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Alfred Hardy (Senior) Born 19 September 1843. Died 15 July 1893. (49 years) Butcher and Farmer. Died of Pneumonia (4 days) Certified by John J Bingham MD.Brother Arthur Hardy was present at his Death.

Death was registered on 17 July 1893.

He is buried in Shirland Church Yard. B4 7foot. No 753. Probably near Church door near rhododendron bushes.

He married a Lavinia Cupit on 27 May 1867 at St Mary's Church, Nottingham City. She gave him three children and died of a knee infection/ problem on 9 December 1876.

Matilda Hardy was born 9 August, 1867, at Higham, Shirland. She later lived with Alfred (Junior) and his wife Harriett Elizabeth Herriman Thorpe, until she died on 1 June 1946, at Shirland.

Alfred Hardy, (junior) Born 15 March 1870 at Stonebroom. (Baptised 31 July 1870). He died 3 March 1950 at Shirland.

Arthur Hardy born 27 September 1872. Baptised 17 November 1872. Died 9 months 21 June 1873. Teething convulsions.

Alfred Hardy (Senior) was by December 1876 a widower at the age of 33 years. His occupation was a Butcher/Journeyman. He appears then to have been a mobile Butcher travelling to other towns in the region.

For some reason he then met Susannah Pursglove. (She was probably Nanny to his children by Lavinia). Susannah was born 16 July 1861, at Shirland. She was only 16 years old when she gave birth to a son Albert on 14 July 1878. (Two days before her 17th birthday) when she was at High Street, Eckington, Derbys. No Father is shown on Albert's Birth Certificate. (More than likely Father would be Alfred Hardy - (Senior))

She then married Alfred Hardy (Senior) on 18 November, 1878, at the Parish Church, Eckington, Derbys. He was 35 years, she was 17 years. Albert had been born just four months previously. On 13 December, 1878, one month after they had married, Albert was christened at Stonebroom (?), Derbys when they gave him the name, Albert HARDY. Rest of children would be by Susannah's marriage to Alfred (Senior). Ernest- (Grandfather to Gordon Hardy) was born at 84 Stonebroom Lane, Shirland. Rest of children of Alfred, Snr / Susannah, were born at Shirland. Albert (Baptised 13 Dec 1878) (See note above re Albert) Ernest (Born 16 July 1880) Annie . Born Jan 1882 Died 8 Aug 1882 (Died at 7 months old of Diarrhoea for 8 weeks Matilda, (Baptised 10 Dec 1882) (See note above re child of first marriage) Ethel, (Baptised 14 Dec 1890) Harry (Baptised 14 Dec 1890) Mabel (Baptised 14 Dec 1890) John William (Baptised 14 Dec 1890) James Christopher (Baptised 6 Aug 1893)

There are FOUR more grave stones in Shirland Church Yard, under the Rhododendron Bush near Church Door. (1) William Hardy. Born 1782 - Died 23 June 1842. 60 years of age.GGGT Dad (Grand-Father of Alfred (Senior) - Yes! )

(2) Elizabeth Hardy (nee Turner) Born 1793 - Died 11 June 1863. 70 years. Wife of William Hardy. (Grand- Mother of Alfred (Senior) Yes!) (Marriage of above William Hardy, Butcher of Shirland and Elizabeth Turner is recorded on 29 September 1818, at Shirland. Page 11 entry 32. Witnesses John Mather and Hannah Hardy. - Records at Matlock Records Office XM/40/4.Taken 15 May 97)

Alfred Hardy Senior - was born 19 Sep 1843.
His Father was a William Hardy was born 1819
His Mother was a Matilda Midgley,she was also born 1819
William and Matilda Hardy, married at Rotherham 30 December 1840
This would make William Hardy (Senior born 1782) 37 years of age when he has his son Wiliiam Hardy (Junior) His Wife Elizabeth Hardy (nee Turner) Born 1792 - Died 9 October 1834. 42 years


In the bottom half of that part towards the gap in the wall, there is a grave of Frederick Hardy.Born 1848- Died 22 August, 1917. Aged 69 years. Might be Alfred Hardy's (Senior's) Brother???

Alfred Hardy,(Senior) Butcher of Stonebroom, was caught on 8 April, 1882, stealing sheep at Wessington Hay. He appeared before the Chesterfield Magistrates on 15 April, 1882 and was committed for trial.

He appeared before the Derby Assizes on 6 May 1882 and was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.

The Hardy's had land at the bottom of the lane of Church Lane, Shirland. (Called Darkies Lane) This was for grazing cattle.

They had 29 Town End, Shirland. John William Hardy lived here.
Later his daughter Annie Curley (nee Hardy)

They also had Swiss Farm, 31 Main Road, Shirland. (Roger, Vinnie and Mildred- firstly lived here)

They also had Town End Farm, Town End, at the side of the Woolpack Public House.Shirland. (Majority of Hardy's born and brought up there)

They also had land at the right hand side of a white house 'Highfields' No 50 Stonebroom Lane, Stonebroom. ( John Wm Hardy left this in Will of Young Alf?) Cart track, (thick with brambles) leads to a Barn and Grazing Land.

James Christopher Hardy had Sycamore Farm, Town End, Opposite Town End Farm.

Albert Hardy kept Duke of Wellington, Shirland, 1921-1927. Greyhound at Higham 1927 to 1933

Burnell Arms, Winkburn, Nr Southwell, Notts 1933 to 1936.
Then Copenhagen Farm, Danesmore, Clay Cross. 1936-1956. He died there.

Jack Hardy had 23 betting shops. Then Staunton Grange, near Newark, Notts.

He also had 70 race horses. Won one of the Ascot Stakes one year. (Now dead) His son Anthony has betting offices, his son Andrew farm at Stauton Grange.

Merle Hardy Wife lives at Woodside, Staunton, nr Newark, Notts. (Bungalow) (Now dead ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO)

Susannah Pursglove She was the second wife to Alfred Hardy (Senior). She lived at Townend Farm, Shirland, with her husband Alfred Hardy, Senior.

Susannah Pursglove was Born 16 July 1861 at Shirland. She married Alfred Hardy on 18 NOV 1878 at Eckington, Derbyshire

Susannah Hardy died 24 Nov 1914, aged 53 years at Town End Farm, Shirland

Cause of death Diabetes Mellitus Coma. Certified by Raymond G Bingham MRCS Present at Death: A Hardy (Son) (Would have been Albert) Death Registered on 26 November 1914. Grave S 13 4 Old Ground. Shirland Church Yard