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Welcome all to the homepage of the CT-Polish mailing list.  My name is Kerri and I am the administrator / moderator for this mailing list.  This list is made possible through the generosity of RootsWeb and  For those of you unfamiliar with mailing lists, they are forums where you have to subscribe to and you can post/reply by sending email to a central email address.


If you are interested in subscribing to this list, please take a few minutes to scroll through the instructions and rules listed below.  At the bottom of this page, you will find links that can help you with your Polish ancestry in Connecticut.  If at any time you have a question about this list, you can email me at

Thanks, Kerri



This list is for discussing and sharing information relating to anyone researching their Polish heritage in the state of Connecticut.  Topics for discussion include:  genealogy, history, culture, immigration, vital records, resources, and websites of interest.  Feel free to post information or queries about your Polish ancestors that lived in or passed through the state.


To Subscribe:

There are two types of subscriptions available.  If you wish to receive each message in a separate email, use the list mode.  If, on the other hand, you wish to receive messages in bundles, subscribe in digest mode.  When you subscribe, please send a plain text message with the subject subscribe and the word subscribe only in the message body to one of the following addresses:  (for list mode)  or  (for the digest)


To Unsubscribe:

To unsubscribe type the word unsubscribe in the subject & message body only, as above, be sure NOT to include a signature file:  (if in list mode) or  (if in digest mode)


To Post a Message:

When you wish to post a message, send it to so that subscribers in both the list & digest mode will be able to receive it.  When you reply to a message, you can either send it to (the default), send it privately to the original poster, or send it to both.  Just remember, all messages sent to the list are saved in a public archive that anyone can read.


To Contact the Admin:

If for any reason you need to contact me, send an email to   Reasons include:  questions about the list, problems posting, problems receiving, and bounced messages.


CT-Polish List Archives:

As I said above, messages sent to the list are placed in a public archive.  If you would like to access the archives, follow these links to either Search the Archives or to Browse the Archives.


Spam Eliminator Programs:

Are not allowed.  If you try to post to the list and receive a message from a spam eliminator program, DO NOT register with them.  Many of these programs, such as quikcop, collect email addresses and then sell them.  If you receive one of these messages, forward a copy of it along with full headers to so I can remove that person from the list.




All posts are to be sent to



Try to have a specific subject line by including places, dates, &/or names.  Some people may delete the message if they have no subject.  A good subject will also allow easier browsing of the archives.



NO flaming, NO advertising/solicitations, and NO obscenities.  This will result in you either being put on moderation or to be removed from the list.



There will be NO discussion of viruses or spam on the list.  RW provides a separate forum for viruses, it is the Virus-Discussion list, if you have any questions or comments about viruses take it to that list instead.  You can subscribe by sending a message to OR  Messages sent through the RW mailing list are stripped down so that only the text message is received.  If you receive an email that includes HTML or graphics, it did NOT come through the list.  So DO NOT make comments about it onlist, to do so will have you placed on moderation.



Anyone using a spam eliminator program that requires posters to register with them will be removed from the list.  Fellow subscribers should NOT register with them (see note above).



All questions regarding the list (such as unsubscribing & posting problems) are to be sent to and not to the list.



CT-Polish Links:

If you know of any websites that may be beneficial to CT-POLISH researchers, please email its URL along with a description to me at  These links may be added to this page and/or future taglines for list postings.



CT-Polish Mailing List:  instructions on how to use the CT-Polish mailing list brought to you by RootsWeb



Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut and the Northeast



Poland GenWeb



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Created 12 January 2003

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