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(Died 1824)                 

Files of Jo Lee Gregory Spears

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This file was updated January 13, 2011



June 8, 2007: FTDNA has returned 37 marker test results of a Gregory descendant of James Gregory of Lunenburg.  The results are an exact match with Andrew Gregory of Mecklenburg.  The Andrew Gregory line now has a participant in the FTDNA GREGORY PROJECT as Kit #88303.   James and Andrew are a 1 marker difference from Joseph Gregory of Mecklenburg, that is, a 36 marker match out of 37.

Update on 8 Dec 2008 as I seem to have made an error in reading the 37 marker DNA results. On 37 marker DNA test of descendant of Wright Gregory son of Joseph Gregory, Senr. shows Joseph Gregory, Senr one (1) marker off from James Gregory of Lunenburg and (2) markers off Andrew Gregory of Mecklenburg. (James Gregory of Lunenburg and Andrew Gregory of Mecklenburg are one (1) marker apart from each other.

It is not possible for me to include all of the records on this James Gregory.  Hopefully the pertinent ones are included.


Died 1824 Lunenburg Co., VA
James Gregory born:     Where: unknown
Parents: unknown
Married: Martha ("Patsy") Smith; see Smiths
Lived: Juniper Creek area of Lunenburg Co., VA
Died: Lunenburg Co., VA: inv. 9 Feb 1824; see land records 1825
No will
Children's names gathered from various records, mostly land records:
1-Ziner Gregory's 1826 will named 4 of her sisters: Elizabeth, Polly, Sally & Martha Gregory
2-Elizabeth Gregory
3-Mary ("Polly") Gregory's 1847/1850 will names her sis Sally Richardson and others
4-Sarah Gregory m. Robert Richardson
5-Martha Gregory m. Joseph Keeton
6-Susanna Gregory m. Thomas Pettus
7-Thomas Gregory (b.1777) moved to Bedford Co., TN

1764 James Gregory and Andrew Gregory appeared as tithables with John Smith, 400 acres, in St. James Parish, the part of Lunenburg that became Mecklenburg Co. in 1765.
Date unknown Unknown date James Gregory married Martha ("Patsy") Smith, dau of Thomas and Elizabeth (Clemmons) Smith of Juniper Creek, Lunenburg Co.  Smith had patented land on Juniper Cr in 1760. See Thomas & Elizabeth Smith family.
1773 James Gregory purchased from John Stembridge 100 acres, 30pd, in Lunenburg Co., VA, N. side Juniper Cr. adj. David Hall?, William Bush, Bryan Lester & Blagrave.  James bought additional adj. land in 1795; land tax shows land was 10 mi NW of the courthouse. [DB 12:271]  Apparently part of 240 acres John Stembridge pur 1765 from Hampton Wade of Halifax Co., VA on branches of Juniper Cr. adj. Smith, Curreys br, Hutchins, Sammons. [Lun DB 10:232]
1777 Son Thomas Gregory born 2 Dec 1777  (see bible)
1795 In 1795 James Gregory pur. 55 acres from Samuel Jordan & William Bush, adj. his own land, Chr. Robertson, Caron Bane and William Bush. [Lunenburg DB 17:174]
1804 Thomas Gregory (son of James) married Patsey Parsons in Lunenburg Co., VA
1818 Lunenburg Co., VA DB 24:361 Billington Dunn 8 Jan 1818 loaned to James Gregory for life 144 acres Dunn bought in 1817 from Jason Brightwell; Wit: William Keeton, Wm L. Overton, Jesse Clarke?
1819 Thomas Gregory (son of James) followed his Parson inlaws to Bedford Co., TN where Thomas bought land in Dec. 1819. [Bedford Co., TN DB M:488]  In Apr 1822, Bedford Co., TN, Thomas Gregory pur. the interest of Abil & James W Parsons in the est of their father, Thomas Parsons. [DB P:266]

Proof of relationship:
James Gregory Inventory 9 Feb 1824, Lunenburg Co., VA [WB 8:321]
Lunenburg Co., VA 1825 deed of Thomas Gregory and Martha his wife of Bedford Co., TN devise their 1/7 part interest in tract of land in Lunenburg Co., VA belonging to heirs of James Gregory deceased to Thomas Pettus and wf Susanna  Also, deed of Thomas Pettus & Susanna of Lunenburg to William A. Stone, 2 portions of James Gregory dec'd tract..

1826/1827 1826 Will of Ziner Gregory; prov 9 Jan 1826 [Lunenburg Co., VA WB 8:545]
All of my estate be equally divided between my four sisters: Elizabeth, Polly, Sally and Martha Gregory.
Wit: William Keeton, Billington Dunn, William S. Overton

Will of Elizabeth Gregory, Mecklenburg Co., VA WB 15:422 names:
Sister Sarah Richardson; sister Mary Gregory; bro-in-law Robert Richardson Exec

  Thomas Gregory born 2 Dec 1777
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