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Finding 5 caches in 5 countries in 5 hours - 2005-09-14

or "Killing time while changing planes in Frankfurt"

(with some border related excursions thrown in)

by Hugh Wallis

Text and all photographs © 2005, Hugh Wallis - All Rights Reserved

While on my way back to Canada from Spain I had to change planes in Frankfurt and realised that I could take advantage of the fare pricing rules that would allow me to fly in one evening and leave late the next afternoon giving me time to try something different. Careful study of maps, route planning and surfing the web for interesting border related places to visit resulted in a plan built around finding 5 caches in 5 countries. The idea of finding the 5 caches in 5 hours didn't actually occur to me until after the fact when I realised that the 6 hours from first find to last find could easily have been reduced to under 5 hours if I hadn't kept stopping at borders, checking out tripoints and so on.

Hopefully these pages will provide some interest for geocachers, tripointers and general border freaks. I had a lot of fun doing this and so wanted to share a bit of the experience through the medium of the web - there should be a bit of something for everyone. Please note that the photos on this page are all thumbnails which, if clicked on, will load the full size version.

Since there are a lot of photos I have divided this into a number of pages to reduce load times:

  1. Setting up, and Schengen
  2. Luxembourg, BEDELU and Belgium
  3. Vennbahn, Netherlands and back to Frankfurt