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:-) ~AbOuT mE~ (-:

Name: Rachel S.

D.O.B. February 16, 1989 (2-16-'89)

Hair color: Golden blonde(I have long hair)

Eye color: Blue

Info about me: I wear glasses.
I am very nice, I am honest, friendly,
generous and caring. :)

Hobbies/Interests: Hiking,Reading,Writing,computers,
drawing,arts and crafts,sewing,
knitting, swimming,watching t.v.,playing games,
school,clubs, and lots more!!!

Fav. Things:

Colors: Purple;Pink;orange;Red
Food: Mexican;Chinese;spicy food;rice;burritos;patatoes;
Drink: GrapeFruit Juice;apple juice;
Season: Spring
TV shows: The Cosby show; Lizzie Mcguire;
Music: Classical;Country;Some pop;

I have MSN and ICQ!!
If you would like to chat, e-mail me and
tell me a little about yourself!:) Hope to chat!