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Welcome to the Filipow Marriage Project.  Filipow parish is centered around the present day town of Filipow in northeastern Poland.  It is located twenty miles northwest of the city of Suwalki and about ten miles south of the Lithuanian border in the Podlaskie district.  This project is to help family genealogists locate their past.  The information here is transcribed from LDS Church microfilm records, which exist from 1808 to 1884.

Information transcribed from these original records consist of: marriage date; groom's name and age; bride's name, and age; groom's parent's names and ages; bride's parent's names and ages.  Catholic church records during this time frame are very detailed.  Of course, specific details about any marriage depends upon what was recorded by the actual priest performing the ceremony.

This site also has a section containing transcribed birth directories for Filipow parish.  Although no translation of these records have been done, this may help trace an ancestor to a general birth year.  Then marriage records may match possible parents to that ancestor.  Transcription of birth records is being considered after all marriage records have been transcribed for this site.

This website is not for profit and created strictly for the benefit of the genealogical community.  This site's design and future improvements are solely controlled by the site coordinator.  The entire records of Filipow parish marriages are currently being electronically duplicated and saved.  This site does not offer any translation services.  Funding for this project is of a private basis with the intention to help genealogical researchers.  Filipow was the first "old country" parish in the personal research of my family tree.  I understand the importance and value of these documents to family genealogists.  This site is an on-going project until its completion.  If you are fluent in Polish-English or Russian-English translation and wish to help in this project, please e-mail me.  My personal blood lines to Filipow parish are the surnames of Zlotorzynski, Samotyha, Sarosiek, Barcicki, and Barszczewski.

"The knowledge of family history is important
only if you learn from your ancestors and live
today as the borrowed time of your children's
future."      Jayme Rice (site-coordinator)


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