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     1953 to 1957 Cardinals! Ever wonder what happened to your former Santa Cruz High School teachers? Whatever happened to so-in-so who taught metal shop or geometry? No, not the old so-in-so who made you run laps or come in after school for some "extra tutoring," but those teachers who made their classes enjoyable -- and where you even learned something.

     You'll find the answers to some of the above questions in the pages of this web site.

     For some hints on navigating these pages as well as information on newly-added material, see the What's New page. But if you're one of those who scans Quick Start Guides and starts clicking, the link in brackets just below a person's name leads to such text material as obituaries, abstracts of death certificates, "stories," etc.

     If you have questions, comments, corrections, additions, etc., contact   Bob Lemmon Jr
     Background image from the 1948 Cardinal; view is from the NE corner of the front lawn.

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