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Georgetown Loop, 27 May 2002

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Here's Ashlee, enjoying a ride on the Georgetown Loop railroad.
Here are Grandma & Grandpa, (Sherman & Eloise Chrislip). What luck, they just happened to be in Georgetown when we arrived, so they decided to go along too!
Here's a shot of the engine pulling out of the station, lots of black smoke.
Going over Devil's Gate Bridge at Georgetown.
Looking down at the railroad tracks below, yikes!
Cindy & Ashlee enjoying the ride, I never could get these two to look at the camera at the same time.
Here's looking towards the back of the train.
Tickets everyone! Tickets!
The locomotive chugging up to Silver Plume.
Crossing Clear Creek.
Here's the whole gang at Silver Plume, Sherman, Cindy, Ashlee & Eloise. No picture of me though.
The railroad yard at Silver Plume.
Our locomotive hooking up to the back of the train to take us back down to Georgetown
Silver Plume railway station. There's Grandpa.
Looking over the train at Silver Plume. Look at all the mines dotting the mountainside.
Going back over the bridge at Georgetown. We'll be back down on those tracks in a few minutes.
Locomotive number 40 heading back to the front of the train to take a new batch of people to Silver Plume.
Ashlee standing at the station in Georgetown.
Locomotive number 40 heading back towards Silver Plume.
Almost ready to start crossing over Devil's Gate Bridge.
Locomotive number 40 on Devil's Gate Bridge.
Here's something you don't see everyday. Georgetown's finest, cleaning up litter on the side of the road.

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