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Where did your Gregory ancestor die?

Links to Gregory wills and estates on the web, recorded anywhere in US. Project is ongoing, and your participation is welcomed.

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Some Gregorys in my files of Lunenburg and Mecklenburg Counties, VA, the parts adjoining Charlotte Co. and Halifax Co. on the west.  Charlotte Co. and Mecklenburg Co. were part of Lunenburg until 1765. Mecklenburg and Halifax border on the south the North Carolina counties of : Person, Granville, Vance & Warren.
See map.

For the sake of brevity, only pertinent records for DNA purposes are included to show their comings and their passing.


Earliest appearance I find of the below Gregorys.:

William Vaughan/Milderidge Gregory timeline, Mecklenburg Co., VA

Ambrose Gregory appeared 1770 Halifax/Mecklenburg Cos., VA - no male Gregory descendant found

Andrew Gregory appeared 1764 Mecklenburg Co., VA - (Andrew & James match all 37 markers)

James Gregory appeared 1764 Lunenburg Co., VA (Andrew & James match all 37 markers) |

Joseph Gregory Sr appeared 1765* (Joseph of Mecklenburg Co., VA, Thomas of Chatham Co., NC/Smith Co., TN & William Gregory Pittsylvania Co., VA match all 37 markers)

Richard Gregory appeared 1764 -Halifax/Mecklenburg Cos., VA (often referred to as Richard W. Gregory) 1817 Washington Co., KY

Thomas Gregory Sr appeared 1767* of later Chatham, Co., NC/SmithCo., TN * (Thomas of Chatham Co., NC, Joseph of Mecklenburg Co., VA & William Gregory of Pittsylvania Co., VA match all 37 markers)

William Gregory of Mecklenburg Co., VA appeared 1782; his mother Ziner [Lena] Gregory 1763 - no male Gregory descendants of this line

John Gregory of Amelia Co., VA bought land 1761; died c1764.


Miscellaneous Wills:
Milderidge Gregory-Vaughan of Mecklenburg 1789
Ambrose Gregory of Mecklenburg s/o Milderidge
Andrew Gregory of Mecklenburg
Elijah Gregory of Mecklenburg
s/o Andrew
Fanny Gregory 1816, lower Mecklenburg w/o Roger
Frances Gregory, wid. of Andrew

John Gregory of Lunenburg s/o Joseph Senr
Joseph Gregory Junior of Charlotte Co.
Robert S. Gregory of Mecklenburg s/o Andrew
Silas M. Gregory of Mecklenburg s/o Andrew
William Gregory of Mecklenburg


Links to Other Gregory Sites, some documented & some otherwise (Note: observe with interest, but always be cautious with undocumented information, including mine/jgs:))


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