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Ann CHAMBERLAIN, widow, of Greenside, Ravenstonedale, 1742 -
Will dated 25 Jan 1737/8. Son Stephen CHAMBERLAIN, grandson Richard CHAMBERLAIN, daughter Abigaill CHAMBERLAIN (executrix).
Proved 1742.

John CHAMBERLAIN, Stennerskeugh, Ravenstonedale, 1732 -
Son Robert, daughter Jane SHAW, daughter Ann BIRTELL, daughter MAry WHITFEILD, grandson Matthew BIRTELL.
Son John is executor.

James CLARKSON, Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland, shopkeeper, 1795
Administration granted at Appleby 12 June 1795, to James Clarkson, clerk, described as "the only son and one of the next of kin" of the said deceased. The Bond document was to James CLARKSON of Tweedmouth, Co. Durham, clerk; William Stephenson PRESTON of Warcop Hall, Westmorland, Esqr; and Mason HOWE of Appleby, Westmorland, innkeeper. All signed their names.

Isaac COOK, Kirkby Stephen, proved 1777
Mentions dau Hannah BELLAS, wife of Richard

Jeremiah COWARD of Skelwith Bridge, County of Westmorland, Inn keeper.
Will dated 5-October-1870 Executors: William MOUNSEY, my sons Myles COWARD and Jackson COWARD Witness: Wm Hopes HEELIS, Sol. Hawkshead; B. POSTLETHWAITE, his clerk
All just debts and testamentary expenses to be paid; All real and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever to my sons Miles COWARD and Jackson COWARD and my son in law William MOUNSEY upon trust to:
Raise by mortgage of my Close of land called Lambusk situate in Skelwith within the parish of Hawkshead the sum of three hundred and thirty pounds which shall be paid into and become part of my personal estate and subject to the said sum of three hundred and thirty pounds, the said close of land shall be in trust for Mary COWARD the widow of my deceased son Jeremiah COWARD during her chaste viduity and after her decease or remarriage the said close to be for my granddaughter Hannah Maria COWARD the daughter of the said Mary COWARD and after her decease to the children of the said Hannah Maria COWARD. If the said Hannah Maria Coward shall die without leaving issue that attains the age of twenty one, then the said close of land to become part of my residuary real estate.
From the trust monies to pay all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses; and
To my daughter Hannah the legacy sum of two hundred and fifty pounds for her services to me during my lifetime; and
to divide the residue into nine equal parts and one part to be invested and to pay the income from that investment to my daughter Jane during her life and after her decease any remainder to go to her lawful issue and if she die without issue then the remainder to be divide amongst her brothers and sisters or their issue.
And one other share of my trust money to invest the same in a manner similar to that bequeathed to my daughter Jane and pay the income to my daughter in law Mary COWARD during her chaste viduity and after her decease or second marriage the income to be for my granddaughter Hannah Maria COWARD; and
one other share of my trust money in the case Elizabeth COWARD the widow of my deceased so John shall be living at my decease to invest the sum of two hundred pounds in a manner similar to that bequeathed to my daughter Jane and pay the income to the said Elizabeth COWARD so long as she remain his widow and the rest of this share to divide equally amongst the children of my son John upon respectively attaining the age of twenty on years.
And the remaining shares to pay one part to my remaining children: Myles, William, Jackson, Hannah, Agnes and Susannah respectively. The share of each and every one of my daughters shall be paid into her hands for her sole and separate use and benefit exclusively of any husband with whom she may have intermarried.
The sum of four hundred pounds which I have advanced to my son Jackson and the sum of three hundred and fifty pounds which I have advanced to my son William during my lifetime shall be paid or allowed by them respectively to my said estate.
If I should at the time of my decease be liable on Bond or Note or otherwise for any sum as Surety for any of my said children then I direct that such sum to be deducted from the share of such child or children until such time as they have discharged the same.
Probate 21-February 1871: Jeremiah COWARD was late of Skelwith Bridge in the County of Westmorland, Innkeeper and died on the twelfth of January 1871 at Skelwith Bridge aforesaid.
Proved at Carlisle by oaths of to Myles COWARD, Jackson COWARD and William MOUNSEY, executors named in the will to whom administration was granted. Under £2,000.

Administration of the personal estate and effects of Mary COWARD, late of Ambleside in County of Westmorland, who died twenty sixth of March 1882 at Ambleside aforesaid, a widow and intestate.
Letters of Administration granted 29-April-1882 at Carlisle to Hannah Maria STALKER (wife of Wilfred STALKER, the younger, joiner) of Ambleside the natural and lawful and only child and only next of kin.
Sureties: William John HIRD, of Ambleside, watchmaker and John Pritchard WALTON of the same place, Shoemaker
Gross value of effects: £507.0.0
Net Value £497.0.0

John CREWDSON of Stramongate in Kirkby Kendal, stuff weaver-
Will dated 25-April-1713
Executors : cousin Thomas ELLWOOD, jr of K. Kendal; friends William WILSON of Kirkby Kendal, tanner and Jno. JOPSON of Laverack Bridge
Supervisors: James WILSON of Abba and Jno. WARRINER of Kirkland
Witnesses: George Dodgson Anthony GARNETT, jr
Mentions Margaret my loving wife, son John, son Richard, three younger sons Bryan, Isaac and Jonathan; daughter Margaret
Bond: 31-July-1718
Bondsmen: Thomas ELLWOOD, William WILSON and John JOPSON to execute the will; Margaret CREWDSON, widow; James MOORE of Kirkby Kendal and James WILSON, Grayrigg to bring up the children of John CREWDSON; viz; John, Richard, Bryan, Isaac, Jno., and Margaret.
Inventory dated: 3-July-1718
Assets: 895.3.6
Debts 126.0.8
Funeral 7.0.0
Net 762.02.1
By Tho. Gibson and Robt.. Nicholson

Richard CREWDSON Stramongate, Kirkby Kendal, weaver -
Will dated: 5 May 1730
Mentions Mother Margaret; brothers John, Bryan, Isaac, and Jonathan CREWDSON; sister Margaret CREWDSON; servant Joseph ATKINSON
Proved 30 July 1730 by solemn affirmation of the executors
Bond: dated 18 July-1730
Bondsmen: John CREWDSON, Bryan CREWDSON, grocer and Jonathan CREWDSON, shearmandyer
Inventory: 18-May-1730 total 140-11-0

Anne CREWDSON of Crook, parish of Kirkby Kendal-
Will dated: 11 June 1730 Executrix : Sarah CREWDSON
Supervisors: John THOMPSON and Thomas MORLAND both of Crook
To my daughter Sarah CREWDSON messuage and tenement upon which I now dwell in the possession of Jonathan THOMPSON situated at the low End of Crook in parish of Kirkby Kendal, yearly rent of 1/3 and also 2/4 for the Mill-stead.
Personal Estate:
To daughter in law Margaret CREWDSON 20/
To my five grand children John, Bryan, Isaac, Jonathan and Margaret CREWDSON 20/ each.
To my daughter Anne GARNETT wife of John GARNETT £30
To my daughter Agnes ROBINSON wife of George ROBINSON £35
To John GARNETT’s children 2/6 each
To the supervisors of my will 2/6
Residue of all my goods, credits, cattle, and chattels to my daughter Sarah CREWDSON subject to payment of debts.
Purse and apparel 4.10.0
Debts dues to deceased 115.00.0
Furniture 10.0
Goods in Buttery 10.0
Goods in chamber 2.10.0
Implements 2.10.0
Oat meal 1.00.0
Crop on land 3.00.0

Sarah CREWDSON of Crook in Undermillbeck parish of Kirkby Kendal. Westmorland, spinster-
Will dated 21-August-1739
Sole Executor : brother in law John GARNETT
Witnesses: Robert FIELD James WARRINER William NEWBY
.....To be paid out of my personal estate:
Just debts and funeral expenses;
To Thomas ROBINSON and Ann ROBINSON son and daughter of by brother in law George ROBINSON of Helsington, in Westmorland, yeoman twenty pounds apiece;
To my nephew Thomas GARNETT eldest son of my brother in law John GARNETT of Kirkby Kendal, weaver three pounds and five shillings;
To Richard GARNETT, Sarah GARNETT and Lydia GARNETT children of my brother in law John GARNETT six pounds and five shillings apiece.
To my relations John CREWDSON, Bryan CREWDSON, Isaac CREWDSON and Margaret CREWDSON, spinster five shillings apiece;
To my brother in law George ROBINSON five shillings;
All of the above legacies to be paid at the end on one year after my decease.
To my executor all the rest and residue of my goods chattels mortgages, bills, bonds, notes, sums of money , rights, credits and personal estate.
Bond: Dated: 21-October-1740; John GARNETT, of Kirkby Kendal, Count of Westmorland, weaver bound for three hundred pounds
Probate: 21-October-1740 - Executor named in the will solemnly affirmed to well and truly execute the will.

Bond re: Bryan CREWDSON, Kendal, grocer-
Will dated: 1 September 1740
Bondsmen: Elizabeth CREWDSON, widow and grocer; Thomas ELLWOOD, merchant; John CREWDSON Weaver; all of Kendal in county of Westmorland.
Witnesses: Richard CUTHBERT, Catherine PEILE.
Bound for 600 pounds.

John CREWDSON of Kirkby Kendal -
Will dated 2-June-1747
Executors : brothers in law John WILSON and Stephen FIELD and cousin Isaac WILSON
Mentions son John CREWDSON; mother Margaret CREWDSON (still alive), father deceased; wife Racheal; Daughter Margaret CREWDSON; son Thomas CREWDSON; son Isaac CREWDSON; brothers Bryan, Isaac, and Jonathan CREWDSON.
Proved October 23, 1749.

John CREWDSON of Kendal, stuff weaver-
Will dated 26-December-1760
Executor : brother Thomas CREWDSON, brother in law Joseph COOPER and my cousin Isaac WILSON
To my son John when he attains 21 years
My son Samuel CREWDSON when he attains 21 years
My brother Thomas CREWDSON where my mother now dwells
Probate 5-January 1761
Bond: 5-Jan-1761
Bondsmen: Thomas CREWDSON of Kendal, stuff weaver; Joseph COOPER of Kendal, stuff weaver; Isaac WILSON of Kendal, shearman dyer.

Bond regarding Richard CUMPSTON
Dated: 25-February-1698
Bondsmen: Jane CUMPSTON, widow of Ambleside; William JACKSON; Thomas MACKERETH of Ambleside, farmer
Inventory of Richard CUMPSTONE, Ambleside, paper maker
Taken 8-December-1698
Assets ........... 18.17.6
Money owed .. 36.0.0
Funeral .......... 4.0.0
Appraised by Thomas & Arthur MACKERETH

John CUMPSTONE, Smardale, Intestate 1759 -
Administration granted to Frances SPOONER, widow, natural and lawfull daughter -

Thomas CUNINGHAM, Nateby, yeoman
Will dated 6 Aug 1741 - My niece Emmy CUNINGHAM 21 My niece Margaret CUNINGHAM, 21 - My nephew John WHARTON - My nephew Richard WHARTON - My nieces Margaret and Ann WHARTON - My nephew Richard CUNINGHAM, residue, executor - Witnesses: Anthony DIXON, Richard DIXON, Michael ROE - Proved 4 Nov 1741.