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  Crossons, CO 2007


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17th June 2007 - Natural Arch at Crossons, Colorado. For Father's Day, Ashlee Christlieb & Josie Chavez took their dads to Crossons, Colorado. Actually, Jeff's been wanting to go here for a couple of years now. The Natural Arch is located about 1/4 mile west of the old town site of Crossons, which was located between Pine & Bailey, Colorado. The railroad had a water tank there which was sitting right next to the North Fork of the South Platte River and where Deer Creek connect. Across the Platte River was a natural rock formation called of course "Natural Arch."

24th June 2007 - Update. After doing a little research, the Crosson's Mine in which the town site of Crossons is named, belonged to George A. Crosson and his brother Perry. An article in the February 5th, 1880, Fairplay Flume states that the owners were Col. Crosson, Perry Crosson, J. B. Hall, Jas. Houghtailing and Mr. Nutton. During the American Civil War, the 17th Regiment, Ohio Infantry listed a George A. Crosson  as a Corporal and Perry Crosson as First Lieutenant.

Wesitfle Natural Arch   This was our goal, to hike to this spot. This photo is courtesy of Paul Weitfle. His 2nd great grandfather, Charles Weitfle, photographed the Natural Arch back in the 1870/80s. It took me a few years to find this place. As you can see, there are very few trees.
Weitfle Natural Arch    This view also from Paul Weitfle, shows the Natural Arch from underneath. You can see men sitting on a rock across the Platte River. I was hoping to stand in this spot, but the river was so high that I couldn't cross.
Natural Arch    This photograph by Joseph Collier is from the Denver Public Library. Here is what they say about it. "Stereographic view of a track of the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad running through the foreground near Arch Rock and Deer Creek in the Platte Canyon, Jefferson County, southwest of Denver, Colorado. Arch Rock was a familiar landmark along the South Park line. Water runs around large rocks in the creek at the base of Arch Rock. The water tank in the right midground was replaced by a larger tank at the nearby town of Crossons (near the border of Jefferson and Park counties)."
Bones    I had studied all the maps on how to access the town of Crossons. Looking at the satellite photos and topo maps, we decided to take road 552 which comes up from the south. Unfortunately the forest service closed the road about two miles from Crossons, because of the trees which block the road. A forest fire a few years back had killed many of the trees and they had fallen across the road. We saw this set of bones as we started our trek.
Road to Crossons, CO   You can see the trees in this photo. Some of them in the distance are scorched.
Ashlee, Josie, Don & Brodee   Don & Josie Chavez, along with Ashlee Christlieb and her dog Brodee can be seen in this photo. We were entering the burn area here.
Gate at Crosson, CO   After walking about 1.5 miles, we came upon this gate. This is the Crossons property, and we could hear the roar of the Platte River in the distance, so we knew we were getting close.
North Fork of the South Platte River   This was the first time we saw the Platte River. I felt like Lewis & Clark as we looked down this valley. We were looking east here.
Looking down towards Crossons, CO   The road is heading down now. Crossons is on the right. The girls could see buildings, so the anticipation was getting to them.  This view is looking west.
Building at Crossons, CO   This is the first building that we saw. It was a little rough. The Platte River can be seen.
Log Home at Crossons, CO   This log home still looked in fairly good shape.
Top of storgage house.   You can see a close view of the top of the storage shed here.
Building at Crossons, CO   Another cabin at Crossons.
Bridge at Crossons.    This bridge crosses the Platte River. The railroad would have traveled on the other side.
Outhouse at Crossons     Here's an Outhouse.
Buidling at Crossons.    Another cabin at Crossons.
Crossons rules & regulation.   The Crossons property owners will allow you to go through their property, with respect of course.
History of Crossons.   This sign gives you a bit of history at Crossons, and a few more regulations. Thank you Crossons property owners for allowing us to pass through. We only took pictures and left only foot prints.
Bridge at Crossons.   This bridge allows you to cross the Platte River. I photographed this from the north side looking south. The Natural Arch is to my right about 1/4 mile west. Don Chavez can be seen here helping my daughter Ashlee across the bridge.
Platte River at Crossons looking west.   Standing at the same location, I turned right and took this photo of the Platte River looking west.
Bridge at Crossons, CO.   Ashlee finally got brave enough to cross the bridge. She was really scared. The bridge was very solid though.
Platte River at Crossons, looking east.   I turned left to get this photo looking east down the Platte River.
Foundation at Crossons.   We walked a short distance and found this foundation. Looking at old photographs, this location held a water tank for the railroad locomotives. We were looking north in this shot.
Refrigerator at Crossons.   This old refrigerator was found at the site.
Bed springs at Crossons.   This bed spring was also found at the site.
Vehicle at Crossons.   This vehicle was found at Crossons, I have no idea what it's used for.
Girls at Crossons.   Here are the girls, Ashlee Christlieb and her friend Josie Chavez.
Natural Arch rock formation at Crossons.   You can see the rock formation up ahead where the Natural Arch is located in this photo.
Near Crossons, CO.   This is a look of the railroad bed near the Natural Arch. The trees have all grown back, and you can't see the Arch from here.
Deer Creek at Crossons.   This is Deer Creek at the Natural Arch. It flows into the Platte River about 30 feet downstream. The vegetation was really thick here.
Platte River & Deer Creek.   I climbed up some rocks to take this photo. I was hoping for a better view of the Arch. You can see Deer Creek & the Platte River. The Arch is in the upper right side of the photo.
Natural Arch and rock formation.   This shot shows the whole rock formation. The forest behind the rock looks really thick here. The forest fire didn't reach this location.
Survey Marker.   Survey Marker found at the location.
Rail bed near the Natural Arch.   This is the railroad bed at the Natural Arch looking east. There was a trestle here that wasn't very high. It was used to get across Deer Creek.
Natural Arch.   This is the Natural Arch. It was so hard to photograph, there are so many trees now. We're planning to go back in September when the water level is down, so that we can cross the Platte and Deer Creek.
Deer Creek near Crossons, CO   In this shot you can see Deer Creek. The part of the trestle is in the center in the trees and shrubs. A water tank for the locomotives would have been above.
Ashlee & Josie at the Natural Arch.   Ashlee & Josie at Deer Creek. You can almost see the what looks like railroad ties behind the spruce on the other side of Deer Creek.
Platte River near the Natural Arch.   This is what kept us from crossing the river. The Platte River was swollen and turbulent.
Trestle remains.   Still trying to get that shot of the trestle remains. This is probably my best shot. You can see a railroad tie sticking up.
Ashlee, Josie & Don.   This shot of Ashlee, Josie & Don shows an old Crossons mine. Don was trying to video tape it, but you know how girls are, they always want to be in the shot.
Rock with spikes.   We found this rock. There are five railroad spikes pounded into it. One can only imagine what they were thinking back in the 1800s.
Pike National Forest boundary.   This sign tells you were the boundary for the Crossons property and the Pike National Forest starts. We're going back now. I turned around a took this photo looking west towards the Arch.
Cabin at Crossons, CO   This was the nicest cabin that Crossons had to offer.
Cabin at Crossons.   Looking in one of the Cabin windows on the east side, you can see what it looked like inside.
Ashlee & Brodee.   Don & Josie Chavez at Crossons, CO.
Don & Josie Chavez.   Ashlee & Brodee Christlieb at Crossons, CO.
Burn area near Crossons, CO.   This shows some of the burned area that we crossed as we headed back to the car and home.

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