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John LAMB of Hartley Castle p Kirkby Stephen, Gentleman
Bur Kirkby Stephen 9 Dec 1800; will written 4 Dec 1800
To son James LAMB forty pounds, to daughter Mary wife of George ARMSTRONG of Parkhouse in the p of Daker (sic) Co.Cumberland the sum of forty pounds,
also to John LAMB son of my son Thomas LAMB, to John LAMB son of my son John LAMB, to John LAMB son of Edward LAMB, to James DAWSON son of William DAWSON, to James BURTON son of James BURTON (infants), the sum of twenty pounds apiece,
and I order & direct in case any of said infants shall be under age at the time of said legacies becoming due ..shall be paid to the respective parents or guardians for the use of such infant.
I give to my daughter Jane the wife of James BURTON of Askrigg in the p of Aysgarth, Yorks. Hosier, all my undivided moiety of two leasehold messauges or dwelling houses with the appurtenances situate being in Askrigg aforesaid. I hold the same moiety or half part of the said dwelling houses unto the said Jane BURTON her execs. administrators & assigns for and during the residue & remainder of my term or terms therein.
Also I give to Agnes DAWSON daughter of William DAWSON the sum of ten pounds.
After payment of all legacies and debts etc, the remainder of goods & chattels I give & bequeath to Elizabeth DAWSON wife of William DAWSON whom I nominate and appoint sole executrix .
I desire & request that my brother in law John HARKER and my sons in law William DAWSON and James BURTON will aid and assist my said executrix in collection of debts etc...

James LAMB, of Soulby late of Askrigg, Clerk
Bur Kirkby Stephen 17 Aug 1795 aged 83 yrs
Will written 5 Mar 1794 proved 2 Oct 1795
To Matthew, John, Thomas, James and Betty sons & daughter of my sister Hannah ATKINSON as follows – Thomas and Betty sixty pounds apiece, other three forty pounds apiece. Sons and daughters of my brother John LAMB as follows – Betty DAWSON sixty pounds, Mary ARMSTRONG forty pounds , the rest thirty pounds apiece
Nephew Thomas LAMB of Brough one hundred and twenty pounds but I appoint my brother John LAMB and my two nephews Matthew and Thomas ATKINSON as trustees for the same .... If said nephew should die, money for use of his wife and family-
And his two sisters Hannah and Betty and his brother William forty pounds apiece.
Brother John LAMB and sister Hannah ATKINSON all leasehold houses etc in Yorkshire in the Chapelry of Askrigg or in the Chapelry of Lunds with all my rights and title ... in Askrigg Chapel called Aldersons Pew. Joint execs. Brother John and sister Hannah ATKINSON
Wit. Joseph ROBINSON – Thomas HODGSON- Betty HODGSON

Thomas LAMB yeoman of Soulby in the p of Kirkby Stephen
Will written 10 Jun 1768, proved 24 May 1769.
To my eldest son James LAMB, Clerk, one shilling and the whole crop of corn and grass growing on my estate.
To second son John LAMB, five pounds; to third son William LAMB, six pounds; tp daughter Margaret LAMB seven pounds - all to be paid in six months after my decease.
All the rest of my goods chattels and personal estate I give & bequeath to my two daughters Isabel LAMB and Hannah ATKINSON widow of the late Matthew ATKINSON, of Soulby , shoemaker, whom I hereby make constitute and appoint joint executrixes of this my last will and testament .

James LAMB of Soulby parish Kirkby Stephen
Will written 23 Aug 1713; bur 12 Nov 1713; Will proved 21 Dec 1714
I give and bequeath to my only beloved son Thomas LAMB my usual Med.... chest also the ancient cupboard Item I give to my Dearly beloved wife Margret and to my Three daughters all other my personal estate both moveable and immovable that is to say all my goods and chattels corn and hay and all other household ,,,,,whatsoever and likewise I nominate ..... and appoint Margret my wife and Agnes my elder daughter, Isabel my second daughter and Margret my youngest daughter to be ..... executors of this my last will and testament and I do by utterly disallow devise and disannul all and every other former testament wills and legacies requests and executors by me in any way in ..... time names willed and bequeathed .... and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.
Witnesses James BELL , Rich.ROGERSON, Thomas HODGSON.

James LAMB - Clerk of Kirkby Stephen Westmorland
Will written 2 April 1826; proved 7 Nov 1827; buried Kirkby Stephen 21 Sep 1827, Clerk aged 74 years.
To my brother Thomas LAMB of Eamont Bridge One thousand pounds; my brother William LAMB of Longwathby Co Cumb. one hundred pounds;
To my niece Ann BROWN widow, dau of bro. Thomas LAMB, one hundred pounds;
To nephews John LAMB -James LAMB - William LAMB - George LAMB, and my niece Sarah Ann LAMB, the children of my late bro Edward LAMB, 50 pounds apiece;
To niece Ann DIXON wife of James DIXON of Kirkby Stephen - niece Agnes HIRD wife of James HIRD - niece Elizabeth DAWSON dau of my late sister Betty DAWSON 50 pounds apiece;
William DIXON, son of the said James DIXON of Kirkby Stephen ten pounds; Great nephew James HIRD son of the above mentioned James -ten pounds; my God children -namely - Dorothy DIXON dau of the above James DIXON, Mary DAWSON dau of my nephew John DAWSON, George LAMB son of my bro Thomas LAMB, Edward THOMPSON son of Thomas THOMPSON of Kirkby Stephen aforesaid, surgeon, and Robert GIBSON son of Thomas GIBSON of Tirvil [??] in the p of Barton, ten pounds apiece.
To all my other Godchildren namely - John Rudd HARKER - William HARKER of Hartley, James son of John MARGETSON of K/S Gentleman, William THOMSON son of Joseph THOMPSON of K/S yeoman, and James TEBAY son of John TEBAY of Soulby p K/S ten pounds apiece.
Jane POWLEY dau of the late Mary POWLEY K/S 10 pounds; Elizabeth POWLEY dau of the late Mary POWLEY K/S 10 pounds;
Sarah JACKSON dau of Henry Jackson K/S Gentleman 10 pounds;
To Captain James LAMB son of my late bro Edward all my books;
Niece (before named) Ann BROWN dau of my bro Thomas LAMB, all my linen china glasses bedding other household goods.
Henry JACKSON of Kirkby Stephen Gentleman; Christopher HARKER son of William HARKER of Hartley yeo, Robert HAMILTON of Hartley Carpenter - Trustees.
Fifty pounds to be distributed among the poor of Hartley -annually at Christmas .
Gold watch to nephew James LAMB son of my bro Thomas LAMB.
Nephew James LAMB son of my bro Thomas LAQMB, sole exec.
Wit. Thomas THOMPSON, Middleton HEWETSON Robert BURRA[??].
[James Lamb's obituary is in the Gentleman's Magazine 1827 page 473 Clergy Deceased, Oct. At Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland, the Rev. James Lamb. Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford, where he took the degree of M.A. in 1780. ]

Joseph LAMB of Sandwath, Kirkby Stephen died 26 Jan 1892.
Personal estate £4738.15.6.
Executors John Reid SOWERBY of Winton, yeoman and James LAMB of 215 the Moor, Sheffield, York. Dated 25 Mar 1892. After provision for his wife Ann (nee METCALFE) the estate is divided between seven children, Ann LIGHTBURN, William, James, John, Isabella HUTCHINSON, Mary LAMB, Matthew Mattinson LAMB, Joseph & Thomas LAMB.

Last Will and Testament of Isabel LAW of Weasdall, Loaning in the parish of Ravenstondale and County of Westmorland, 1741
.....I give to my son Henery LAW one bed of cloaths which is marked out for him.
I give to my two daughters Margrat and Marey LAW all my part and share in the sheep my son and I have joyntly together, and all the rest of my personall estate whatsoever money, goods cattall, chattalls etc I give to my two abovesaid daughters Margrat and Marey Law whom I make equally joynt executrixes.
.... this twenty eight day of October in the year of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred and fourty one.
(signed) Isabel LAW
In the presence of us Thomas FAWCET, Peter GILES.
( Isabel LAW buried at Ravenstonedale 22 Nov 1741, "of Weesdal".
Widow of Richard Law buried at Ravenstonedale 28 Sept 1740 "of Weesdal")

Will of Jane LAZINGBY of Old Field End Patton Kirkbie Kendale Westmorland, 1763
1] to Jane wife of Thomas PARRINGTON of Old Field End £10
2] to James ALLISON of Birdsall £1
3] to Thomas COOK of Selby Yorkshire £1.1s.
4] to William COOK the younger of Selby Yorkshire £1.1s.
5] to Mary COOK of Selby 5s
6] to Mary PARKER of Nazebrugh Yorkshire 10s.6d.
7] to my son James LAZINGBY of Docker 5s
8] to Mary the wife of James LAZINGBY 2s.6d.
9] to Joseph PARRINGTON the son of Thos. PARRINGTON £5
10] to Isaac PARRINGTON the son of Thos. PARRINGTON £5
11] to James the youngest son of Thos. PARRINGTON £5
12] to Abbigail the daughter of Thos. PARRINGTON £6
13] to Jane the second daughter of Thos. PARRINGTON £6
14] to Mary the third daughter of Thos. PARRINGTON £6
15] to Ann the youngest daughter of Thos. PARRINGTON £6
All the above legacies I order to be paid within 12 calendar months of my decease
Appoints John PARRINGTON cordwainer of Bracken-fold Whinfell executor ‘to whom I give all money Bills Bonds dues and demands whatsoever and wheresoever he paying all my just debts and legacies and Funeral Expenses and the Charge of Proving this my will’.
Dated ‘ninteth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty three’.
Signed by a mark. Witnessed by John LEECE, Richard PARINGTON and James WILSON.
Endorsed ‘ John PARINGTON sole executor named in the will above written appeared personally and was sworn well and truly to execute the said will and so forth before me, Hen. WILSON Surr.te’.
Her inventory is
Purss [?] and apparel 2-17-0
Bed Cloths 0-10-0
A Line Wheel 0-2-6
A Chist 0-3-0
Cash upon Bills 76-0-0
Funeral Expinces 5-0-0
Remaind clear 74-12-6
Endorsed ‘Aprized by us this 9th of March 1763 John LEECE, Richard PARINGTON and mark of Thomas PARRINGTON’.

Joshua LEIGHTON of Crook, parish of Kirkby Kendal, County Westmorland, carpenter.
Will dated: 25 11th month (January) 1725
Executrix: my wife Isabel
Witnesses: John MOORE Isaac HADWEN William WILLIAMSON
Mentions - sons James & Joshua LEIGHTON, son Nathan LEIGHTON, son Oliver LEIGHTON, daughter Hannah SATTERTHWAITE, Daughters Isabel and Margaret.
Bond 12-May-1726, Isabel LEIGHTON, Crook; Oliver LEIGHTON, James LEIGHTON.
Inventory 15 Feb-1725
Assets: 515.04.00
Funeral 11.15.03
Debts 158.00.00
Total 169.15.03
Balance 345.08.09

James LONGMIRE of Hazel Bank, Windermere in the County of Westmorland, coal agent.
Will dated 22-June-1889
Sole executrix: my dear wife Jane
Witnesses: Geo.. E MOSER, Solr. Kendal; James W. PRESTON, his clerk
To my dear wife Jane, all real and personal estate and effects
Probate 27-January-1890: James LONGMIRE, late of Hazel Bank, Windermere, coal agent died at Hazel Bank, aforesaid 22-December-1889
Proved at Carlisle; administration granted to Jane LONGMIRE of Hazel Bank aforesaid, widow the relict of the deceased, the sole executrix
Gross value of personal estate £1066.11.4
Net value of personal Estate; £642.1.6

Jane LONGMIRE of Hazel Street, Windermere in the County of Westmorland, widow.
Will dated 25-February-1890
Executors and trustees: my brother Wilfred STALKER (hereinafter referred to as Wilfred Stalker, the elder) and my friend Joseph THEOBALD of Windermere
Witnesses: Herbert MOSER, Solicitor. Kendal; RW HIGGINSON clerk to Messrs. Moser & Son, Solr. Kendal
To each of my executors twenty pounds
To my niece Elizabeth Jane HIRD, the daughter of Wilfred STALKER the elder all my wearing apparel.
All other of my estate real and personal to my trustees to sell and convert into money and pay the following legacies:
To James LONGMIRE and Robert LONGMIRE, sons of my late husband’s brother William LONGMIRE three hundred pounds each
To Wilfred STALKER, the elder two hundred pounds
To my brother Jonathan STALKER two hundred pounds
To Mary DICKINSON, my late husband’s sister two hundred pounds
To William LONGMIRE, my late husband’s brother two hundred pounds
To my nephew Wilfred STALKER the younger two hundred pounds
To my niece Elizabeth Jane HIRD two hundred pounds
To Dora DIXON, the daughter of my late husband’s sister Jane DIXON of High Lickbarrow fifty pounds
To Mary Agnes DICKINSON, the daughter of my late husband’s sister Mary DICKINSON fifty pounds
To each of the daughters of the before mentioned William LONGMIRE fifty pounds
To each of the children of the said Jonathan STALKER fifty pounds
The residue, after paying just debts funeral and testamentary expenses and duty thereon, to be divided equally between Wilfred STALKER the elder, William LONGMIRE, James LONGMIRE, Robert LONGMIRE, Wilfred STALKER, the younger, and Elizabeth Jane HIRD.
Codicil to the last will and testament of Jane LONGMIRE of Hazel Bank, Windermere, widow, dated: 2-May-1891
Witnesses: Herbert MOSER, Solicitor, Kendal; William BREARE, Stone Mason, Windermere
I revoke the legacy of fifty pounds to my niece Jemima STALKER, daughter of my brother Jonathan STALKER and in lieu bequeath my said niece Jemima STALKER two hundred pounds.
Second Codicil to the last will and testament of Jane LONGMIRE of Hazel Street, Windermere, widow, dated 16-September-1896
Witnesses: Herbert MOSER, Solicitor. Kendal; RW HIGGINSON clerk to Messrs. MOSER & Son, Solr. Kendal
To my trustees fifty pounds to be divided equally amongst the children of the late James DICKINSON, nephew of my late husband.
I revoke the bequest of all my wearing apparel to my niece Elizabeth Jane HIRD and now bequeath said wearing apparel to my niece Jemima STALKER
I now direct that the residue of my estate is to be divided equally between: Wilfred STALKER, the elder, William LONGMIRE, James LONGMIRE, Robert LONGMIRE, Wilfred STALKER, the younger, Elizabeth Jane HIRD and Jemima STALKER
Probate 19-October-1900: Jane LONGMIRE, Hazel Bank, Hazel Street Windermere, widow died at Hazel Street, aforesaid 17-August-1900
Proved at Carlisle; administration granted to Wilfred STALKER of Ambleside, joiner and cabinet maker brother of the deceased, and Joseph THEOBALD of Windermere, share broker, executors named in the will
Gross value of estate £4139.5.10
Re-sworn Dec. 1890 £4661.13.10
Net value of personal Estate; £2461.1.3

William LOWAS of Brampton ,Westmorland, yeoman
Will dated 25 Sep 1780; proved 26 Oct 1786
Loved wife Mary Lowas,
Nephew Robert THORNBORROW of Brampton sole executor,
Nephew William THORNBORROW in the Guards, London,
To the five children of the said nephew Robert THORNBORROW, namely Elizabeth, Mary, Edward, Ann and Thomas, -
Sister Elizabeth ATKINSON; Niece Ann THORNBORROW -