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April 2009


     Another page (Page Four) of 1955 Flood Recollections has been added and two new stories were added to the end of Page Three. (You'll see a New! after all newly-added recollections along with the date they were added.)
     You can expect to see more Flood Stories as time permits.
If, after reading the recollections of other during December 1955, you'd like to submit yours, send it via e-mail to me at my address below. Include your year of graduation and the high school from which you graduated. [N.B., it need not be Santa Cruz or Holy Cross high schools as long as you were here during the flood.]
     If you've read the Flood Stories on someone else's computer but don't have one yourself, send you recollections by mail to Robert Lemmon at the address listed in the Santa Cruz phone book.

April 2007


     Due to an oversight when the last full update was done Franklin "Lindy" Lindeburg, a PE teacher & coach at SCHS from perhaps 1947 to Dec 1953, was omitted.
     This mini-update includes his name in the Faculty & Staff page. Lindy was hired as the University of California-Riverside's first Athletic Department hire in December 1953; he became the first basketball coach as well as the Athletic Director. If you click on text file link #879 just below his name on his page, you'll find two links: 1)his Oral History, completed in March 1998, and 2)a page by the UCR Alumni naming him the recipient of the 2007 Distinguished Service Award.

March 2007


     Consider this a mini-update as I wait for obituaries from the families of Sam Binsacca and Edward Warren.
     The web pages of Emmett Thompson and Bradley "Brad" Lynn have been updated to include their obituaries from late 2006. Each was a three-sport athlete as an SCHS student and each was voted all-league in his strongest sport: Emmett in basketball and Brad in football. And each went on to play at the next level before eventually returning to SCHS as either a coach or a teacher/coach.

January 2006


     Thanks to Leon Dunn ('55), who provided his 1953 Cardinal, you'll find coverage of the teachers who retired or moved on to other things at the end of the 1952-53 school year: English Dept. Head George Van de Wetering, Business Teacher and Manager of Student Finances Pansy Johnson, Math and Lanuage Teacher Honor DeWitt, and science teacher Irene Petz, a Harvard grad who "was run off after only a year," according to Tod Likens ('53).

     There are 11 new obituaries, one of which came from yesterday's Sentinel; that is, you'll find obits for Richard Thompson, one of Emmett Thompson's many brothers, two of the above-mentioned teachers, George Van de Wetering and Pansy Johnson, Ruth Hogue's first husband, Wilbur "Dock" Hogue, who published several books for boys during his all-too-short life, Print Shop teacher Carl Hanson and his wife Olivia, Will Morgan, who taught for many years at Salinas High after leaving SCHS, Bill Dodge's mother-in-law Nita Luce, and a couple of member of the Italian community: John Bassano and Dora Urbani. Additionally, there's an obituary for Roy Dodge's second wife, Alice Gravelle Dodge.

     There are four new photos, which you'll see listed on the Photo Index. I hope to do a Photo Page for Carl Hanson in the next update.

     While I worked on another or third page of 55 Flood Recollections, unexpected problems prevented its completion. However, I expect to finish it on or before next Sunday, 5 Feb -- so check back next weekend. The 50-Year retrospective which appeared in the 22 December 2005 Sentinel can be reached through a new link on the Resources Page.

     Comming Attractions: This week: more coverage of the 1955 flood including recollections from members of several classes in the 1950s. Next update: more on William Weeks. And inclusion of one or more new Photo Pages.
     Merle Good's widown, Helen Heflin Good, died at a rest home in Oregon on 13 January 2006 at the age of 95. Since her daughter Joan only provided a brief Death Notice, will ask another member of the family to provide information so that I can create a "synthetic" obituary. [Indicentally, former U.S. History teacher Sharmon Nash, both of whose parents also died in their nineties, has also agreed to provide data for the creation of synthetic obituaries.]


     Font size no longer changes when you hold your mouse pointer over a link.

July 2005


     The main additions this quarter are threefold: more 1955 Flood stories, a page on William H. Weeks, designer of the SCHS main building, and the Metcalf family.

     Flood Stories II contains another photo taken by Martin Wenks ('54) on 23 December 1955 as well as one from other sources such as the book published by the California Department of Water Power titled The Big Flood. And one of the stories is by a former San Jose Mercury News columnist who graduated from SCHS in 1956.

     As some of you who are members of the 1957 SCHS Grads Mailing List already know, William H. Weeks did more than design school buildings -- though he is best know as a school architect. He put together the plans for everything from packing sheds to court houses, and he even designed a bridge. Many of his structures withstood one or more earthquakes, a factor of importance for those living in the sometimes-shaky Golden State. You'll find links to other sites which have also recognized that Weeks was indeed an anchitect extraordinaire. (There's also a link to the William H. Weeks web page in the "SCHS-Related" Section of the Resources Page.)

     Bus driver Tony Zolezzi's first wife was Betty Jane Metcalf, the daughter of long-time Mission Hill Junior High School custodian Earl Metcalf. What was surprising about the Metcalfs was that Earl outlived all three of his chidren, who died in their 40s or 50s. But Earl's mother, a Nebraska native, lived to be 110.

     There are no new photos of Faculty & Staff members or their ancestors and descendants; rather, the new photos are on the second page of Flood Stories as well as on the William Weeks web page.

     Comming Attractions: More coverage of the 1955 flood including recollections from members of several classes in the 1950s. More on William Weeks. And inclusion of the faculty & staff from the 1953 Cardinl.


No changes.

April 2005


     This quarter's update got a big boost when Ted Hogue, a relative of Ruth West Hogue Warren's first husband, Wilber "Dock" Hogue, stumbled across the associated World Connect web site for this web site. (For those of you not into genealogy, World Connect web sites all have the same format and are automatically created from the Gedcom files that researchers submit.)

     Ted furnished five of the sixteen text articles that were added with this update. Additionally, you'll find articles, obits, or abstracts of death certificates on Ruth Hogue, Rupert and Clara Kreinbring, Emmett Thompson's brother Al[fred], Bill Dodge's mother Ida, Merle Good's father-in-law, Rufus Heflin, and Edward Warren's son Charles.

     Charles Edward Warren was, like his father, a fly-fisherman. He headed the Fisheries and Wildlife Department at Oregon State University before retiring to Black Butte Ranch, a community on the eastern side of the Cascades near Sisters, Oregon. His response to his daughter entreaties to start packing in the face of an oncoming forest fire was somewhat relaxed, "I'll have a scotch and think about it."

     But when the late Chuck Warren was forced to evacuate, the first thing loaded into his son's pickup was $200 worth of scotch. He reassured reporters that he does not drink before five. Spoken like a true Irishman -- though purists might have preferred Iish whiskey to scotch! For a complete recap of the Cache Mountain Fire see the on-line article at Bend.Com. [There's another link to the Bend.Com article just below Charles Warren's obituary.]

     One of the goals of this web site is to post information on pioneer families. Gene Harlamoff's mother's family was in the Soquel area well before the dawn of the 20th century. And Gene's sister Barbara married Frank McCrary, one of the founders of Big Creek Lumber. Similarly, Frank's mother's family emigrated from Switzerland to the Swanton-Davenport area in 1860. You'll find more information in the obituary describing the rather unique death of his grandmother, Annie Staub Trumbo. [Also, you'll find a link to Big Creek Lumber's web site on Frank McCrary's web page.]

     There are two new Photos Pages with this update. Given the new information from Ted Hogue, the discovery of a web site with Ruth West Hogue Warren's mother's family, and the death recently of Edward Warren's son Charles, it seemed appropriate to create Photo Pages for Ruth and Edward.
See the Photo Index for links to individual pages with new photos; new photos or Photo Pages are marked with a "**" in the Photo Index.

     Comming Attractions: More coverage of the 1955 flood including recollections from members of several classes in the 1950s. And more photos from the 1953 & 1954 yearbooks.


No changes.

January 2005


     What's new? The Flood. No, I'm not talking in the Biblical sense but rather in terms of major natural disasters. The 1955 Flood was one of three major natural disasters to occur during the 20th century but remains the least-know -- except by those SCHS grads who moved away from Santa Cruz in the 1950s or early 1960s. You'll find links to the two new pages, "The 1955 Flood" and "1955 Flood Recollections," at the top and bottom of most of web pages.

     Did you either teach at or attend one of the local schools in 1955? If you have memorable experiences of the flood, please share them with others. You can reach me at my e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

     There are 13 new obituaries. Anne O'Hara, an RAOGK volunteer in Benton County, Oregon, provided obits for Ned Marksheffel and his wife Kay. Ned left SCHS for Oregon State University at the end of the 1953-54 school year. One of his books on teaching reading at the secondary level is still available on Amazon. Another volunteer in Colorado Springs, Henny Elze, furnished two obits, one for Ned's brother and another for his uncle; the uncle was a bicycle dealer who saw the handwriting on the wall and began selling automobiles very early in the 20th century.

     In her book Santa Cruz County: Parade of the Past (1973) Margaret Koch lists several of the well-know Italian fishing families on page 56: "the Stagnaros, the Bregantes, Carniglias, Faraolas, Perez', Garbones, Chiappes, Castagnolas, Zolezzis, Simonis, and Ghios." Tony Zolezzi ('42) drove a bus to and from SCHS from 1949 to 1967. He and his wife, the former Delores Lippert ('53), have retired to the Mother Lode metropolis of Copperopolis. You'll find several new obituaries for members of the Zolezzi clan.

     New information from the Mountain Echo, a paper published in Boulder Creek from 1896-1916, has been added to Jacob McCabe's text file. And an obit was obtained from Fresno County for Santa Cruz pioneer Charles Marshall Cummings thanks to another RAOGK volunteer.

     There are only two new photos on the web pages (Albert Marksheffel and Thomas Wescoat), but there are several new photos in the two new pages on the 1955 Flood. The bulk of them were taken by Martin Wenks ('54), who was the photographer for both the Cardinal and Trident before graduation. My thanks to him and Len Klempnauer for making these photos of the 1955 flood available.
See the
Photo Index for links to individual pages with new photos; new photos are marked with a "**" in the Photo Index.

     Comming Attractions: More coverage of the 1955 flood including recollections from members of several classes in the 1950s. And more photos from the 1954 yearbook.


No changes.

October 2004


     Inclusion of 1954 Faculty & Staff. Thanks to Leon Dunn ('55), who provided the webmaster with his 1954 Cardinal, seven new members of the 1953-57 Faculty & Staff are included; that is, you'll find Thomas Clayton, John Davis, John Fiebig, Ned Marksheffel, Phillip Mooers, Will Morgan, and Charles Oakley listed on the Faculty & Staff Page. While there are others who also taught during the 1953-54 school years such as Franklin Lindeberg, they will be included with the next update.

     There are six new obituaries. They include those for Everett and Mary Mooers, parents of George Mooers, who still lives in the Santa Cruz area. Also included is one for his older brother, Phillip, who taught briefly at SCHS. (He's the one who introduced George to race walking.) There are obituaries for longtime chemistry teacher Earl DeVore's parents, Earl and Clara. Finally, there is an obituary for business teacher Ada Perruccio's ex-husband, Henry Peruccio.

     The new photos are for Phillip Mooers, Ned Marksheffel (who is deceased according to former US History teacher Sharmon Nash), and Edward Warren. See the Photo Index for links to individual pages for those three; new photos are marked with a "**" in the Photo Index.

     Comming Attractions: More photos from the 1954 yearbook as well as information on those teachers who either retired that year or whose stays at SCHS ended that year as they moved on to teaching positions at other schools or made career changes.
Tbe 1957 SCHS Grads Mailing List page has been delayed due to several fishing and backpacking trips by the webmaster.


No changes.

July 2004


     Four New Obits and a "Peppy Photo.". There are new obituaries for two of Larry Laurence's relatives (Sarah Laurence Lungman and Francis Laurence) as well as obituaries for Dr. Allen Pederson and his wife Edna. The team physician for the SCHS football teams for many years, Dr. Pederson was also an office partner of Dr. Mahlon McPherson for his entire career in Santa Cruz. Both he and his wife Edna were actively involved in community affairs.

     The new Photo Page is for Jack Snyder, who, as his obituary indicates, went on to help found Cabrillo College. Clearly a leader, he also took the lead in helping a group of teachers spur on the students at a mid-50s pep ralley as is evident from this photo.
Can you name the five teachers in this "peppy photo"? For their identities, see Jack Snyder's Photo Page, accessible through the Photo Index.

     Comming Attractions: New photos from the 1954 yearbook as well as information on those teachers who either retired that year or whose stays at SCHS ended that year as they moved on to teaching positions at other schools or made career changes.
And, hopefully, '57 grads will find a page devoted the the growing 1957 SCHS Grads Mailing List.


No changes.

May 2004


     Some New Photo Pages and a Key Obit. You'll find three new Photo Pages (see Photo Index) for the following: C.R. Smith, Mary Frances Irelan, and Sam Binsacca. Also, another photo has been added to Roger Baer's Photo Page. There is also a photo of Don Lehmkuhl, football and wrestling coach during the 1954-55 school year. All of the new photos are courtesy of Leon Dunn ('55), who loaned us his 1955 Cardinal.

     There were two new text additions with this update: 1)an obituary for Elisha Randolph Laurence, Larry Laurence's grandfather, and 2)a transcription of English/Journalism instructor Edward Warren's World War II service. The former was provided by Laurie Cotulla, an RAOGK (Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness) volunteer in San Joaquin County. Mr Warren's alternative military service with the Red Cross was from the Serice Cardinal, published in 1948 by the Cardinal Staff with a very big assist from Doc Fehliman. [You'll find a copy in the Genealogy/California Room of the main or central branch of the Santa Cruz Library.]

     The 1916 obituary for Elisha R. Laurence was followed by more research that led to a rather astonishing discovery. After having six children by his first wife and five by his second, Elisha married his second wife's daughter (ie., his step-daughter), who was 25 years younger than he, and had eleven more children. So, when you see a lot of Laurences in an Idaho or California phone book....

     Comming Attractions: New photos from the 1954 yearbook as well as information on those teachers who either retired that year or whose stays at SCHS ended that year as they moved on to teaching positions at other schools or made career changes.
Also, '57 grads will find a page devoted the the growing 1957 SCHS Grads Mailing List.


     Thanks to advice from Jeanette Harper, former chief honcho of the Inyo County GenWeb site, it's now possible to dispense with the SCLinks.Txt file. All of the links that were formerly in the text file that could be renamed to create a page of useful SCHS & Santa Cruz links are now part of the Resources Page

     Until the webmaster can do more testing with members of the 1957 SCHS Grads Mailing List, the special effects Internet Explorer users saw when changing pages after the last update will remain in limbo.

March 2004


     More Photos, More Obituaries, and More Descendants. You'll find four new Photo Pages (see Photo Index), different photos of Eade Jordan, George McAllister, Ray Robinson, and Jack Snyder, and additions to the Photo Pages of Alpheus Green and Doc Fehliman -- all thanks to Leon Dunn ('55), who provided his 1955 Cardinal.
The four new Photo Pages this month are for the parents of U.E. "Larry" Laurence, Lulu and Uriel Laurence as well as two teachers who, in addition to Mr Green, received tribute in the 1955 yearbook: Paul M. Levy, who may have announced his retirement late that year to care for his wife, and Ruth E. Bradley, school librarian for 17 years who died in April 1955.

     The 1957 SCHS Faculty and Staff page now has links to most of the F & S members for the school years ending in '55, '56, and '57. A few who only taught briefly at SCHS (for example, James Hood and Don Lehmkuhl, to mention two) will be included when more is discoverd on their careers after they left.

     Twelve new text items have been added. Some are obituaries, others are newspaper articles, and three are descriptions of the WWII service of Emmett Thompson, Ernest Faitos, and John Evans. Your webmaster took a look at a book in the Santa Cruz Library Genealogy/California Room with the rather non-descript title of Serice Cardinal. The complete title from the title page is World War II Service Cardinal 1948, and it was put togther under the supervision of Doc Fehliman, who was still teaching civics at the time. The services records of all SCHS grads, male and female, who served in WWII are included. Those who have lived in Santa Cruz most of their lives will recognize "local yokels" on virtually every page.

     The most notable obituary is that for Ruth E. Bradley, longtime librarian at both Santa Cruz High and Mission Hill Junior High from the early 1930s until her sudden, unexpected death in April 1955. She lived with Helen Calkins in the duplex at the corner of California and Laurel Streets just about what was then the Babbling Brook.

     Finally, there were three "Docs" in Doc Fehliman's family. After his brother, Dr. William Edward left Lead, South Dakota to enlist in the US Army as a regimental surgeon, his brother George, a dentist, moved to Lead. A granddaughter of George and his wife Irene has contacted the webmaster with information not only from a Fehliman book published in the late 1960s but also some great stories, some of which will be included in the next update.

     Comming Attractions: The aforementioned stories as well as more photos, especially from the 1955 Cardinal. If you have a story from ye olde school days that you think others might enjoy, send it along. And, if you have photos or obits that you'd like to share of any of the decedents on this web site, please send me e-mail.
     My e-mail address at the bottom of the home page.


     While the webmaster usually tries to avoid "cool effects" that are more often than not distracting (eg., blinking links), he gave in to the temptation to use some new methods of revealing new pages when one clicks a link or loads a page (though only for those using Internet Explorer -- about 75% of computer users).
     The "cool effects" have been removed as of 2 May because they locked up the computer of Len Klempnauer (SCHS,'54). Will do some testing with fellow classmates who are using Internet Explorer on PCs to try to determine if the problem is Len's computer or is more widespread.
[Updated 2 May 04]

     The new background image is from the 1948 Cardinal, a B&W photo taken from the northeast corner of the front lawn near the junction of Walnut Ave and Lincoln St. (Note that it's no longer possible to take the same shot or photo because of a new building to the north of the science building.)

January 2004


     Not "Stick out your tongue" but rather "Stick 'em up." If you read the obituary of Helen Waterman Meyer closely, you'll note that our school nurse was at one time president of the Peace Officers Association of Santa Barbara. While it's unlikely she ever said, "OK, Buster; put 'em up," she did work as a policewoman in 1935 for the Santa Barbara P.D. Check out her Photo Page to see a photo of her shortly before she and the other policewomen began wearing uniforms; though only 38, her hair was already gray.
The four new Photo Pages this month are for Helen Waterman Meyer, Merle Good, Isabel Pepper, and Helen Calkins.

     The 1957 SCHS Faculty and Staff page has been changed to an alphabetical listing rather than a listing that closely follows the 1957 Cardinal. Part of the reason for the change was that teachers who retired in 1956 were added in the previous update and those who either worked at SCHS or retired in 1955 will be added in the March update. For more information on the new F&S page, see Form below.

     There are 16 new obituaries in this month's update; key among them are those of Anthony "Tony" Foster and two of Emmett Thompson's siblings: his brother John "Jack" Thompson ('40) and his sister Lettie Thompson Urbani.

     Tony's name at birth was Fiardigotti. But because his elementary school students had difficulty pronouncing it, he went to court and changed it to Foster, which most can say rapidly three times -- even a drunken Aussie. He, Emmett Thompson, and Ray Robinson were among those who at times accompanied Larry Laurence on summer fishing/backpacking trips to the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.

     As one might expect, Jack Thompson was a big supporter of athletics with one stint as president of the Dads Club. And Lettie Thompson married an Urbani, a family which moved to Santa Cruz in 1908. Those families which were in Santa Cruz before 1910 are often labeled "pioneer families." Because of their early arrival in this town the webmaster has included the Urbani family; some of you who were in scouts may remember Lettie's brother-in-law "Tiz" Urbani.

     In alphabetical order the new obituaries are for Charles Berlin, Charles Frederick Berlin, Maria Bucciareli Urbani, Lottie Ash Dodge, Tony Foster, Arthur Hauk, Paul Kulich, George O'Hara, Fredericka Riche Berlin, Lettie Thompson Urbani, Jack Thompson, Angelo Urbani, Esmale "Tiz" Urbani, Giuseppi Urbani, Lino Urbani, and Irene Windolph Fehliman.

     SCLINKS.TXT, which can be saved as an HTML file by using the instructions on the Resources Page, now has links to a collection of Santa Cruz photos as well as old Santa Cruz postcards. They're on a site called MontereyBay.Org, which claims coverage of the entire bay from Santa Cruz to Monetery. Apparently so -- for there are more images from the northern portion than from the souther portion.

     Comming Attractions: More Photos, especially from the 1955 Cardinal. And a web page describing the 1957 SCHS Grads Mailing List. If you have a story from ye olde school days that you think others might enjoy, send it along. And, if you have photos that you'd like to share of any of the decedents on this web site, please send me e-mail.
     My e-mail address at the bottom of the home page.


     The best way to find the name of a member of the SCHS Faculty & Staff is to use the Find function in the Edit sub-menu of your web browser. If you can't remember the name of the faculty or staff member, try searching for the subject he or she taught or his or her occupation. Links were created for any teacher who is either known to be alive or presumed so because of his/her relatively youth when he or she taught. (The best way to find the web pages for deceased members of the F&S is to use the Photo Index.)
The plan for the March Update is to make all F&S names active links to their respective web pages.

November 2003

     More Coverage & More Photos. The SCHS teachers who retired in 1956 are included in this Update thanks to Joe Ghio ('56), a former Santa Cruz mayor, who loaned the webmaster his 1956 Cardinal. In addition to James Rogers the other retirees in June 1956 were social science teacher Gewndolyn Bohn, business instructor Mabel Bartlett, and science teacher Frank Kazmarek. (And Sharmon Hawley Nash deserves credit for remembering much more than anyone else about her former contemporaries at SCHS in her 30+ years as principally a U.S. History teacher.)

     While there were a few Photo Pages after the last update, there are now 13 thanks to Earl DeVore, Maggie Kreinbring, and Wilma Laurence. (And, no, Earl was not wearing a bow tie when I stopped by his house one Friday evening on a long walk home to pick up some photos of Luella Birch DeVore.) You can see the subjects of the other Photo Pages by checking out the Photo Index, a new feature.
And once you get to the Photo Pages, you'll notice a more professional look that was ported from a family genealogy site.

     In addition to the four retiring teachers mentioned above, a rather unique member of the staff was added: Dorothy Errington, the first Santa Cruz City Schools bus driver. And since her mother was a Berlin born in Aptos before the turn of the 20th century, the webmaster has included Frank Kazmarek's star pupil in these pages along with his brother. When one thinks about news in the Santa Cruz area in the last half of the 20th century, the brothers Vernon and Lloyd Berlin immediately come to mind. Also, Wayne Thalls, webmaster for K6BJ's web site has permitted use of his history of amateur radio early the last century at SCHS. (See the text files for Frank Kazmarek & Vernon Berlin.)

     The Real Dr. Fehliman. If you've read C.E. "Doc" Fehliman's obituary, you likely recall that he came to Santa Cruz in the mid-1920s because his brother Dr. William E. Fehliman was already practicing here. Unfortunately, the surgeon died at the age of 58 in Oregon from injuries sustained while returning from an elk hunt in Montana. Like his brother Clinton Earle he was of small stature and well-liked. The Santa Cruz Evening News summed up the feeling about town after his death with disbelief that "such a swell little guy could have gone so soon."
     You'll find a link to an excellent 1915 biography describing Dr. W.E. Fehliman's medical practice in Lead, South Dakota, from July 1908 to 1915 in SCLINKS.TXT. (Use File | Save As... to save it as SCLINKS.HTM for a useful page of links.) He entered WWI as a regimental surgeon in March 1919. While the reporter exaggerated Dr. Fehliman's battlefield experince greatly (surgeons rarely approached the front lines since they spent most of their time in field hospitals, which were definitely not located near the front), he did decide to come to Santa Cruz after the war ended. And his brother Clinton Earle followed once he finished a teaching stint in the Phillipines.

     Other links in SCLINKS.TXT incude those for the Santa Cruz Sentinel On- Line, K6BJ, and the Santa Cruz County GenWeb Site.

     Comming Attractions: More Photos! More Stories! If you have a story from ye olde school days that you think others might enjoy, send it along. And, if you have photos that you'd like to share of any of the decedents on this web site, please send me e-mail.
     My e-mail address at the bottom of the home page.

September 2003

     Thanks to Ted Baer, eldest son of Roger Baer, there are both some new photos as well as some changes in the photos put in place for the July Update. That is, Ted (and his mother Mary) provided a 1948 Cardinal from which photos were scanned for Alpheus Green, Doc Fehliman, Edward Warren, Helen Calkins, Homer Wilson, Luella Birch [DeVore], Lee Sims, Norman Walters, Ray Robinson, Roger Baer, Rupert Kreinbring, Sam Binsacca, James Rogers, and Josephine Saunders Rogers; this group had a lot less gray hair than the '57 version. (Some would claim that nine years of teaching would turn anyone grayer!)

     Since the Baers, Wilma Laurence, widow of business teacher Larry Laurence, and Margaret "Maggie" Kreinbring ('63) have provided the most photos, you'll see the start of some Photo Pages -- a collection of two or more photos of some faculty or staff members. Assuming surviving spouses as well as surviving faculty & staff members and their descendants or relatives continue to provide photos, look for more Photo Pages next time. And if you have photos of any of those on these pages that you're willing to share, send me e-mail (link on the Home Page) re what you have.

     Another new item in this update is the inclusion of Stories in the text files for some of the faculty & staff. Several were written by the webmaster, who has talked with most of the surviving teachers who have listed phone numbers as well as some whose unlisted numbers were uncovered by some sleuthing. Also, there is a story about Mr. Rogers written by John Wylie ('57) and another about Rupert Kreinbring done by his daughter Margaret ('63).

     Perhaps the best story though is one written by Carl Heintze, who was a student of Merle Good at Napa High School and now writes for the "Campbell Reporter." You'll enjoy Carl's story of the Music Man arriving at Napa High School; presumably he did many of the same things when he came to SCHS.
     When I asked Carl Heintze for permission to use the article that was brought to my attention by Helen Heflin Good's niece Blythe Heflin Sesko, who was told by her father not to talk about religion or politics when visiting Merle or he'd "bend her ear," and said that his writing reminded me of Wally Trabing's writing in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Carl replied that Wally, he, & several others started working for the San Jose Mercury about the same time in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Carl modestly replied that Wally's writing was more humorous than his. (Speaking of Mr. Trabing, you'll find an article on Helen Heflin Good's use of phonics to teach reading at Live Oak Elemtary in her text file.)

     Comming Attractions: More Photos! More Stories! If you have a story from ye olde school days that you think others might enjoy, send it along. If it's about some male teacher who used to frequent the Towne theater in San Jose to watch seamy foreign films, I might not use it, but by and large I can use all the help I can get.
     My e-mail address at the bottom of the home page.

July 2003

     As promised this Update includes scans of 42 photos, 40 of which are from the 1957 Cardinal, and two of which are from the feature photo of this Update: A String Quartet. And you thought teachers spent all of their time correcting papers! (I did the first year I taught, but that's another story.)

     You might call this the NOW-approved update, for there are several new obituaries or funeral notices from the distaff side: Helen Calkins, Mary Frances Irelan, and Alva Pingel. Bob Soderholm, vice principal of SCHS from 1959 to 1962 (and principal of Soquel H.S. from 1962 until his retirement), indicated that Mrs. Pingel did spend some time in Hawaii. I'm guessing that she spent the 1956-57 school year on a sabbatical, probably in that state. Thanks to Len Klempnauer ('54) for furnishing both a funeral notice and an obituary for her from the Santa Cruz Sentinel (or Senile, as some locals call it).

     But there is a new obituary for one male teacher: Charles R. Smith -- provided again by Len Klempnauer. We need a photo of him in stripes. No, not jailbird stripes, but ref stripes. Did you ever boo one of his calls in either a Monterey Bay League or City League game? I thought so!

     Note that some of our former teachers came from families considered to be pioneer families, loosely defined as those that were in Santa Cruz County before 1910. Some examples: Ray Robinson, Audrey Cummings, and Rose McCabe. Other teachers married a descendant of a pioneer family; for instance, George McAllister's mother-in-law was from the Foerster family.
     Where possible, I have sought as much material as possible on those pioneer families in order to make it available on the internet to those who have an interest in early Santa Cruz County history.

     The GEDCOM file used to create the genealogy pages will be posted on World Connect within a few days. A link to it has been added to the Links Section of the Resource Page.
     While on the Resource Page don't forget to save SCLINKS.TXT as SCLINKS.HTM; you'll then have a useful page of Santa Cruz and SCHS-related links. The latest includes all three of Len Klempnauer's web sites, a map of SCHS with photos around the turn of the new century, and a great photo-album principally of 1900-1960 photos and postcards by SCHS grads Ted and Bill Grossman.

     Comming Attractions: More Photos! And hopefully better photos. Scans of yearbook photos must be done at the lowest possible resolution becuause of the high rag content in the high-quality paper used. A workaround might be to copy the photos first and then scan the copies at higher resolutions; that should allow many of them to be enlarged.
     If you'd like to contribute some photos for inclusion in these pages, please contact me at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

     First time visitor? Read the helpful navigation hints in the May 2003 Update below.

     Oh, yes. The String Quartet. It consisted of two teachers and their spouses (spices?). In the following link to a photo taken in the late 1940s you'll see (from left to right) Wilma Laurence, 1st violin, James Rogers, cello, Josephine Rogers, viola, and Larry Laurence, 2nd violin. The quartet lasted until ill health overtook Mrs. Rogers in the late 1960s. Josephine and Wilma were charter members of the Santa Cruz Symphony (along with Norman Walters). Wilma Laurence kindly furnished this photo.

May 2003

     What's new? Everything!
     This first iteration of the web site consists principally of obituaries since many of those who taught or worked at Santa Cruz High have passed on to that large school or classroom in the sky. (Some teachers even took their red pens or pencils with which they affixed a large red "F" on assignments and homework with them.)
     Some of the obituaries or funeral notices will tell you things that you never knew or expected. For instance, one member of the faculty or staff once held the Pacific Coast record for the half mile while he was in college. Those who have remained in the Santa Cruz area can name the former teacher who, after his retirement from SCHS, became mayor of this seaside city.

     To view the obituaries, funeral notices, abstracts of death certificates, or other text material, click the numbered link in brackets immediately below the name on a particular web page.
     If you'd like to check out a particular member of the faculty or staff, click the link "Individual Names." If you see no dates in the Index of Persons, that person is likely either still alive or I was unable to unearth any information on him or her. Once you are on an individual's web page where you see no dates, click on the text link just below the person's name, and if you see "still living - details excluded," you may infer that the indivdual is still kicking.
     How did I determine a person was still alive? For starters, he or she talked with me via phone, was listed in Yahoo's People Search as having a phone number, had been seen by others recently, or had his/her name in the Santa Cruz Sentinel this year, as was the case with one former teacher who took part in some downtown demonstrations. If there is some doubt, you'll see no dates for that individual.
     Another source of informtion is the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). It's generally current through a couple of months ago and lists the birth and death dates of any decedent who received Social Security benefits. (You'll find a link to the SSDI on the Resource Page.)

     The GEDCOM file used to create the genealogy pages will be posted on World Connect within a few days. A link to it will be added to the Links Section of the Resource Page.

     Comming Attractions: Photos! Not only scans from the 1957 Cardinal yearbook but also photos provided by some of the surviving spouses and descendants or relatives of members of the Faculty & Staff. And hopefully more coverage of custodians, office workers, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers -- those who really kept the SCHS operating.
     If you'd like to contribute some photos for inclusion in these pages, please contact me at the e-mail address below.

                                                                                    Bob Lemmon Jr., '57

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