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John GANDY of Oakland, Windermere, Co. Westmorland, Esquire -
-Last will and Testament, dated 18 Apr 1859.
To wife Magdalen Agnes GANDY, horse carriages, household goods, furniture etc. etc.
To each of my Executors and Executrix, a legacy of £19 19s
Mentions daughter Mary Ann GANDY (£2000 to be paid her upon marriage) -
Sons Henry GANDY,
Gerard GANDY (mentions a settlement made upon son Gerard's marriage with his present wife, and money advanced to son Gerard and William Richardson ROEBUCK),
James Hunter GANDY,
George GANDY and
Charles GANDY (yst son, under 21).
To my daughter an annuity of £120, as long as she remains unmarried and resides with her mother
To James AIREY and Betty HADWEN both old and valued servants, 5 shillings weekly each for the rest of their lives -
To my said Wife for her life my Estates called Hallgarth, Sparrowmire and Lee Yeates all in the townships of Strickland Ketel and Nethergraveship and after her decease I give the same to my son Henry GANDY his heirs and assigns forever.
To my Trustees next hereafter named their heirs and assigns All my donation and right of Patronage of in and to the Rectory and Parish Church of Castle Eaton in the County of Wiltshire Upon trust that the Trustees for the time being of this my Will shall and do present to the same my son James Hunter GANDY whenever the same shall become vacant.
To my son Henry GANDY to Thomas HARRISON of Kendal Solicitor to John PARKIN of Kendal aforesaid Manager of the Bank of Westmorland and to my said Wife their heirs executors administrators and assigns, the residue of real & personal estate -
- my wife to occupy my dwellinghouse at Oakland and pleasure grounds attached, for her life, rent free...................[much further detail regarding the Trust]......
Executors - wife Magdalen Agnes GANDY, son Henry GANDY, Thomas HARRISON and John PARKIN. John Parkin requested to be Managing Trustee and to assist wife with advice etc.
[Signed] John Gandy.
Witnessed by Edward HARRISON, James GAWITH clark to Mr Harrison, Solicitor, Kendal.

Magdalen Agnes GANDY of Oakland, Windermere, county of Westmorland,
widow and relict of John GANDY late of the same place, Esquire, deceased -
Will dated 6 February 1869 -
- 3 sons, Gerard GANDY, James Hunter GANDY and Henry GANDY, executors -
- to each of 5 sons, Gerard, James Hunter, Henry, George, & Charles, €19 19s -
- to son James Hunter GANDY, Brougham carriage and harness -
- to grand-daughter Magdalen Agnes GANDY, daughter of son James Hunter GANDY, gold watch etc..
- to old and faithful servant Betsy HADWEN, £19 19s ...
- residue, equally between 2 sons, Gerard & James Hunter - all real estate vested in me as mortgagee to be disposed of...
[Signed] Magdalen Agnes Gandy - witnessed by Henry GREENE, Solicitor, Higham Ferrers, Joseph MARRIOTT, Stanwick.
Proved at Peterborough 24 Jan 1870 by oaths of Rev James Hunter Gandy, clerk & Henry Gandy Esq., the sons, two of the executors to whom administration was granted. Power reserved....etc to Gerard Gandy, the son also, the other executor.
Testatrix Magdalen Agnes GANDY was formerly of Oakland, Windermere, county of Westmorland, and late of Higham Ferrers in county of Northampton, widow, & died 22 June 1869 at Higham Ferrers aforesaid. Under £800. Harrison & Son, Solicitors, Kendal.

Henry GARNET of Strickland Gate, Kirkby Kendal-
Will dated: 31 August 1717
Executor Thomas DODGSON
- wife deceased
- friend Jenet CHRISTOPHERSON of Strickland Gate, widow
- sister in law Mary, wife of Robert DODGSON
- friend Thomas POWLANDSON
- friend Thomas WOODBURN, joiner
- friend Agnes RUTSON, widow
- friend Thomas STRICKLAND shoemaker
- friend John DODGSON, Shearman of Kendal
Will proved 15-Jan-1717/8; bondsman: Thomas DODGSON of Kirkby Kendal

John GARNETT of Kirkland, county of Westmorland, yeoman -
Will dated 29 Mar 1777
- property in Kirkland purchased from Thomas ROBINSON deceased - to my wife Catherine - during her life, and after her decease to my good friends John YEATS and John BRAITHWAITE, both of Kirkland, in Trust -
one third part to daughter Isabel HARRISON-
one third part to daughter Nancy WILLAN -
- remainder to daughter Mary ARMISTEAD -
-unto each of my sons and daughters, Thomas, John, Alice and Agnes the sum of one guinea.
Unto my said wife Catherine, all and every my household and other goods, cattle, chattels, credits and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever - wife Catherine sole executrix -
Witnesses: Thomas YEATS, Joseph ANDERSON, John GREY.
Proved 12 May 1779.

John GARNET, Beathwaite Green, p. Heversham, co. Westmorland, husbandman -
Will dated 9 Apr 1781 -
In the Name of God Amen, I John GARNET of Beathwaite Green, in the Parish of Heversham, and County of Westmorland, Husbandman, being at this time of a sound disposing mind and Memory, and considering the uncertainty of this Mortal Life, do make and ordain this to be my last will and Testament in Manner and form following, First I …my Immortal Soul into the Hands of God that gave it hoping through the Merits of my Blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ to find a Joyful Resurrection in the Life to come, Secondly I give my Body to the Earth to be decently Buried at the discretion of my two Executors hereafter names, and as for my Temporal estate I give and Bequeath as follow, ffirst I give and Bequeath unto my beloved Wife Isabel GARNET all my messuages, tenements and Cottages, Lying and being at Beathwaite Green and Crosthwaite both in the Parish and County aforesaid during her natural Life, she paying and discharging all my just Debts that shall be owing at my Decease, ffuneral Expences, and Legacy’s hereafter mentioned, also I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Ellin now wife of James BROWN, during her natural all that my Messuage Tenement or Cottage situate at Masongill in the Parish of Thornton and County of York, and after her decease I do order my Executors to sell the said Messuage or Tenement and to Divide it amongst my Children share and share alike, I also give and Demise unto my two Grand Children Isabel GARNET and Christopher GARNET the sum of ffive pounds each to be paid by my Executors when they arrive at the Age of twenty one years, but if they happen to Die before they arrive at the age of twenty one years then I do order it to be Divided amongst my other Children share and share alike I also give and bequeath unto my loving wife Isabel GARNET all my Stock of Horses, Cows, Sheep, Implements in Husbandry Household Goods and all and every of my personal Estate whatever And I do hereby Nominate and Appoint John CROUDSON and my Son William GARNET Joint Executors of this my Will and order them to sell all my Messuages and Tenements at Beathwaite Green and Crosthwaite aforesaid at the Decease of my Loving Wife, and to Divide the money amongst my ffive Children (to wit), William GARNET, Mary Now Widow of Thomas GAY, and to Isabel now Wife of William BROWN and to Ann now wife of John BENNET and to Margaret now Wife of Leonard CLEMENT, share and share alike, at the Expiration of One whole year after the Decease of my Loving Wife, And I do hereby make null revoke and make void all fformer Wills made by me, and do make this and no other to be my last Will and Testament, in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this 9th Day of April 1781. Signed Sealed and Declared by the Testator John Garnet to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us William LUTHWAITE Agness X ffOXCROFT mark James X SMITH mark the mark of John Garnet [‘Jon’ and seal] (Also I give and Beqeath unto John CROUDSON and William GARNET each of the One Guinea for their trouble, besides all necessary Charges and Expences allowed them, also I give unto John GARNET the son of William GARNET one Clock after the Decease of my beloved Wife).

Nicholas GIBSON, Beathwaite Green, yeoman, -
Will dated 3 Apr 1871
This is the last will and testament of me NICHOLAS GIBSON of Beathwaite Green, yeoman. I appoint George Edward MOSER of Kendal gentleman and John WILSON of Beathwaite Green aforesaid yeoman executors and I devise unto them [all assets]. To my dear wife Ann all my furniture and other personal estate and all my real estate during the term of her life and then to my son George my cottage and garden known as Hullate Hall and my field near to or adjoining Causeway End and all the residue of my real estate so my son John my messuage and tenement called Walnut Tree House with the barn adjoining and my field called Quags Field and also my share and interest in Workshops and Sheds at Beathwaite Green and also my field on Stakes Moss which I purchased from Thomas Stainton and also my messuage and tenement called Pear Tree Cottage together with the barn and stable adjoining and the field behind the same. I charge the last mentioned premises with the payment of £400 to be spent in paying my debts of £200 owed to each of John ADDISON and Margaret WALKER or so much as shall be owing at my death and the balance shall be part of my personal estate. Clause allowing MOSER to charge his usual professional fees for acting as executor. Dated 3 April 1871. Nicholas Gibson made his mark in the presence of Thomas HEYWOOD of Scarr Bank Levens and John THOMPSON of Holly Bank Levens. Nicholas died 16 March 1873 and probate was granted on 22 November 1873 with the estate sworn as under £50.

Benjamin GILPIN of Skelsmergh, parish of Kendal, County Westmorland, yeoman -
Will dated: 25 November 1726
Executrix: my now wife Margaret
Supervisors: my brother George BATEMAN of Kendal, my brother Edward WALKER of Skelsmergh and my friend John THOMPSON of Crook
Witnesses: John GIBSON Henry BENSON Elizabeth WHINFULL
To my now wife Margaret GILPIN all my messuage and tenement with appurtenances called Bateman Tenement being in Kirkland Roger part of the lands of Lord Viscount Londsdale of the yearly rent of twenty shillings and six pence half penny during her widowhood.
To my eldest son Robert GILPIN the tenement aforesaid after the viduity or decease of my wife, nevertheless charged and chargeable with the payment of one hundred and twenty pounds within one year after my son enters into possession of the said lands as follows:
Thirty pounds to my son James GILPIN;
Thirty pounds to my daughter Margaret GILPIN;
Thirty pounds to my daughter Elizabeth;
Thirty pounds to my daughter Isabel GILPIN
To my son Robert GILPIN twenty pounds to be paid by my executrix at three years after my decease.
To my son Mark WALKER eight pounds ten shillings to be paid by my executrix three years after my decease.
To my son James GILPIN forty pounds, to my daughter Margaret GILPIN thirty pounds, to my daughter Elizabeth GILPIN thirty pounds, to my daughter Isabel GILPIN thirty pounds all to be paid by my executrix three years after my decease.
To my executrix all my goods, credits, chattels, cattle whatsoever, she paying my just debts, funeral expenses and legacies. To my supervisors five shillings.
Probate: 17-Apr-1727

Ambrose GOWLINGE Kirkland , ixth Januarii 1585 -
In the Name of god Amen the xi day of January An° Dm 1585. I Ambrose GOWLINGE of the parish of Kirkland Sicke in Body but whole of mynde & of good and perfect memorye thus doath make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and forme following, first I give and beqeath my Soule unto the hands of Almighty god my saviour And Redemer, and my Bodye to be buryed within the parish churchyarde of Kirkland payinge my Death Dues and accustomed unto the said churche,
Impremise I give unto on. [every] ye [the] one of my Brother Mychaell GOWLINGE, children one lambe,
Item I give unto my Brother Edward GOWLING x’s, of x’s which he did owe me,
Item I give unto Chr [Christopher?] LUMSON one lambe.
Item I give unto Maboll SUMMER one lambe,
Item I give unto Lawrence SUMMER one gray cote [coat],
Item I give unto Alexander GOWLINGE one pair of Blake Brychesse [britches?],
Item I give …omarde. the ….eparinge of the church iiiid,
Item I give unto the poore of the Parish iiiid and I do make Allas GOWLINGE my wife my whole and lawfull executrix condymonallye[or conditionally?] that she shall bringe up with my said ….. .. & unto such tyme as they shall be able to worke and …. of them sole, allmayes & expimdod if it came to past that my wyfe do marrye the …. ….. nothinge But hir thirde, and the residue of the goodes Movable and immovable to be defryed amongst my childeringe viz Henry GOWLINGE, Thomas GOWLINGE, Anthony GOWLINGE, & Ellon[or?] GOWLINGE and I do make Mychaell GOWLINGE, Lawrence SUMMER, Thomas Frances & Thomas SUMMER supervisers of this my last Will and Testament to be the perfomed accordingly as yt [that] above mentioned, and if it shall …… ….. or ….. amongest my wife, and childeringe then I … so request my very said Mr maysler George CRACKINTHROPE? Esquire, to every all ..rimge amongst them, & shall every one of them may use one another well and lawfull Witnesness of this my last will and testament Lawrence [SUMMER?], Mychaell GOWLINGE, Alexander GOWLINGE, Willm ROBINSON & John TALLOR? [Taylor?]
Gopbrimo Die monso Fmiiy Anno Dm 1586 probatn first Amori Gofin at and min …….. first wennter & ep erntriri Fure…..
The xvii of Januarye, A° Dm2 1585
A True Inventorye of the goods Movable and unmovable of Ambrose GOWLINGE desceased, Prised by these iiii honest Men viz Lawrence SUMMER, Willm ROBINSON, Thomas ATKINSON & Thomas SUMMER,
Imprimis one mare xxs
Item iiii old kyd iil xs
Item i Stotte xxvis ?d
Item ii claves xs
Item xx ewes xLis ?d
Item x nedder shepe xxvL ?d
Item Brasse vessel xs
Item puder [pewter?] vessel iis iiiid
Item Bedding iiis
Item his apparel xs
[Transcript donor: Bev Rowe - rowanco"at" ]

Margaret GOLLINGE Temple Sowerby 6th June 1586 proved 11th July-
An Inventory of the goods and chattels of Margarett GOLLINGE Widow lait of Temple Sowerby ……… .. … ly …. …able? Robert GOLLINGE, …. TEASDALL and John ……? the sixth of June Anno Doii 1586 -
Imprimis one mare paire…. . stagge xiis xxxiiis iiid
Item a blacke nagge xld
Item one other mare xxxiis ?d
Item two oxen iiiid
Item four stotts?
Item four whits
Item two oxen
Item xi kyne and five [five] calves
Item xii neddes xliiis iiiids>br> Item hogge and lambes xxixs
Item Ewes and other sheappe [sheep] xxxs iiiids
Item Sheapp shynnes [shears?] iiis iiids
Item foure swine [swine] xis
Item geasse [geese] and hennes [hens?] xis xids
Item two hynes ….. leas xis
Item corne growing on the grounde xl xs
Item harde .orne in the house xls
Item malt xL iiis wheat i shilling
Item her apparell
Item beddinge 4 feather Bedds xxxis viiids
Item three mattresses xs
Item eight coverletts xxxis viids
Item four blankets viiis vi happinges vis xiiiis
Item xii sheatts xxxis viiids
Item three winding clothes and a baking sheat
Item eight forks and a pooter?
Item four kettells and a caldron
Item seven pannes
Item three potts
Item xxi puder [pewter?] dyshes and dublers ?
Item other vessells xxiis peas
Item three sheatts
Item a baking gridell, fryinge panne, land yron [iron] crishot?, crookes, tongs & ro.. yrons [irons]
Item spynning wheall and cords
Item Aill [all or ale] potts and pitchers
Item harden cloth and lynen yarne [linen yarn]
Item table clothes and towels
Item xx sawen bordes
Item maine tymber and carn? Tymber [timber]
Item fyre wodd [fire wood]
Item tymber at kyttygarth house and a bowkinge? Tubb [baking tub?]
Item cropp carres and whealls
Item fyve tubes three barrels and a ….
Item …oughts
Item ……. and kytts
Item bowls dyshes and dublers
Item chairs formes and bedstocks
Item three Ambryes and a counter
Item four chests is two arks
Item yooke [yoke] and teames ,,,, and socks?
Item axes, a sawe, nimble …stell [steel?] chisel and other tooles
Item roapes [ropes] tedders, brydells [bridles] and halters
Item a ..ying trough and a grynd [grind?] stone
Item silver spones [spoons]
Item wolf [or wool?]
Item one chair
Debts owing to the said Margaret GOLLINGE
Imprimis Thomas PARSYVILL [Parcivill?]
Item Stephen BELLOWSE Dorathie GOLLINGE
Summa totall 78 L 5s 6d
Debts owing by the sayd [said] Margaret GOLINGE -
Imprimis funeral expenses
Item to Thomas SOWERBY
Item to John CAITH?
Item to Agnes GRAINGER
Item to Anne PARKER
Item to Margaret HARE
Item for church goods
Item to the churchwardens and parish
Item to John WYSE
Item to George STABLE
Item to Thomas ATKINSON
Item for house forme
Summa Debitorii xxiiiL xviiis iiiid

William GOLLINGE of Kirkby Thore 1586 -
The Inventory for all the goods and chattels of Willm GOLLINGE of Kirkby Thore desceased prysed [prised] the sixth day of October 1586 by John Wildon John NOOK Richard MYCHAELL and Thomas ….. as follows
A first corne and straw,
Item a k…. …..
Item a mi….
Item beddinge within and apparell GOWLING
Item ….. ……
Item the ……. …… …….
….. etc etc
Debte owinge by the said Wm GOLLINGE
Imperis to Margarett LANGHORNE xxiiis
Item to Nycholas HARRISON xxxiis iiid
Item to John RICHARDSON? Iiis
Item to Rychard GOWLINGE xis
Item to the same …… …….. of a house xs
Item Mr Tho: WHARTON the older xd
Item to John LUMPSON xd
Item to John MEAD/Ward? iiiid
And a pork of corne
Item for a …. … to Margaret LANGHORNE aforesaid xiiis
Item for grasse … a …. iiis
……… … …. …. … …. ….
[NOTE: Unable to read latin regarding the administration of the Inventory. It says something about Helener?[very hard to read] GOWLING [maybe relic of Willm GOWLINGE]]

George GOWLING, yeoman of Kirkby Thore
Written 4 Mar 1697; proved 19 May 1698.
My son George GOWLING to have the sum of nine pounds ten shillings -
My grand child Thomas GOWLING to have one brown cow -
My son Edward GOWLING exec. of this will and testament, to whom I give all the residue of my goods and chattels moveable and immoveable..
Wit. Michael ATKINSON, Richard HODGSON, Thomas SMITH.

George GOWLING of Kirkby Thore, yeoman -
Will written 15 Jul 1701; proved 22 Oct 1701 -
Mentions brother Edward GOWLING, his three children, each of them one shilling.
Cousin Thomas GOWLING one shilling.
Daughter Alice GOWLING to have all the residue of his estate and be sole exec.
Also my Brother Edward GOWLING to be her Tutor and guardian.
Wit. Peter WHITEHEAD -` Thomas SMITH.

Edward GOWLING of Kirkby Thore , yeoman -
Will written 31 Mar 1714; proved 4 May 1714;
Mentions son Thomas GOWLING -
Dear wife Margaret sole exec.

Thomas GOWLING of Kirkby Thore
Written 5 Jan 1761; proved 10 Jun 1761;
Son Lancelot four pounds -
Son John four pounds
Daughter Mary four pounds
Daughter Margaret four pounds
Daughter Ann four pounds
All goods chattels Bills Bonds Debts and personal estate to eldest son Thomas, sole exec.
Wit. Richard LOWSON, Wm LOWSON.

William GOWLING of Temple Sowerby, Westmorland,Blacksmith
Dated 20 Jun 1781, proved 15 Oct 1782
- Son Thomas GOWLING, sole executor
- Grandson William GOWLING, Blacksmith, tools.
- Granddaughter Margaret GOWLING,
- Grandson Nicholas HERDMAN, Granddaughter Margaret HERDMAN at age 21,
- Son in law Peter HERDMAN.
- Wit. Ann BROWN, Jonathan RICHARDSON, Jno BROWN.

William GRAVE, Broadgate in Hugill, p. of Kendal -
Will dated 20 Mar 1641
- wife Elizabeth, money from sale of Croft Close “to bring up my poor children”
- eldest son William GRAVE...tenement at Broadgate....
- Isabel, my daughter ...
- son William to pay unto six of my younger children...
...Agnes, my daughter....
- Elizabeth, my wife to be supervisor -
Executors: George MACKERETH, my brother in law and George HARRISON of Litton
[There is then a very long detailed list of his possessions and mention of some of those to whom he has debts. They include Peter Wilson, Edmund HODGSON, Peter and James COLLINSON, Christopher FARRON, a Clerk to whom he owes £30. The will was extremely difficult to decipher because of the old writing.]

William GRAVE, Broadgate in Hugill, yeoman -
Will dated 15 Aug 1711
- my son William GRAVE
- younger son Jonathan GRAVE..........
- elder daughter Dorcas GRAVE -
- younger daughter Elizabeth GRAVE , under 21...
- loving wife Dorcas GRAVE and son William GRAVE, joint executors...
- my worthy friends Mr. Lancelot NORTH of Kendal and Mr. James ROBINSON of Fairbank to be Supervisors ......
- Witnesses: Thomas STUART, Robert HOGGARTH, Agnes DIXON

William GRAVE, Staveley, Innholder, infirm - 1733
Will dated 1st December 1733
Customary estate called Noble Yeat recently bought from Roger HARRISON, yeoman -
Customary Cottage called Common Head bought from Christopher LONGMIRE -
Two customary cottages called Watsons and Scotsons, both in Staveley Gate in Nether Staveley -
Thomas DENISON of Laithead -
Robert PHILIPSON of Ashes in Nether Staveley
William GRAVE -son – under 21 years, Dorcas GRAVE – mother, Dorcas GRAVE – eldest daughter, Agnes GRAVE - daughter, Elizabeth GRAVE – daughter, Margaret GRAVE – daughter, Ellin GRAVE – daughter, Mary GRAVE – daughter, Elizabeth GRAVE – wife
Witnesses James HODGSON, William HODGSON, G BROWNE
William Grave (signature)
16th October 1736 – Robert Philipson and Thomas Dennison took over executor duties from Elizabeth Grave, widow of William Grave. She now deceased.
Total £117 2s 8d
Owes £140 0s 0d
Minus £22 17s 4d
Elizabeth Grave made her mark on the obligation dated 14th October 1734. Finally proved 16th October 1736.
Testator buried 20th April 1734 at Staveley.

Dorcas GRAVE, Ashes in Nether Staveley, p. Kendal, 1761, widow -
Will dated 15th July 1735 - Aged but of sound and perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament.
I am indebted unto my Son in Law William HODGSON of Alhos in the sum of three pounds a year for seven years which amounts to the sum of twenty one pounds which I do hereby acknowledge to be justly due to my Son in Law William HODGSON aforesaid as my own proposed debt due from me to him for my boarding for the term aforesaid to assist him so far as I am able to see me decently buried and to enable him to receive after my decease what is justly due to me.
My son William Hodgson aforesaid my sole Executor and I do give unto him all my Goods and personal Estates whatsoever.
And wheresay there is justly due to me from my son William GRAVE, his executors or assigns, the full sum of four pounds fifteen shillings due at Whitsuntide. I do …. and allow the sum of five pounds which was left in my sons hand William GRAVE to be paid towards my burial and to so pay and pay of the charge of my funeral and as by the agreement when I sealed away my right and title of Dower in the Estate of Broadgate in Hugill my son William GRAVE and his Executors.
And …….or assigned was obliged to pay to me four pounds fifteen shillings yearly by equal portions, one half at Martinmas and the other half at Whitsuntide for my maintenance during my life. It is my full will and mind and I do hereby give, devise and bequeath unto my Son in Law William HODGSON the aforesaid sum of five pounds, fifteen shillings due to me at Whitsuntide. Last and also the sum of five pounds due at the time of my death to pay off the charges of my burial and it is my will and mind that the sums aforesaid be duly paid to my son William HODGSON according to my son William GRAVE’s will and all such further half yearly payments as shall be due to me at the time of my death which I will be duly paid unto my son William HODGSON, his administrators or assigns. And I do hereby give unto my son William HODGSON all that is due to me upon any amount whatsoever at the time of my death with full power either in law or equity to sue for receive and receive the same at any time hereafter and that his receipt shall be a lawful discharge.
Dated 15 July 1735
Witnesses: Martha HODGSON, John PARK, Henry ROWLANDSON.
Dorcas Grave
Proved 16th November 1761. William HODGSON sole Executor in this will named was sworn well and duly to perform the same, and so forth and that all the personal estate was under thirty pounds. Before me Thomas SYMONDS.

James GRAYSON, Wharton Dykes, Kirkby Stephen, yeoman - Will dated 20 Feb 1757 - My daughter Jane, wife of Robert ATKINSON, 5 shillings- My wife Mary GRAYSON, rest and residue, money, wearing apparel, household and other goods, stock, etc... Mary GRAYSON, sole executrix - Signed James GRAYSON Witnesses: Thomas ORTON, sworn - Isabel GRAINGER - Proved 23 Nov 1757.

Elizabeth Anne GREEN formerly of Eller View Ambleside but now residing at Plane Tree House Ambleside in the County of Westmorland, spinster -
Will dated 17-September-1935
Sole Executrix: my niece Agnes GREEN daughter of my brother Frank GREEN of Bowness-on-Windermere
Witness: W HEELIS, Solicitor, Hawkshead nr Ambleside; J. JACKSON clerk with H. Heelis & Son solicitors, Ambleside
To my niece Agnes GREEN all my real and personal estate whatsoever in recognition of her affectionate care of me for many years.
Probate 24-May-1941 : Elizabeth Anne GREEN of The Poplars Stavely near Kendal in the county of Westmorland formerly of Plane Tree House, Ambleside, spinster died 25-April-1941 at The Poplars aforesaid.
Administration of estate granted to Agnes GREEN of The Poplars aforesaid, spinster niece of the deceased and sole executrix named in the will.
Gross value of estate: £4503-18-1
Net personal estate £4470-14-1
Estate duties paid: £134-5-8