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Rocky Mountain National Park - 30th June 2005

     Cindy, Jeff & Ashlee Christlieb go to Caribou, Estes Park, the Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Lake, Colorado. The weather was beautiful. They saw Elk grazing at 12,000 feet and a Bull Moose near Grand Lake, Colorado.

The sign at Caribou, Colorado. Caribou was once a bustling town of 5,000 back in the 19th century, but it has almost faded back to nature.
A cabin at Caribou.
Ashlee standing on a rock at Caribou.
Ashlee in the doorway of the old Caribou hotel.
Looking east from the hotel to the old Caribou bank.
Looking southwest at Caribou.
A sign located near Caribou.
Water wheel at Estes Park.
Movie theater at Estes Park. I see "Batman Begins" is playing today.
Ashlee and her dog Cody at Estes Park.
Longs Peak looking south from highway 34 through Rocky Mountain National Park.
Snow along the highway in Rocky Mountain National Park.
The Colorado River from the Holzworth Trout Lodge. John Holzworth ran a small lodge for summertime guests. The lodge now belongs to the Rocky Mountain National Park .
A view towards the headwaters of the Colorado River.
Cindy sitting on Holzworth's farming equipment.
Cindy & Ashlee on the porch of one of Holzworth's fishing lodges.
There's that moose at Grand Lake.
Not a clear shot, but he was looking right at me.
We ate lunch here at the Gasthause Eichler in Winter Park. The food was excellent.
Ashlee after lunch. She's always happy after lunch.
Downtown Winter Park.
We stopped off in Idaho Springs to visit my dad who works at Sunshine Doughnuts. Across the street a man was selling an old mining car, which I've always wanted. The price is still being negotiated.
Sunshine Doughnuts in Idaho Springs. They still make them from scratch.

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