountable for more money than each of them shall actually receive.
And lastly I do annul, revoke and make void all other Will or Wills by me heretoafore made and ratify and confirm this and no other to be my last Will and Testament in Witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 29th day of September in year one thousand eight hundred and thirtyone(1831)
Elizabeth Airey her mark X
Signed sealed published and declared by the Testatrix Elizabeth Airey to be her Last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in the presence of each other and at her request have subscribed our names as Witnesses.
Witnesses Thomas Mason Mary Hall her mark X
On the eleventh day of November in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty one, this the Will of Elizabeth Airey late of Archers(otherwise Backstonegill) in Dent in the Parish of Sedbergh in the West Riding of the County of York within the Archdeaconry of Richmond ,in the Diocese of Chester, Widow , Who departed this life on or about the seventeenth of October 1831 was proved in common form, and William Swinbank Yeo of Cage in Dent in the parish of Sedbergh in the West Riding of the County of York, one of the executors therein named was sworn well and faithfully to execute and perform the same and so forth, and Thomas Carter of Scotchergill in Dent in the parish of Sedbergh, in the West Riding of the County of York, the other executor therein named, being one of the people commonly called Quakers, made and subscribed a solemn affirmation well and faithfully to execute and perform the same, and so forth, and that according to the best of the knowledge, information, and belief of the said Wiliam Swinbank and Thomas Carter, the said Executors the whole of the goods, chattels and credits, of which the said Testatrix Elizabeth Airey died possessed, within the Archdeaconry of Richmond, in the Diocese of Chester (exclusive of what the said Testatrix might have been possessed of or intitled to as a Trustee for any other person or persons and not beneficially, and without deducting anything on account of the debts due and owing, by and from the said Testatrix ) were under the sum of Two Hundred Pounds.
Thomas Carter
Before me John Sedgwick M A. Surrogate.

Thomas AIREY, 31st August, 1846 – Beckhouse, Killington, Farmer.
Mentions: Wife, Mary; and children Jane, Edward, Betty, Mary, William, Dorothy and grandson Thomas AIREY.
Executor: Richard LAWRENCE of Tunstall.
[Died January, 1849 at his son’s farm in Melling, Lancashire.]

William AIREY, 5th January, 1865 – Deansbiggin, Kirkby Lonsdale, Farmer.
Mentions: William COWIN of Spital in the parish of Kirkby Lonsdale aforesaid Farmer and Edward RAWLINSON of Barbon (trustees); wife, Margaret.
Proved at Carlisle the tenth day of April 1865 by the Oaths of William Cowin and Edward Rawlinson the Executors named in the Will to whom administration was granted. The Testator William Airey was late of Deansbiggin in the parish of Kirby Lonsdale in the county of Westmorland Farmer and died on the twenty first day of January 1865, at Deansbiggin aforesaid.
(None of his children mentioned by name.)

Richard AISLABIE of Kirkby Stephen in the County of Westmoreland, Schoolmaster -
Died on 11 November 1818, intestate. Administration within the Diocese of Chester issued to Elizabeth AISLABIE of Kirkby Stephen, Widow, on 6 June 1822. In the Consistory Court of Chester on 14 June 1822 Elizabeth AISLABIE took the oath of an Administration and further swore that the personal estate of the Intestate within the Diocese of Chester was under £20 and that he had no further effects within the Province of Canterbury. On the same day, Elizabeth AISLABIE, Richard Mercer PARRY of Liverpool, Book keeper, and Robert DAVIES of Liverpool, Butcher, bound themselves in the sum of £24 to the Lord Bishop of Chester against an obligation on Elizabeth AISLABIE to provide an inventory of the goods of Richard AISLABIE by 14 December 1822.
[Documents held by Lancashire Record Office in Preston]
[Richard Aislabie was born in Bowes, Yorkshire, in 1774 and ran the Eden Hall Academy in Kirkby Stephen: see Where he died is unknown but he seems not to have been buried in Kirkby Stephen. He possibly died in Liverpool, which he visited regularly in order to recruit pupils. The effects covered by the Chester Administration could be the personal possessions he travelled with; alternatively, they might have been held by his agents in Liverpool. One would have expected Aislabie also to have had effects in Kirkby Stephen but no corresponding Administration has been found in either the Diocese of Carlisle or the Province of York.]

Thomas ATKINSON, late of Rusmickle in Lyth, Heversham Parish, Husbandman -
Will dated 15 Sep 1812
- friends to invest moneys: Thomas HARRISON of Kirby Kendal - Surgeon, Robert TURNER of Raw in Lyth, yeoman
- loving wife- Jane
- three youngest children:
Jane the wife of Robert PHILIPSON in Lyth, Husbandman;
Sarah the wife of John CLARK of Hood in old Hutton, Husbandman;
Thomas ATKINSON now or late of Oa?????, near Blackburn in county of Lancaster, officer in the Excise.
- executor - son John ATKINSON
witnesses: Thomas ROBINSON, Ellinor ROBINSON.
Probate dated 24 Oct 1812; Probate notes that Testor died 30 Sept 1812.
[Source - LDS film 99098: Kendal Deanery Wills, admons. & inventories, A-C 1811-1820.]
[Notes: Thomas ATKINSON was buried at Lyth 4 Oct 1812 aged 74]

Rev Hugh ATKINSON ,Clerk -
(buried Asby 29th Mar 1834 aged 81 years, for 46 years was Rector of Asby)
Will written 19 Sep 1829; proved 28 Apr 1834 -
Mentions nephew George GOWLING; niece Jane BOUSFIELD -
Remainder of personal property to esteemed friend Robert MILNER, Vicar of Orton in trust for the benefit of my sister Dinah THOMPSON; After decease of sister to brother Edward ATKINSON.
Executor Robert MILNER to receive ten pounds for his trouble
Codicil appoints nephew John ATKINSON of Red Hills joint exec.
Two nephews Joseph and James ATKINSON to receive my wearing apparel.
witnesses Thomas THOMPSON, Bridget HALL.

Elizabeth ATKINSON of Milburn, spinster-
Will dated 23 Nov 1782; proved 3 Jul 1783 -
Dear brother John ATKINSON, Dear sister Ann LOY -
To John BELLAS, son of my aforesaid sister Ann by her first husband Michael BELLAS when he attains the age of 21 years -
To Mary ATKINSON daughter of my late brother Thomas ATKINSON when she attains the age of 21 years -
Dear brother Richard ATKINSON sole executor -