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FamilyTreeDNA, our Houston-based DNA testing and administrative company, offers a DNA test called "Family Finder."  FTDNA's website describes the offer in this manner:  "Family Finder uses autosomal DNA (inherited from both the mother and father, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, etc.) to provide you a breakdown of your ethnic percentages and connect you with relatives descended from any of your ancestral lines within approximately the last 5 generations."

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The Participant who has had a FTDNA "Family Finder" test will find that the best and most definitive details will be made available on his or her "Personal Web Page" at FamilyTreeDNA.  There, they will be able to view an active matrix of all predicted cousins, number of generations removed, etc.  The following data is listed as a courtesy to those members within our project who have had the Family Finder test.

Kit Number Name of Participant Surnames (As Specified by Participant)
9044 Richard M. Jackson Jackson (Great Britain)| Garcia (Mexico)| Cox (Great Britain)| da Silva (Mexico)
12544 Joel Patrick Childress Alderman| Alderman/, Sr| Alexander| Armstrong| Aucocke| Ayer| Ayers| Ayers/, Sr| Ayres| Ayres/, Jr| Barron| Barron/, Esquir| Barron/, Sr| Baspoole| Bellington| Bishop| Boteler| Brooks| Bruce| Brunson| Carter| Carter/, Jr| Childers| Childress| Childress/, Jr| Childress/, Sr| Clairborne| Clairborne/, Jr| Clairborne/, Sr| Cole| Cooper| Crockett| Crowder| Dale| Darby| Dragoo| Duncan| Duncan/, Sr| Fann| Ferguson| Frame| Garrett| Gentry| Gentry/, Sr| Gill| Goff| Gooch| Gooch/, Sr| Goodwin| Hagerty| Hagerty/, Jr| Hagerty/, Sr| Hall| Harris| Hawkins| Hayes| Hedge| Houston| Hummet| Ingram| Jackson| Lanham| Ligon| Little| Longworth| Magill| Magill/| Magill/ I| Magill/ II| Magill/, Sr| Marshall| Mathis| McDonald| McFadden| McKnitt| McMullen| Mewes| Mills| Milum| Murphy| Muse| Overton| Overton/, Jr| Overton/, Sr| Padgett| Pannil| Patterson| Peden| Pike| Polk| Pope| Pope/, Jr| Pope/, Sr| Price| Purves| Rannewe| Russell| Scott| Seagrave| Seale| Sims| Skipwith| Speer| Speer/, Jr| Speer/, Sr| Stacy| Stacy/, Jr| Thompson| Thornton| Thornton/ II| Turner| Unknown| Veale| Vittito| Walker| Weaver| Webb| West| Williams| Williamson
19389 Paul Allan Childers
Chelders| Childers| Childers/| Childers/ Jr| Evans| Fisher| Knaus| Martin| McKenzie| Seaman| Unknown| Walker| Wood


78040 Ralph Carl Loyd Childers (Oklahoma)| Childress| Clark| Drain| Lamb| Lofton| Loyd| Sharp
197794 William Ted Childers (Coffee) Coffey OCobbthaigh or Scoffin| Alexander| Beasley| Benton| Blair| Bradley| Butler| Cherry| Childers| Cleveland| Coates| Coffee| Coffey| Gordon| Goss| Gudgin| Hurst| Jolliffee| Jones| Jordan| Jourdin| McNew| Montgomery| Moss| Mullinax| Parsons| Place| Powell| Presley| Roe| Samuel| Swilley| Timms| Unknown| Watson| WELCH| Witherspoon