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PERSON COUNTY, NC - MISC - Miscellaneous Gregory Notes
Research by Jo Lee Gregory Spears

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Person Co., NC - MISCELLANEOUS GREGORY NOTES - From Research in 1982

Contributor's Note: No relationship was determined between Gregorys of
Person Co. and any of those of Mecklenburg.
These notes (in no order) include some in Caswell County, the portion
that became Person County.

    Note:   Person Co., NC on the VA line bordering Halifax Co., VA
    Formed 1791 from Caswell Co.
    Caswell Co. formed 1777 from Orange Co.
    Orange Co. formed 1752 from Bladen, Granville, Johnston


Court Min. June 1797-Sep 1802         C.R. 078 301.2

Sep. Court 1799 "Ordered that Abram GRIGORY &C sell the perishable
Property of James GREGORY dec'd."
Sep. Court 1799 George GREGORY vs _____(Joseph?) GREGORY.  Jury sworn
and charged.
Record Book 2, pp 178 Inv. of estate of Jas. GREGORY 15 Mar. 1799. 
Rec. Sep. Court 1799.  1 bed & furn., 1 chest, 1 pale.
Record Bk 2, pp 298  Sales of estate of Jas GREGORY
    1 feather bed 5.10.0
    1 chest       1.12.6
    1 pail      0.5.7
    1 sheet     1.7.0

Estate Records 1795-1920                C.R. 078.508.17
    Amt. of the sales of property belonging to the estate of Charles
GREGORY dec'd made April 15, 1843--91.57.
    Amt. of 2nd sale of prop. of sd Charles GREGORY Sep. 9, 1843 
16.00 3/4 totaling 107.57 3/4.
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions June 1843.
    Another paper shows Mary Gregory widow & that Charles Gregory
died "_____ 1843," possessed of tract adjoining land of Jesse MUNDY &
others, being the same on which he lived & died.
    June Term 1843 Ordered that Jesse Munday be appointed gdn of
Mary Jane RENN, minor child of Sidney RENN dec'd.  (Don't know if
Sidney RENN had recently died or Charles Gregory was gdn before his
    Sep. Term 1843 - Jesse MUNDAY adm. estate.

Susan Jane Gregory dec'd 1896
Will Book 19:518  Will of Susan Jane GREGORY of Person

    Sons:   G. M. GREGORY

    To them a tract of land in Bushy Fork Township adj. lands of
David LONG & widow Rebecca WHITEFIELD dower & Albert BLALOCK & others,
100 a. being the tract which I am now living on. Also to above sons
all personal property & appt son George M. GREGORY exec.  14 Dec.
    Wit: David LONG & Thos. H. BRIGGS.  Sig: Susan J. (X) Gregory
    Recorded 26 Oct. 1901.

Will Book 21:468  Will of Mrs. W. T. GREGORY of Person

    To husband W. T. GREGORY, all my property real & personal for
natural life & at his death direct exec. to sell above at pub. sale .
. . to pay over to my son J. E. GREGORY sum of 1000.00 the bal. to
share with all my chil. & their heirs.
    Exec: Son M. T. GREGORY     Dated 20 Oct. 1937
    Sig: Mrs. W. T. (X) Gregory.   Proved 30 Nov. 1938.

Will Book 23:44  Will of Henry Thomas SANFORD dec'd produced in court
3 June 1954.  Henry Thomas SANFORD of Virgilina, Va. PO Rt 1 willed to
dau. Nora GREGORY, among others.  Dated 21 Mar. 1951.

Will Book 23:337  Will of J. E. GREGORY died 8 Sep. 1958 age 70

    J. E. GREGORY "of Johnston Co., NC" named wife Lorena T.
GREGORY, store bldg. town of Clinton & town of Smithfield . . .
remainder to sons J. E. GREGORY Jr. & Ryland H. GREGORY.  Dated 29
Dec. 1955
    Probated 9 Aug 1960.


A:87 James GREGORY of Caswell to John JOHNSTON 7 Sep. 1778; 177 a. SS
Gents Cr.; adj. Ezekiel HERALDSON [Harrelson]; "part of larger tr.
granted to sd Gregory."  [I did not find the grant/jgs]
A:542 James GREGORY of Caswell to Claud MUIRHEAD 1 Feb. 1779; 143 a.
"whereon I now live" on Gents Cr. on waters of Hico; adj. Michell

PERSON CO., NC (Caswell Co. before 1791/2)
James GREGORY appears in Taxables 1781-1791, 244 acres St. Lawrence
Dist.  I did not find him a taxable on lists 1793,1794,1797,1798;
neither found conveyance of the 244 a.
Person Co. Court Min. Sep. Court 1799 - ordered that Abram GRIGORY
admr & C sell the personal property of James GRIGORY DEC'D.

WILLIAM GREGORY - possibly an impt figure in linking James Gregory to
earlier Goochland Co., Va.
1-No land or taxable record in Person Co.
2-Person Co. DB B:1 24 Jan. 1793 William GRIGORY of Co. of York SC to  
"my brother" Joseph GRIGORY of Person Co., a certain negro man named
James which was willed to me by my Grandfather George THOMPSON of
Goochland Co. in Commonwealth of VA. . . . in my name ack. & recover
said negro slave James of & from a certain Robert DONALSON of Co. of
Person.  Sig: William GREGORY.  Wit: Abram GREGORY and others.
3-The Douglas Register-Goochland Co. p. 23 "GREGORY, James, m. Sarah
THOMSON, both in this parish 1756, Nov." p. 53 "Baptisms: James
GREGORY & Sarah THOMPSON a son named William born Aug. 11, 1758. Bapt.
Dec. 3, 1758."

4-I briefly searched Goochland Co., Va. records.  The will of George
    THOMPSON mentions dau. Sarah GREGORY and the slave, James,
willed to grandson William GREGORY.  No other Gregory grandchildren
mentioned.  George THOMPSON was of St. James Northam Parish.  I found
no deed record of James GREGORY.  The only Gregory deed records I
found were same parish of a Samuel GREGORY "of Charles City Co., Va."

5-See additional pension records of William GREGORY of Lincoln Co.,
NC.  Chil. & yr of births given are: Sally 1779; Thomson 1780; Johnson
1782; Mary 1783; Marget 1783; Fanny GREGORY 1786; Hoza 1788; Joseph
1790; Elizabeth 1792; Ann 1791; Elizabeth 1793; Margaret 1794; Nancy
1795; Susan 1800; Mata 1803.
    With the pension records is filed the family register of William
GREGORY.  First page reads "Book of Memoranda For William GREGORY
1789; Virginia Halifax County &C"  The heading is pen-decorated with
dots, leaves, etc.

6-1830 Cen. of Lincoln Co., NC lists a Joseph GREGORY (prob. s/o
William); not on 1840.  1850 Cen. Owen Co., Ind. p. 97 Joseph GREGORY
60, b. SC (compare age & birthplace with above info.); Elizabeth 56 b.
SC; Margaret 21 b. NC; Nancy 18 b. NC; John 20 b. NC.  Joseph Gregory
was also on the 1840 Cen. Owen Co.

    William GREGORY 58 1/2 a. 1 WP,0 BP, Capt. Jno McClures Co. 1805
    Hosea GREGORY 58 a. 1 WP, Capt. Samuel Cox's Dist. 1817
    Joseph GREGORY no land, 1 WP  Capt. Samuel Cox's Co. 1819
    Joseph GREGORY no land, 1 WP  Capt. Samuel Cox's Co. 1821
    James GREGORY no land, 1 WP  Capt. McCalisters Co.
    James J. GREGORY 50 A., 1 wp  1840
    (went to 1840)

Joseph GREGORY - No record in deed books, other than the item
mentioned   under brother William GREGORY.
    1793 Joseph GREGORY 1st appears as a taxable in St. Lawrence
    This is a non-alphabetical list.  Nearby names suggest the
vicinity of James GREGORY & other Gregory records in Person.  Names
incl. George FULLER for Henry FULLER estate (possibly this should be
"Fulcher"); Ezekeel HARALSON & others.
1793, 1794 & 1795 Taxables show Joseph GREGORY 1 white poll and no
    acreage.  He disappears from Person record after 1795.

Abraham GREGORY-assuming there was one & that Abram & Abraham were the
same.  There were never two on tax lists for any single year.  He 1st
appeared Caswell taxable 1785 1 WP, 0 BP, 100 a.; 1786 1 WP, 2 BP, 250
a.; 1787 1 WP, 0 BP 0 a.; 1788 1 WP, 0 BP 0 a.; all St. Lawrence Dist. 
To this point, James GREGORY & Abraham/Abram were the only Gregorys
shown taxables in Caswell & were same dist.  I found no deed record to
reflect the above acreage for Abraham.  1789, 1790 & 1791
Abraham/Abram was taxed Nash Dist.  Person Co. tax lists are a broken
series, however 1797 Abram GREGORY appears again St Lawrence Dist. 1
WP, 0 BP, 0 a.
    Person Co. DB D:138  19 Apr. 1809 Abraham GREGORY pur. 33 a.
from James LONG adj. Frankey WATKINS, William BAIRD, sd Longs
plantation, on Adams Creek.
    Pension Records:
    In the NC State Library Search Room, Person Co. Misc. Records,
Box C.R.078.928.3 is pension application dated 12 Sep. 1820, with his
own signature "Abram GREGORY."  Among his assets is listed 33 acres of
land under deed of trust.  Page 3 ". . . my family consists of myself
& wife Mary who is about 58 years of age, a daughter Oney 23 year of
age, a son Osborn 19 years, Elizabeth 17.  Abram gives his own age as
60 yrs. Certificate of Pension shows Chasey GREGORY, widow of Abram
GREGORY rec'd at the rate of 96 dollars per annum from 4 Mar. 1861,
ending 17 Nov. 1863 & payable to John BUCHANNAN admr for __________? 
Another certificate identifies her as widow of Abram GREGORY, private
of the Rev. War, of Person Co., NC.  It is possible that Abraham
GREGORY remarried and that Mary and Chasey were not the same.  The
children named in the above pension application were likely the chil.
in the home at the time of application.  I found no record identifying
other chi.
    Censuses of Person Co., NC - Abraham GREGORY
    1800  30010-31110
    1810  21101-21201
    1820  000101-00201
    1830  0000000010000-0000100010000
    1840  0000000001000-0000000010000
    Marriage Record, Person Co. - Abraham GREGORY to Incy MILAM, 30
Dec. 1833, sur: G. D. SATTERFIELD. The bond is a printed form.  All
blanks filled in, including the sig. of "A. GREGORY" and the bondsman
are all one handwriting.  It is possible the form was filled in,
copying from a handwritten bond, & the bride's name was actually
    DB P:357  1 Mar. 1831 Abram GREGORY of Person to Thomas WEBB of
Person 33 a. on Adams Cr. adj. James LONG, Tarlton? MORTON . . .
thence a new line east through sd LONG'S plantation.  Sig: Abram

    1790 1st appearance St. Lawrence Dist. 1 WP, 0 BP, 0 acres.
    1791 St. Lawrence Dist. 1 WP, 0 BP, 40 a.
    Person Co. DB A:186  Arthur BROOKS to George GREGORY 156 a. on
waters of Mayo, BAIRD corner, Mr. DONALSON'S old line, HOLLOWAY,
    DB C:92  1 Mar. 1798 George GREGORY of Person sold the 156 a. to
Martin JONES.
    DB C:95  5 Mar. 1798 Henry FULCHER to Geo. GREGORY of Person 100
a. adj. Hedgeman WARREN, James PATTERSON, William STANFIELD, bank of
Hico [Hyco R.].  Note: One Henry FULCHER married Mary GREGORY 21 Dec.
    DB D:217  15 Aug. 1810 George GREGORY of Person to Wm. WILLIAMS
admr. of Robert NEWMAN dec'd 28 a. for proper use of heirs of sd
deceased N. side Hico, adj. Alexr CUNNINGHAM, formerly Thos. J.
CHAMBERS.  Sig: George Gregory.
    DB D:288  16 Nov. 1810  Commissioners of Person to Geo GREGORY
of Person 136 a. N. side Hico near BARNETS FORD adj. lands of George
GREGORY, William WARREN, James FRANKLIN, heirs of Bird WALL dec'd
[Note: I have seen this name in Halifax Co., Va.] & Alexr CUNNINGHAM.
    DB D:140  Geo GREGORY of Person sold the above 136 a. to Joel
    DB E:40  19 Dec. 1817 Geo GREGORY of Person sold to James
FRANKLIN 72 a. on Hyco adj. Alexr CUNNINGHAM, NEWMAN.  Sig: George
    Person Co., NC Censuses - George GREGORY
    1800  10110-20010
    1810  10110-01101
    1820  000001-00001
    Possibly the same George GREGORY of Halifax Co., VA.
    1830 Census - 1 male 60-70; 1 female 70-80.
    Marriage Record of Person Co.: George GREGORY & Elizabeth WILSON
11 Nov. 1798.  George GREGORY signed.
    I found no record identifying children of George GREGORY.

    Note 1987: In the year prior to 1st record found in Person, the
names Joseph GREGORY & Charles GREGORY appear together on a
Legislative Petition for Halifax Co., Va.  Grace Turner copied the
following names that appeared together 1796, Nov. 12:
    Robt WMSON
    Edward ELAM
    Benj. HUNT
    Joseph GREGORY
    Charles GREGORY
    John WMSN

    1797 was the earliest I spotted the name Charles GREGORY in
Person County.  March Court 1797 List of sales of estate of Henry
HOWARD dec'd.  Among purchasers were: Charles GREGORY, Jas GREGORY,
George GREGORY & Abram GREGORY.  (1987-somewhere in my records I have
Henry HOWARD formerly of Mecklenburg Co., Va.)
    1811 Charles GREGORY pur. 65 a. on headwaters of Mayho Cr. &
sold this to Samuel MICHEL [Mitchell?] in 1816.
    DB D:474  13 Mar. 1816 Charles GREGORY pur. 500 a. on Adams Cr.
(also known as Marlow's Cr).
    There were various deeds of Charles GREGORY.  One deed refers to
a portion that ran to "the east side of the mountain."  (Known as
"Hagers Mountain")  Listed here are deeds that identify some of his
    DB M:73  21 Mar. 1836  Charles GREGORY of Person to "son" John
GREGORY of Person, 75 a. on Mossy CR. & Rosemary Cr., adj. Alexander
MONDAY & William CLAYTON.  Sig: Charles GREGORY.
    Note: JOHN GREGORY m. Parthenia JACOBS 25 Dec. 1828.  They are
on 1850 Cen. of Macon Co., NC.
    DB M:81  Charles GREGORY to "dau" Dicy WRENN 50 a. on waters of
RoseMary Cr. adj. Seth MOORE'S old line, John W. WILLIAMS, Burgess
FULCHER; dated 21 Mar. 1836.  Note: Dicy GREGORY m. Sidney WRENN 25
Oct. 1828 Person Co.
    DB M:84  21 Mar. 1836  Charles GREGORY to "son-in-law" Burgess
FULCHER of Person, 76 1/4 a. on Rosemary Cr. adj. Alexander MONDAY.
    Note: Betsey GREGORY m. Burgess FULCHER 21 Dec. 1817, Person Co.
    DB s:202  22 Sep. 1856; rec. 25 Oct. 1856  George GREGORY OF
SMITH CO., TENN. to Lorenzo FULCHER "my nephew" for fraternal love &
affection 82 a. on water of Rosemary CR. adj. land of Jesse MUNDY &
Burgess FULCHER, "my interest in dower lands of Mary GREGORY, widow of
Charles GREGORY deceased.  Sig: George (X) GREGORY.
    Note: Obediah GREGORY (kinship to other Gregorys not known)
married in Person Co. & settled in Smith Co., Tenn.
    NC State Lib. Search Room C.R.078.508.17, Estate Records show
Charles GREGORY died in 1843 and sale of property of estate 15 Apr.
1843.  Papers also show Mary GREGORY widow & that Charles GREGORY died
possessed of tract adj. lands of Jesse MUNDAY & others, being the same
on which he lived & died.  Jesse MUNDAY admr. of estate.  Rec. Sep.
Term 1843.
    Censuses of Charles GREGORY - Person Co., NC
    1800  20010-10010
    1810  32010-30010
    1820  220001-14010
    1830  0011000010000-0013001000000
    1840  1000100001000-0000100100000

    The following conveyances of land adj. land of Charles GREGORY,
I question whether the Gregorys were sons or nephews of Charles
    DB K:545 William JEFFREYS to Hiram GREGORY of Person 70 a. on
Rosemary Cr. adj. BROOKS  corner & Benj. FOWLER?  11 Aug. 1831.
    DB L: ?  Matthew MITCHELL to Hiram GREGORY of Person 9/10 a.
adj. Charles GREGORY, Hiram GREGORY'S mill pond.  1830, rec. June Term

See original of this Deed of Gift
    DB L:336  James GREGORY of Person for love & affection to my 4
beloved children viz Martha Rebecca GREGORY, William Anderson GREGORY,
Mary Ann Elizabeth GREGORY & James N____? GREGORY, all my estate both
real & personal, 150 a. whereon I now live, adj. the lands of CHS.  [lands of Charles GREGORY, Matthew Mitchell & others, in original]
Ack. in open court 18 Mar. 1835.
    Note:Halifax Co., Va. marriage: James GREGORY to Coley DOUGLASS
25 Nov. 1823.
     Also, after the deed of 18 Mar. 1835, a son Joseph was added to
the family.
    Note:The Hiram GREGORY of Halifax Co., Va. deed & marriage
record may have been the same as the one of Person record: Halifax:
Hiram GREGORY m. Nancy LUSTER 30 Jul. 1822.

    Hosea GREGORY no land, 1 WP
    Note:He appears on Person Co. 1820 Cen. only:
    Pers. Co.-Hosea GREGORY m. Polly HARRIS 24 Dec. 1815.
    Sanford GREGORY-no land, 1 WP - No further record. (Too early, I
think, to have been the one in Smith Co., Tenn.)
    Charles GREGORY-400 a., no WP
    James GREGORY-no land 1 WP

Obadiah GREGORY - m. Person Co. to Elizabeth DILLAHEY 29 Oct 1817;
Sur:    William GREGORY.
    I found only one other mention of the name Obadiah GREGORY in
    NC State Lib. Search Room Box 078.325.10
    11 Mar. 1824 Bill of Complaint of Thomas WEBB ag William BAIRD-
re land on Adams Cr offered by BAIRD at public auction at Brooks Mill
14 June 1818 - 300 a. on Adams Cr. joining James HIGGINS & others . .
. Among acct of payments made by Thomas WEBB to Wm. BAIRD:
    1819 Oct. 9 to order in favor of Obidiah GREGORY $36.

WILLIAM GREGORY who settled Franklin Co., Va.:
    GREGORY, WM., Pri, US Inf. 5'3", blue eyes, lt skin & hair, age
23, laborer, b. Person Co., NC, enlisted Aprl 16/14 at Roxborough,
term-war, discharged at Fort Hampton Aug 1/15, term expired.
    Note:This WILLIAM GREGORY m. in Halifax Co., Va. 30 Jul. 1821 to
Maria BRADNER.  This family settled Franklin Co., Va.  Information
supplied by a descendant (1982) Doris J. Brown, Silver Creek, NY 
    The father of William Gregory had not been determined.
    Children of William H. Gregory listed: William H. GREGORY Jr.;
George W. GREGORY b. 1833 m. Catherine A. PEARSON; James Amos GREGORY
b. 1836; Mary A. GREGORY b. 1839; Elizabeth GREGORY b. 1845 m. Branch
PALMER (note: I have seen this name in Charlotte Co./jgs); America B.
GREGORY b. 1848 m. William F. AMOS.

Marriage records of Person Co., NC are available in published form. 
All are not given in this summary.          Jo Lee Spears


    DB AA:594  21 Feb. 1885 Mtg Susan Jane GREGORY of Person to
Thomas H. BRIGGS of Person 165.00; lying on Double Creek ind Bushy Frk 
Twp ad. lands of Alex. WHITFIELD, Thos. WHITFIELD & others.  135 a. 
Satisfied bond of 165. date of 1 Mar. 1886?  Sig: SUSAN JANE GREGORY.
    Test: W. H. LONG JR.
    Notation: This mortgage has been satisfied in full this Feb. 15,
    DB CC:232  Mary GREGORY from Jesse MUNDAY & wife Elizabeth,
$10., 2 acres Rosemary Cr., James M. BARNETT, Green W. CLAYTON, Jesse
MUNDAY.  Wit: John A. BARNETT, John H. KERR (or KERN).  18 Feb. 1873.
    (Wonder if name Barnett could be a clue to remarriage of widow
of Lorenzo FULCHER.)
    It might be helpful to find Jesse MUNDAY & neighbors on 1870
    Adm. Bonds show James A. LONG was admr. of Jesse MONDAY Mar.
    Milton GREGORY (prob. desc. of George GREGORY of Smith Co.,
Tenn.) writes          Person Co. 1850 Cen. p. 435, dwell. 285
        Jesse MUNDAY age 51 (b. 1798-9) VA.
    Sidelight: An earlier Jesse MUNDAY was son-in-law named in will
of William NAISH (NASH) 1796 Mecklenburg Co., VA.  Another dau. of
William NASH was m. to William GREGORY who d. Meck. Co. s/o Ziner
    Meck. Co., Va. marriage:
    MONDAY, Jesse to Judith NAISH 13 Nov. 1792; sur: Moore COMER
(Note by Elliott: "Moore COMER of Halifax Co., Va.")
    Halifax Co., Va. marriages:
    MUNDAY, Jesse & Rebeckah BRUCE 21 May 1798; sur: John B. BRUCE.
    COMER, Moore & Dorothy RAGLAND; 1 Apr. 1799; sur: Jesse MUNDAY

    Frequently used middle names among males of Milton Gregory's
line were "Anderson" & "Wade"
    DB MM:116  13 May 1892  W. D. GREGORY & Anna GREGORY his wife to
J. S. MERRITT & Victor S. BRIENT under the firm now of Merrit & Bryant
(mtg) tract of land, Holloway's twp bounded on the N by the VA line
which separates it from the lands of the late DR. J. L. SANFORD on the
E, Mrs. Rebecca SANFORD on the S, John HASKINS & George POOL on the W
. . .C. A. TUCK & Jno OVERBY tract usually known as Tuck Tract now
occupied by W. D. GREGORY 304 1/4 a.  May 13, 1892.  Sig: W. D.
GREGORY & Anna GREGORY (1900 Cen. of Person shows this William GREGORY
was born VA 1857 & Anna born NC.)
    DB SS:62,67,68,71  22 Apr. 1899  J. C. PASS of Roxboro, NC  to
H. C. GREGORY of Brunswick Co., VA (This was 5 tracts with option to
    DB OO:259  Roxboro Apr. 22 1895  H. C. GREGORY "of above town"
grant unto L. H. STREET the following personal property viz horse
buggy cart Dray Household & kitchen furn. to secure him the said T. H.
STREET against any loss on acct of his liability as surety for me on
note of 500.00 in favour of Farmers Bank bearing even date with this
instr.  Sig: H. C. GREGORY & wife E. L. GREGORY.
    NOTE: This is my line and no known relationship to Person Co.,
Gregorys.  H. C. was HENRY CASSIUS ("CASS") GREGORY, brother of my
grandfather.  They were natives of Lunenburg Co., Va.  Cass was a
surveyor and lived in Brunswick Co. for awhile.  He married in Lun.
Co. to Ella Bayne.  His birth name was CHARLES HENRY CASSIUS GREGORY,
but the "Charles" was never used./jgs

    DB UU:467  14 Dec. 1896  Susan J. GREGORY to David LONG 40 1/10
a. Bushy Frk Twp.  Lines: Alexander WHITFIELD, David LONG, Mrs.
Rebecca WHITFIELD'S corner.  Sig: Susan (X) GREGORY.  Wit: J. H.
HORVANT, who records 8 Apr. 1901.
    DB 2:213  6 Mar. 1903  Mary D. GREGORY & W. H. GREGORY of
Granville Co., NC to C. A. WHITFIELD of Person $500., Allensville TWP.
176 a. "For accurate description see partition of lands of estate of
late Isaac H. DAVIS the 176 a. being allotted to Mary D. GREGORY."
    DB 9:85 (DT)  28 Nov. 1903  C. T. (OR F.) GREGORY & wife Selena
to W. D. MARRETT . . .by David LONG, on E by John WHITFIELD, S by
Marvin GREGORY. W by Becky WHITFIELD, 50 1/2 a. - Bushy Frk Twp "which
I inherited from my father William GREGORY."  Satisfied in full 23
Nov. 1906.

    WB 23:44  Will of Henry Thomas SANFORD 21 Mar 1951 names among
others, child Nora GREGORY.
    WB 23:337  Will of J. E. GREGORY of Johnston Co., NC  died 8
Sep. 1958, age 70 . . . wife Lorena T. GREGORY, store bldg town of
Clinton & Town of Smithfield . . . remainder to sons: J. E. GREGORY
JR. & Ryland H. GREGORY  29 Dec. 1955; prob. 9 Aug. 1960.

    PERSON CO., NC MINUTES - Court of Wardens of the Poor 1831-1868
                C.R.078.927.2  (no page numbers)
    First page two columns "Ages of paupers" & "Deaths"
    James GREGORY born (no date)     died 29 Aprl. 1837
    -Easter Mon. 31 Mar 1834  Ord. to pay Charles GREGORY $2.
    Ord. that Charles GREGORY be allowed sum of one dollars & fifty
cents for hawling wood.
    -28 Apr. 1837  Ord that James GREGORY be admitted to remain at
the poor house to be supported.
    -Ord. by the Board of Wardens that William GREGORY be appointed
overseer of the poor house from and after the 1st day of Jan. next
until the 1st day of Jan. 1850, this 19 Sep. 1848.
    -Ord. that Coley GREGORY be allowed $10. in hand of Jno W.
WILLIAMS Apr. 9, 1849.
    - 28 Apr 1849  Ord that William GREGORY be app. overseer fr 1
Jul. 1850 to 1 day Jan 1851 that he be allowed $100.
    - Jesse MONDAY pays in 5 dollars in the bastardy case of MARIAH

    DB 3:354  29 Jan. 1772  Paul HARRALSON of Orange Co. to Moses
WALKER of same, 220 a. on Castle Creek a branch of Hico, which sd land
HARRALSON pur. of Robert JONES. Sig: Paul HARRALSON.
    Wit: Burgess HARRALSON, Wm (X) SUETTURD???, Nancy HARLSON
    DB 3:472  22 July 1772  William HARALSON of co. of [blank] &
Province of Virginia to Abraham CHILDERS of Orange, 58 pds money of
Va., both sides Hico, south side of sd creek, 250 a. (it being a tract
or parcel of land which sd WILLIAM HARALSON'S father to wit John
HARALSON pur. of Robert JONES Junr.  Sig: William HARALSON.
    Wit: David WOMACK, J____? ROBERTS, Jno? BARNETT Junr.
    DB 3:673  16 Nov. 1770  Burgis HARRELSON of Orange to Elkanah
HARRELSON of same on waters of Hico, corner of William BARNET, 300 a.
being part of 528 a. granted to Edward CHAMBERS by deed from Earl of
Granville 6 day March 1762, then conveyed to Burgess HARRELSON 2 Aug.
1764.  Wit: Chas. BOSTIC, Robt MCFARLAND.  Prov. July 1771

    From Abstracts of Min. of Court of P & Q Sessions of Orange
    p. 68 27 Nov. 1793  Ordered Bry GREGORY be allowed sum of 24
pounds 19 shillings for building a bridge on New Hope Creek-order made
Nov. Term 1792
    From Abstracts of Minutes of Court of P & Q Sessions 1756-1766
    p. 460  [date?] James GREGORY app. Constable in room of James

  (Someone said look everywhere)
    7 June 1814  Jemima LONG with child.  Hoza GREGORY named as
father.  Def. ack. charge 9 Aug. 1814
    Person Co. Marriages: 15 Apr. 1825  MASKELL, John & Gemima LONG;
Sur: Jesse LONG.

  1820 CEN. PERSON CO., NC (non-aphabetical) - names around Gregorys:
    p. 478  SEYMORE, John SR.; HARRIS, John Sr.; TRUE, John;
CLAYTON, Daniel OR David Senr; SOUTHARD, Robert Jr.; GREGORY, Abraham;
MILES, Littleberry; PARKER, Mrs Mary; BROOKS, Matthew; MOULTAN,
Talton; WOODY, John; WADE, Hampton; WADE, George.

JOHNSTON, Carnal; OLLIVER (3); CUNNINGHAM, Alexander [line of Geo.

GREGORY, George; FULCHER, Burgess (sn-in-law of Charles Gregory);
LONG, Moore [skip] WRENN, Joseph [skip] FULCHER, Henry

Nancy; COUCH, Patsey; CLAYTON, William; GREGORY, Charles; WALTERS,