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      [** = Recommended]

Klempnauer, Len (editor).
'54/'04 Cardinal: Celebrating the 50th Reunion of the Santa Cruz High School Class of 1954.
     Replete with photos, biographies, '55 flood stories, and memories of various activities both at Santa Cruz High School and also at other locations such as the Boardwalk in the Fifties. Includes sections written by various '54 classmates on such topics as military service, women's liberation, "the dating game," the Frog Stand, and Chinatown.
     Copies either are or will be available at the UCSC Library, Santa Cruz Library, Cabrillo College, SCHS Library, SCHS Alumni Association office, Capitola Museum. Additionally, several noted local historians such as Sandy Lydon, Carolyn Swift and Geoff Dunn have received copies.
     A great source of information not otherwise available elsewhere on things as they were during the 1950s. **
[New on 30 January 2005]

     Basic Genealogy Books

  • Clifford, Karen. The Completer Beginner's Guide to Genealogy, the Internet, and Your Genealogy Computer Program (2001)
  • Crandall, Ralph J. Shaking Your Family Tree (1986)
  • Doane, Gilbert H. Searching for Your Ancestors (1980)  **

     Online Genealogy Books

  • Crowe, Elizabeth Powell. Genealogy Online, Millennium Edition (2000)
  • Hahn, Pamela Rice. The Unofficial Guide to Online Genealogy. (2001)
  • Helm, April & Matthew. Genealogy Online for Dummies, 3d ed. (2001)  **

     Advanced Genealogy Books

  • Carmack, Sharon DeBart. The Genealogy Sourcebook (1997)  **
  • Mills, Elizabeth Shown. Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian (1997)

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