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Files of Jo Lee Gregory Spears

This page was updated April 17, 2009

Notice: This is my work site to help others and myself to compile the records of sometimes difficult proof of Gregory lineage. It is not my intention to speculate on a Gregory progenitor or to use published lineages, but to use primary sources. There may be times when a subject justifies discussion aside from the known. Any corrections or suggestions are welcomed. In that this is a work site, and there will be additions, changes, and corrections, I request that this not be copied, as compiled, for any permanent purpose, or to any web site. - Jo Lee Gregory Spears This page was updated 4/17/09


Lunenburg Co., VA DB 24:361; rec 8 Jan 1818
A lent of lands 144 acres I Billington Dunn bought of Jason Brightwell 18 Aug 1817, to James Gregory as long as he lives on above land for the benefit of his present family not to waste nor fell any timber nor rent any part to any person, the same to pay this record & transference & taxes so long as I live on the land or let it return to the afsd Dunns Estate further if James Gregory should marry it shall not disinterest him of his life time use of the land if he will stay on it unto the same.  Sig: Billington Dunn
Wit: William Keeton; Wm L. Overton; Jesse Clarke?

Lunenburg Co., VA Deed Bk 26:387; 13 Jan 1825; recorded ______?
Between Thomas Gregory and Martha his wife of Bedford County, TN and
Thomas Pettus of Lunenburg Co., VA of other part.
Sum of $50
160 acres
One seventh part of tract of land belonging to the heirs of the late James Gregory, lying in Lunenburg Co., VA on Juniper Cr. adjoining lands of Silas Shelburn, John Fowlks, Daniel Townsend and Banister Jordan containing 160 acres.
Sig: Thomas Gregory

Lunenburg Co., VA Deed Bk 27:21
17 Oct 1825; recorded 17 Oct 1825
Acres: 160
Thomas Pettus & Susanah his wife to
William A. Stone - all of Lunenburg
All right title and interest which the said Thomas Pettus & Susanna his wife derived from a certain tract or parcel of land that James Gregory died seized of containing 160 acres of which said tract of land Thomas Pettus and Susanna his wife is entitled to one seventh part and the said Thomas Pettus having purchased one seventh part of Thomas Gregory all his right title and interest in the tract of land aforesaid which will more fully appear by a deed now of record of the Clerks office of Lunenburg Co. Court.
Proved by John Knight & Stephen Pettus Justices of the peace in the co. of Lunenburg


1760 Thomas Smith patented 400a. on Juniper Cr in Lunenburg Co., VA adj: Williams; Evans?; Breedlove; Bush??

1771 Thomas Smith of Lun DB 11:14 Feb 1771 to Thomas Crenshaw of Charlotte Co. 45 a. all land on north side of Juniper Creek owned by Thomas Smith; part of 400 a. granted by patent to Thomas Smith in 1760 [Bentley]

1774 William Clemons, Rawleigh Parish, Amelia Co., VA WB 2:142; 14 Dec 1774; rec ___[WB 2 Amelia Co., VA (1771-1780) Abstracts; McConnaughey]
Wife Amey Clemons; Sister Elizabeth Smith (money); sister Peggy Bradshaw; sister Martha Johnston; son John Clemons
Exor: Friend Thomas Bolling Munford & bro. Thomas Apling
Wit: John Clay, William Thompson, Samuel Young, Martin Wilkinson & Sara Clay.

1780 Will of Thomas Smith Lunenburg Co., VA [WB 3:58] names wife: Elizabeth Smith
          Sons: William Smith, Thomas Smith, Clemmons Smith
          Daus: Sarah Smith, Nancy Smith, Fanny Smith, Patty Gregory
          Executor: Elizabeth Smith (wife)
          Wit: C. Crenshaw, James Sammon, Ben Jones

1818 Will of Elizabeth Smith Lunenburg Co., VA 10-15-1818; 1-13-1825 [WB 8:482]
         Sons: William Smith, Thomas Smith, Clemmons Smith
         Daus: Martha Gregory, Mary Crenshaw, Sarah Sowel, Nancy Roberts, Fanny Dunn
         Grandchildren: Mary Crenshaw's children, doesn't mention names, Nancy Roberts' children; doesn't mention names
         Bro: Thos. Aplin (of North Carolina)
         Relationship not stated: Jesse Crenshaw, Thomas Roberts
Exec: James Gregory, William Cratton
Wit: Thomas Jeffress, James Jeffress, Thomas H. Jeffress
Note: The date will was made by Elizabeth Smith seems relative to the death of her brother Thomas Apling in North Carolina.
1818 Lunenburg Co., VA DB 24:462 Power of Atty recorded by Elizabeth Smith 20 Nov 1818:
Appoint trusty friend William Puryear of co. of Granville, state of NC to make sale of land of Thomas Apling deceased in sd state which land decedented to myself and others by the death of sd Thomas Apling and I the sd Elizabeth Smith in consideration of the special trust that I repose in my friend James Gregory of the co of Lunenburg...appoint sd James Gregory lawful atty to ask for demand and receive money I am entitled as distributee of Thomas Apling dec'd ...  Elizabeth (X) Smith


1826 Will of Ziner Gregory; prov 9 Jan 1826 [Lunenburg Co., VA WB 8:545]
All of my estate be equally divided between my four sisters: Elizabeth, Polly, Sally and Martha Gregory.
Wit: William Keeton, Billington Dunn, William S. Overton
1850 Will of Polly Gregory; prov 10 Jun 1850 [Lunenburg Co., VA WB 13:394]
Sister: Sally Richardson
Mary Williams; her dau Elizabeth Williams; her dau
Daniel Smith
Ant Lucy Smith; her dau Martha Smith
Elizabeth C. Smith
Frances Couch
Exec: William Keeton
Wit: John E. Clark & John W Keeton
Sig: Polly (X) Gregory

1866 Will of Thomas Gregory of Bedford Co., TN


Gregory, Thomas & Patsey [or Martha] Parsons, bnd 11 Oct 1804; Sur: Thomas Parsons; md 5 Nov 1804 by James Shelburne.
Dunn, Billington & Fanny Smith, md 17 Oct 1815 by James Shelburne
Pettus, Thomas & Susanna Gregory, m. 24 Dec 1816 by James Shelburne
Couch, Thomas & Elizabeth Dunn, bnd 14 Aug 1826; Sur Lew Smithson; md 24 Aug by Silas Shelburne, who shows bride's name as Frances Dunn.
         Note: Thomas Couch md in Mecklenburg Co., VA bnd 26 Nov 1801 to Sarah Gregory d/o Andrew Gregory of Meck. and lived next to John Gregory s/o Joseph Gregory in Lunenburg near the Mecklenburg line.
Keeton, Joseph & Martha Gregory, bnd 9 Feb 1829, Sur: William Keeton
Richardson, Robert & Sarah Gregory, bnd 8 Oct 1838; Sur: William Keeton