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Founded in April 1981, the Australia-based Number Plate Collector’s Club (NPCC), boasts about 500 members world-wide, 50 or so who live in the USA and CANADA.  NPCC members share and study the history of, as well as collect Australian license plates and other associated registration information. 


“The club's aims are to promote the hobby of collecting number-plates and research their history, encompassing any allied interests such as registration labels, souvenir plates, photography of plates, and provide a forum to promote the exchange of information and an avenue for contacting other collectors.” (Courtesy of NPCC’s main website)

NPCC issues quarterly newsletters, which are published and distributed in January, April, July, and October.  The focus is mostly Australasian, with some US and other “foreign” countries thrown in for balance.  The newsletter is very photo-intensive, picturing hundreds of Australian plates, many of which are in color.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the past newsletters I have a few still available, or you can contact Craig Jeffries at PO Box 719, Hamilton, NSW 2303, AUSTRALIA. 


The issues I have available are:  Jan 01, Apr 01, Jul 01, Oct 02, Apr 02, Jul 02, Jul 03, Oct 03, Jan 04, Apr 04, Jul 04 & Oct 04, Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct 05, Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct 06, Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct 07, Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct 08, Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct 09, Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct 10, Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct 11, Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct 12 Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct 13.  Prices are as follows ($US):  1-4 issues $3.00 ea, 5 or more $2.50 each, postage paid.  Please make all checks payable to NPCC.  Once these back issues are gone, they are gone.  Some are in VERY limited supply.

If you have an interest in Australian License Plates, and would like to become a member of NPCC, please feel free to contact Geoff Knox (NPCC Club Secretary) OR me. For prospective North American members, you may download the membership application form and mail it with the appropriate membership dues amount to me as noted.  In NORTH AMERICA, membership dues are
$30.00 (US) per calendar year (January-December).  We do offer multi-year memberships, up to FIVE (5) years!  Save on price increases.  All other countries please contact Geoff Knox in Australia (His info is below). OR, just contact me if you are interested in joining, and I can coordinate the process. 



($30/year up to five years)




USA or Canada



Gary B. Speck
NPCC Area 10 Coordinator
PO Box 1328
Moreno Valley, CA 92556-1328



Australia or the rest of the world



Geoff Knox
NPCC Secretary
PO Box 251
Roseville, NSW 2069

(sorry, he has no E-mail)



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