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April 2004 Mulhall and Guthrie Schools

If anyone is interested in any of these photographs of my mother's school classes in Logan County, Oklahoma, I would be glad to supply you with high resolution copies and/or an enlargement of any individual. Please get in touch with me by e-mail.

Paul R. Swan
Sunnyvale, CA

This is a photograph of the pupils at school in Mulhall ca 1905. The teacher was Mary Jane "Merrie" (Alford) Hartzell, my mother's mother. I don't have the names of the students in this or the next image.


Mulhall School Class ca. 1905

This is a photograph of the class in Guthrie, Oklahoma probably in 1910.


Mulhall School Class 1910

This is a photograph taken 11 Jan 1917 in Guthrie. The teacher was Mrs. Gardner.


Mulhall School Class of 1917