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Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Surnames Starting with N

Surname                  Studio or Submitter               Comments
Neal, Elizabeth Judie Caroleo young woman
Neal, Elizabeth Judie Caroleo young woman
Neal, Henry Judie Caroleo mid-age man, sideburns
Neff, Fillmore Carolyn Josselyn family portrait
Nelson, Charley
Bacharach Studio
young man
Neustadt, Elsie Maureen Keillor young woman
Neustadt, Lizzie Bachrach Studio middle aged woman
Ningard, Arthur C. Carolyn Behrendt 1904 election judges
Ningard, Darezo & brothers Carolyn Behrendt store front photo
Ningard, George Carolyn Behrendt civil war Union soldier
Norris, Howard S. Hebbel Studio young boy

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