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Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Surnames Starting with T

Surname                                  Studio or Submitter                                  Comments
Talmage Family
unknown studio
group family photo
Taylor, E. N.
Shorey Studio
young man
Thomas, Carl M.
Thomas Moore
young man
Thomas, Emma H. Hebbel mid-age woman 1898
Thomas, Edna F.
Thomas Moore
Thompson, Anna Louisa Louis Diggs mid-age woman
Thompson, Elizabeth W. L. Cover young woman
Thompson, Jenny Louis Diggs mid-age woman
Towson, John C. Terry Towson-Kowalski two photos of couple
Tracey, Edna G. Jean Belt infant with mother
Tracey, Myrtle E. Jean Belt girl with brothers
Tracey, Myrtle E. Jean Belt toddler
Tracey, Nancy C. Jean Belt mother with infant
Tracey, Thomas H. Jean Belt siblings
Tracey, Thomas N. Stahn Studio mid-age man
Tracey, Wilmer C. Jean Belt siblings
Tracey, Wilmer C. Jean Belt young man with cousin
Treadwell, Bob Walzl's Imperial Studio young man
Trower, Capt. Jesse E.
Jennie Bell
young man
Trower Jr, Jesse E.
Jennie Bell
young man
Trower, Margaret Farell
Jennie Bell
infant and young woman
Trower, William Fell
Jennie Bell
young man
Turner, Laura Smith Louis Diggs young woman on car
Turner, Vernon unknown with Florence G. Frank


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