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Notice: This is my work site to help others and myself to compile the records of sometimes difficult proof of Gregory lineage. It is not my intention to speculate on a Gregory progenitor or to use published lineages, but to use primary sources. There may be times when a subject justifies discussion aside from the known. Any corrections or suggestions are welcomed. In that this is a work site, and there will be additions, changes, and corrections, I request that this not be copied, as compiled, for any permanent purpose, or to any web site. - Jo Lee Gregory Spears This page was updated 4/17/09


No YDNA participant of this line as of March 13, 2007.
Note: Ambrose Gregory died in Mecklenburg Co., VA in the Buffalo Springs area south of the Roanoke River that flows into North Carolina. (map) This area is just east of the Halifax Co., VA line and is near the NC counties to the south: Person, Granville, and Vance. Ambrose Gregory 1st appeared in records of Halifax Co., along with the Richard Gregory who later moved to Washington Co., KY.  No record had been found to verify they were brothers, though each was married to a daughter of William Vaughan who had married Milderidge, the mother of Ambrose Gregory.  (See the wills of William Vaughan and of Milderidge Vaughan linked further on.) Milderidge mentioned six children in her will, but named only sons Ambrose Gregory and Joseph Gregory and granddau. Lucy Hayes by name.

I have not succeeded in finding a possible YDNA Gregory participant from Ambrose Gregory.  Records and will of Ambrose indicate he had only 2 children: a daughter who married Stephen Pettypool (P'pool) and a son Atha Gregory (sometimes seen as "Artha").  Atha died Mecklenburg c.1830, about the same time as his father, Ambrose.  No will was recorded but records indicate Atha had a son John C. Gregory and a dau. who married Littleton Jones.  The 1820 Cen. of Mecklenburg shows one male child in household of Atha Gregory, who would have been John C. Gregory.  It is possible Atha Gregory had a son (or more) born between the 1820 Cen. and the time of his death c.1830. See the William A. Gregory 23 [b. c 1827], Boat Carpenter, b. VA, on 1850 Census of John C. Gregory. I have not found another record to identify this William A. Gregory.  John C. Gregory is known to have had 2 sons, John M. Gregory and Beverly A. Gregory (see those records.) I have not found the two sons as adults./jgs (I have since learned that Beverly A. Gregory died at age 18.)

It is not possible for me to include all of the records on Ambrose Gregory.  Hopefully the pertinent ones are included.


Ambrose Gregory died in Mecklenburg Co., VA 1830 at great age.
Ambrose Gregory born:  1730-1740 [1830 cen. Mecklenburg Co., VA]    Where: unknown
Parents: Father: unknown; Mother: Milderidge (_?_) Gregory-Vaughan (see her will)
Married: Sarah Vaughan [Will and estate records of William Vaughan, Mecklenburg Co., VA]
Lived: Buffalo Creek section of Mecklenburg Co., VA
Died: Mecklenburg Co., VA 1826/1830 (will); say 1830 as was on 1830 Census Mecklenburg.
Will: Yes, see will of Ambrose Gregory
Children named in will:
1) Milly Gregory b. c. 1779, m. 1795 Halifax Co., VA to Stephen Pettypool .

Marriage Bonds of Halifax Co., VA 1753-1800; Knorr: 24 Dec. 1795 Stephen PETIPOOL and Milly Gregory. Married by Reuben Pickett

No source of proof: Some articles refer to Milly as "Mildred Washington Gregory." (Inform Jo Lee Spears if you know the source.)

2) Atha Gregory (was not 16 yrs of age by 1801 list of Ambrose Gregory on Pers. Prop Tax of Mecklenburg)

1770 Ambrose Gregory's 1st found record was 16 Aug 1770 when he witnessed a deed of 200a from Richard Griffin to Richard Gregory.[Halifax Co., VA DB 3:152]
1779 Ambrose purchased the 200 acres from Richard Gregory.  Both Ambrose Gregory and Richard Gregory bought additional land in Halifax Co., VA along Tewahominy (Aarons) Creek, the dividing line between Halifax and Mecklenburg.
1789-1791 Will of Milderidge (___?___) Gregory-Vaughan names Ambrose Gregory and Joseph Gregory and granddau Lucy Hayes among her 6 (further unnamed) children.  Ambrose Gregory is further identified as the heir of Milderidge Vaughan by the transfer of the 100 acres that fell to her from the Vaughan estate to Ambrose Gregory of this record. [Mecklenburg Land Tax Books 1782-1811A]

Beginning 1799, Ambrose Gregory appeared on Mecklenburg Co., VA Personal Prop. Tax List in district of Joseph Banister Clausel.
No sons listed; Blacks: Jacob, Lucy & Sarah ov 16


By 1807, Ambrose Gregory was taxed in his name the 100 acres willed to him by his mother.[Mecklenburg Land Tax Books 1782-1811A]  Considerable exchanging of land was recorded between Ambrose Gregory and his son-in-law Stephen Pettipool (P'Pool)


1823 Land Tax Mecklenburg Co., VA:
Ambrouse Gregory, premises, Infee, 333 3/4 acres, Buffaloe, adj Henry Green, 18 mi SW of courthouse
Atha Gregory, premises, Infee, 321 acres, Buffaloe adj. Ambrouse Gregory, 18 mi SW courthouse


Ambrose Gregory is listed on the 1830 Census of Mecklenburg Co., VA:
1 male 90-100
1 female 90-100


Ambrose Gregory died in 1830, having made his will 1826, probated 1830.  (Ambrose appeared on 1830 Census of Mecklenburg.)  Having already given half of his estate to his dau [Milly] and her husband Stephen P.Pool, Ambrose Gregory devised the remainder to his wife Sarah and son Atha and after Sarah's death, to son Atha.

Of interest are the executors appointed in the will of Ambrose Gregory: I hereby constitute my son Atha Gregory and my friend and relation John Gregory son of Richard Gregory and John Gregory son of Joseph Gregory Executors of this my last will and testament and in the _____ of my son Atha qualifying as an Executor it is my wish that he should not be bound to give security for the discharge of his duties as executor in aforesaid and hereby revoking my former will and testament published and Executed by me.

"John Gregory son of Richard Gregory" - One might think this John Gregory was son of the Richard Gregory who was married to a sister of the wife of Ambrose, which Richard moved to Washington Co., KY, BUT Mecklenburg Co., VA records and the estate records of Richard Gregory in Washington Co., KY indicate John, son of that Richard, died in Mecklenburg Co., VA by 1812 [Acct Sales by Stephen P.Pool, admr. Mecklenburg Co., VA WB 8:368:373]  This was 14 years before Ambrose Gregory made his will in 1826. (I double checked the "1812" when I transcribed the acct sales.  The Mecklenburg will index shows this John Gregory's estate records were recorded in 1817.  The names of the children of John Gregory son of Richard of Washington Co., KY can be seen in estate records of this Richard. /jgs

John Gregory son of Richard Gregory, Senr of Miles Creek, Mecklenburg Co., VA.  These notes come from a 20-page undated research paper by Katharine Elliott titled "Some Descendants of Richard Gregory and wife Ann, who Died in Mecklenburg County Virginia" stating Richard Gregory (b. ca 1731) and wife Ann were both living in 1810 when they signed a deed conveying land to four of their sons: Roger, West, Jno & Thomas Gregory [DB 14:278]. Elliott states John Gregory and wife Susanna conveyed to Daniel Middagh their 1/4 part of the land conveyed by Richard Gregory, Senr to sd John Gregory and others; deed dated 22 Mar 1819; rec 24 May 1835. [DB 21:288] Elliott continues: "The John Gregorys moved to Wilson County, Tennessee near Lebanon in 1819.  John Gregory taught school there for a short while.  In 1820, on his way home from school, he was thrown from his horse and killed.  His wife died soon afterward.  Their children were Lucy Gregory, Mary J. Gregory, Harriet Cole Gregory, and John Labin Gregory.  They were reared by relatives." [Source cited: A letter written by Mary J. Gregory Holt in 1867.] By this, John Gregory son of Richard Gregory Senr died 6 years before Ambrose Gregory wrote his will in 1826.

Then, Who was the "John Gregory son of Richard" named as an executor in the 1826 will of Ambrose Gregory?/jgs

"John Gregory son of Joseph Gregory" - Joseph Gregory Senior of S. Fork Meherrin in Mecklenburg remarried and moved to Charlotte Co., then in 1826, widowed again, had moved in with his son John Gregory which John by then was living in SW Lunenburg Co., VA.[my line/jgs]   This, 1826, was the year Ambrose Gregory made his will in Mecklenburg Co., VA.   That puts John Gregory son of Joseph living about 35 miles from Ambrose Gregory.

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