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before 1900

Files of Jo Lee Gregory Spears

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NC counties map & streams map
before 1900
1777 from Pasquotank
Camden County, NC
Elizabeth Gregory 1823/1823

Camden County, NC Susan Gregory 1817/1824

Chatham County, NC John Grigory 1793/1794 inv

Chowan County, NC Mary Gregorie 1761 abst

Chowan County, NC Benjamin Gregory 1768 abst

Chowan County, NC Luke Gregory 1796/1797??  abst

Chowan County, NC Benjamin Gregory 1799? abst

Chowan County, NC William Gregory 1804  abst

Chowan County, NC James Gregory 1810  abst

Chowan County, NC Jean Gregory 1810  abst

Chowan County, NC Samuel Gregory 1824  abst

Chowan County, NC Mackey Gregory 1832  abst

Chowan County, NC Sarah Gregory 1839  abst

Chowan County, NC Thomas Gregory 1849/1850  abst

Currituck Co., NC Richard Gregory
1758 will

Currituck Co., NC Samuel Gregory
1769 will

Currituck Co., NC Grifen/Griffith Gregory Jr 1789/1790

Currituck Co., NC Griffith Gregory 1797 will

Currituck Co., NC Jesse Gregory
1798 will

Currituck Co., NC Judith Gregory 1802 will

Currituck Co., NC Joseph Gregory
1806 will

Currituck Co., NC Enoch Gregory
1806 will

Currituck Co., NC Cornelius Gregory
1807 will

Currituck Co., NC Rachel Gregory
1812 will

Currituck Co., NC Tully Gregory
1817/1818 will

Currituck Co., NC Frances Gregory
1821/1823 will abst

Currituck Co., NC Luke Gregory
1827 will

Currituck Co., NC Thomas Gregory
1836 will abst

Currituck Co., NC Thomas Gregory 1843/1845 will abst

Harnett Co., NC Thomas Gregory 1882 will

Johnston Co., NC Etheldred Gregory
1799 Est
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Northampton Co., NC Charles Gregory 1766/1767 will abst
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Northampton Co., NC Sylvia Gregory 1777/1783 will abst

Onslow Co., NC Charles Gregory

Pasquotank Co., NC Richd Gregory 1720 will

Pasquotank Co., NC Thomas Gregory
1736/1740 will

Pasquotank Co., NC Margaret Gregory, wid 1746/7/1753 will

Pasquotank Co., NC William Gregory
1751/1752 will

Pasquotank Co., NC Judith Gregory 1754/1764 will

Person County, NC James Gregory 1799 inv

Person County, NC Charles Gregory

1843 inv

Person County, NC Susan Jane Gregory 1896 will abst

Sampson County, NC Lott Gregory (2) 1823/1824

Sampson County, NC Elijah Gregory 1843/1844

Sampson County, NC Asa Gregory 1857/1861

Sampson County, NC Jane Gregory 1871

Sampson County, NC Elisha Gregory 1870/1878

Sampson County, NC Wright Gregory 1891/1892

Surry County, NC Thomas Griggory 1800 will abst