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Pete's Home Page

Couple of updates here. In an effort to get down some family stuff, I started a "history" page (see links to the left). That will be the starting point for the four main trees behind the Boone Guyton, Doris Boies union.  Fortunately I found some great stuff in the book "Goodspeed's Folly" which allowed me to get a lot of history on the family tree of my grandmother, Louisa (Goodspeed) Boies. Check out the Goodspeed section and the developing Boies section.

Christmas news still lingers, check out Boone's Christmas present! A true work of art. Also check out the Guyton Christmas 2000  pics that Boone Jr. posted.


Peter Guyton  
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P.S.  Keep in mind that I have no interest in becoming an HTML know-it-all or a web superstar.... I've got people for that.. Spending the bulk of my waking life working on, dealing with and getting things out of... computers, my interest level in giving more time to these pursuits at home is, let's just say, NOT going to happen.

So as you read this, keep in mind that I'm probably Skiing or reading or working on the house or hangin' with family or friends... pursuits which have earned higher priority level on the Peter Guyton free-time things-to-do list.

This page was last updated on 01/14/01.