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Goodspeed wives


The Goodspeed Family

The "Boomer" generation Guyton Kids, (aka, the Kids of Boone and Susie, raised in Milford and Woodbridge, Connecticut with a little Dallas thrown in... from the late '40s until the '70s) are the grandchildren of Louisa Beach Goodspeed, and great-great-grandchildren of  William Henry Goodspeed, better known as the founder of the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, CT.

This brief chronology follows the Goodspeed lineage from Barnstable, MA a few years after the Pilgrims landed, to East Haddam  and Seymour Connecticut, from Roger Goodspeed to Doris Boies (daughter of Louisa Goodspeed Boies). Much of this information came from a book called "Goodspeed's Folly" published by T.M. Jacobs in 1996.


Roger Goodspeed settled in Barnstable, MA in 1639.  He appears to have come over from England at that time. He married Alice Layton after arriving in America.

Roger and Alice's sixth son, Ebenezer Goodspeed was born in 1655. Ebenezer eventually had 13 children with his wife Lydia Crowell.


The youngest child of Ebenezer Goodspeed and his wife Lydia was named Moses Goodspeed, born on November 24th, 1704.

Moses married Hannah Allen and they had six children. Their fifth child was Nathan Goodspeed, born on March 7, 1735 in Barnstable, MA.

Nathan left Barnstable and moved to East Haddam, CT where he married Mary Kellog (b. 4/27/1745) daughter of Deacon Samuel and Abigail (Sterling) Kellog and a native of Colchester, CT. They married on January 2, 1772. Of their eight children, five lived to adulthood.  The include:

  • Samuel, April 1773 (died in his first year)
  • Nathan Jr, October 1774 and died in September of 1776
  • Mary Ann, was born on November 27, 1776
  • Anna, born February 8, 1779
  • Nathan Jr., June 18, 1781
  • Sarah, July 18, 1783
  • Moses, April 11, 1786 (died in infancy)
  • Joseph, April 23, 1787


Nathan and Mary's son Joseph married Laura Tyler in 1811.  His mother Mary Goodspeed died three years later on 6/16/1814 (age 69).  Joseph's father Nathan died on May 26, 1818 at the age of 83, but not before Joseph had taken over Rev. Blakeslee's store at East Haddam Landing (Rev. Blakeslee decided to retire). This store turned out to be the future site of the Goodspeed Opera House  which Joseph's son William Henry would start later on.

Joseph Goodspeed ran the mercantile store for some time, living above it on the second floor. He had six children:

  • George Edward, born February 2, 1813
  • William Henry, born December 19, 1814
  • Joseph Frederick, born November 26, 1816
  • Mary Ann, born June 12, 1818
  • Nathan Tyler, born April 10, 1820
  • Laura Sophia, February 2, 1822

On July 3, 1833, Joseph's wife Laura died of "consumption" at age 43.  Joseph remarried two months later (hmmm) to Roxy Bigelow but had no more children. Joseph died  January 23rd, 1848.

Joseph willed the businesses to George Edward and William Henry which included a shipyard by that point. Of Joseph's six children, only George Edward, William Henry and Mary Ann are known to have had children.  The Boies family of Seymour, CT is directly descended from William Henry Goodspeed.

William Henry Goodspeed is probably the most famous of the Goodspeed lineage, at least in Connecticut. He was the great-grandfather of Doris Boies and great-great-grandfather to the five Guyton children. Included in his accomplishments:

  • Established the Goodspeed Shipyard with is brother George Edward
  • Became partner in the Hartford and New York Steamboat Company (1854) and appointed director in 1864.
  • Helped R.F. Blodgett publish the East Haddam Journal (a newspaper which lasted only a couple years)
  • 1865 he became president of the Bank of New England.
  • 1870 he became part owner of the Chapman Ferry line.
  • He owned the Riverside Inn, later to be known as the Hotel Swan and finally renamed the Gelston House (as it is today).
  • He build the Goodspeed Opera House in 1876.

William Henry married Louisa M. Robbins (of Rocky Hill, CT) on April 19, 1847 and they had two children:

  • Louisa Robbins, born July 18, 1848
  • William Robbins, born June 8, 1850 (Doris' grandfather)

One month after William Robbins was born, William Henry Goodspeed's wife Louisa died at age 26. William Henry never remarried.

William Robbins Goodspeed followed in his father's business footsteps, serving on the board fat the National Bank of New England as a representative of the Columbia Trust Company of Middletown.  He married Hattie Beach Smith (of Waterbury) in 1875. 

William Robbins Goodspeed and Hattie had two children:

  • Louisa Beach Goodspeed, Born October 2, 1876 - mother of Doris, William, Earl and Clayton Boies; grandmother to the Julie, Les, Boone Jr, Claudia, and Peter Guyton as well as the Boies kids.
  • William Henry Goodspeed, born December 16, 1877, died unmarried at the age of 21.

William Robbins Goodspeed's wife Hattie died only four years after their marriage in 1879. He remarried and had one more daughter:

  • Phoebe Elizabeth, born June 20, 1882.

Because William Robbins Goodspeed's only son died without having children, this branch of the Goodspeed name descending from William Henry (of Opera House fame) stops at this point, continuing on in the Boies, Guyton and Rosebaugh lines.  Pheobe Elizabeth Goodspeed  married Rev. John H. Rosebaugh on 1/6/1919 and had one child, Constance, who married Martin Sheerer in 1946. Martin died in 1961. Martin and Constance never had children and Constance Sheerer continues to live in Lawrence, Kansas.

Summary of the Goodspeed tree

Roger Goodspeed (arrived in Barnstable, 1639)
    Ebenezer Goodspeed (1655 - . ?)       
Moses Goodspeed, (Nov 24, 1704 -  ? )
             Nathan Goodspeed (Mar 7, 1735, - . May 26, 1818 in East Haddam, CT)
                Joseph Goodspeed (Apr 23, 1787 -   Jan 23rd, 1848)
                     William Henry Goodspeed (Dec 19, 1814 -  1881 ?)
                         William Robbins Goodspeed (Jun 8, 1850 -  Jun 24, 1915)
                             Louisa (Goodspeed) Boies (Oct 2, 1876 - . 192?)
                              Doris (Boies) Guyton  (May 22, 1920 -  Apr 2, 1998)   

                                                Kids of Boone & Doris (Boies) Guyton

  • Julie (Guyton) Landsman  (b. Mar 12,  1944)
  • Lesley Guyton  (b. Feb 20,  1946)
  • Boone Guyton Jr.  (b. Sep 16, 1948)
  • Claudia (Guyton) Jones  (b.Nov 22, 1950)
  • Peter Guyton  (b. Jan 5, 1959)

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