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These churches all have Family connections and are in alphabetical order, according to the place-name

Last reviewed 02 April 2011

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St John's Church, Altrincham

Altrincham, St John's Church

Robert Wright Trenbath is said to have helped to endow it

Bowdon 1910 Bowdon, 1910, with the Parish Church in the background
Bowdon Churchyard, with Ronald Trenbath Bowdon Churchyard - Ronald Trenbath, standing by memorial to Frederick (Eric) Trenbath, who died at Poicapelle, near Passchendaele in 1917, aged 30
Bowdon Churchyard Bowdon Churchyard - Grave of Emily and Robert W Trenbath  (1861-1935)
Eccles Cemetary Eccles Cemetary - Joan Johnstone, by grave of George Trenbath
Elston Chapel 1998 - with bramley descendants Elston Chapel - Bramley descendants in Autumn 1998
Elston Chapel Elston Parish Church - Autumn 1998
East Soke Church East Stoke Parish Church
Heveningham Parish Church Heveningham Parish Church, Suffolk, where William and Ann Trenbath's first child, Ann. was baptised
Heveningham Parish Church Heveningham Parish Church
Hull, Holy Trinity Holy Trinity, Hull, East YKS
Hull, Holy Trinity Holy Trinity, Hull
Hull, Holy Trinity Inside Holy Trinity, Hull
Hull, Holy Trinity An older picture of Holy Trinity
Jelling The church at Jelling, Jutland, Denmark, near to the Manor House of Haraldskajr, where the Rahrs lived for some years
Jelling Jelling Churchyard, where the last heathen and first Christian Kings of Denmark were buried.
There are better pictures on the internet!
Latin The churchyard at Latin, Tipperary, Ireland where Joseph Damer was buried. He was the uncle of Joseph Damer of heveningham, for whom William Damer worked as agent. William visited Joseph on several occasions. The ruins of the old mansion are just along the road, and the old agent's house was next door to this.
Milton Abbas Milton Abbas Parish Church - The memorial to Joseph and Ann Damer. Joseph was the first Earl of Dorchester and Baron Milton Abbas
Manchester Cathedral Manchester Cathedral, which has several Trenbath associations
Manchester Cathedral Interior of Manchester Cathedral
Stow in the Wold The Parish Church at Stow in the Wold, GLS
Ubbeston Parish Church Ubbeston Parish Church, where William Trenbath married Ann Driver. It is now a private house
Ubbeston Church Ubbeston Church where William Trenbath and Ann Driver married in 1748
Witton Chapel Witton Chapel, Northwich, CHS, which has many Trenbath associations
Witton Chapel Witton Chapel

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