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Kathryn (Rhinehart) Bassett
All things have been moved to (photos too). I no longer update this site. I'm just leaving it here because there are so many references to it in various Rootsweb archives. Genealogy especially is more current there. Presentation here is different & not as complete. font>

   Family Roots

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Family Roots™ by Quinsept

I was the Southern California representatives for this program from 1984 thru its August 1996 demise. I'm still active in supporting the program, and helping people convert their data to a windows based genealogy program.

Blink!   Important Stuff:
  • Family Roots™ FAQ Archives
  • Family Roots™ Technical Support
  • Family Roots™ Orphans Page
  • FR Conversion Prices (Apple II or Mac FR to Dos FR)
  • How I came up with my business name of Misc Enterprises

    Blink!   "How-To" Tips:
  • How to update to the last version of Family Roots™
  • Figure out why FR won't print
  • Fixing "data image not found" errors
  • Putting FR icon on your desktop
  • Pasting from dos to windows

    Genealogy Is My Bag™

    The Genealogy Is My Bag™ page has links that are beginning points for those interested in genealogy. I don't plan to keep the links there up to date because it hasn't been "hit" very often. However, most of the links are stable ones that should remain unbroken.

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