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Last Reviewed 22 March 2011

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rthur Herbert Trenbath AH Trenbath (1860-1932)

Arthur and Lena Trenbath

AH Trenbath (1860-1932) and H A (nee)Rahr (1867-1896)
Amy Gillett Amy Joyce Gillett (1889-1963)
Annie Lightbourne Annie Lightbourne (1845-1906)
Annie Smith  
Annie Smith Annie Smith (1846-1918)
Annie Smith Annie Smith (1846-1918)
Anne Owen Believed to be Ann Owen (1835-1907), who married James Fargus
Dr Arthur Gillett (1878-1930)
Bea Gillett (1890-1976)
Don Rahr Trenbath (1898-1988)
Don Rahr Trenbath (1898-1988)
Dr John Gillett (1845-1906)
Eleanor Todd (1896-1968)
Elizabeth White (1827-1904), who married Viggo Rahr (1814-1899)
Emily and Tom Gillett
Emma Wing and Henry Meades Gillett
mini-Emma.jpg (26819 bytes) Emma Wing
Enid Gillett
Elizabeth Rahr (nee White) and Don Trenbath
The Fargus Family circa 1895
Marius Byrge Hanneval Haagensen and May Kathleen Adams
Helena Amalia Rahr ('Lena')
mini-HMG.jpg (25116 bytes) Henry Meades Gillett
Inger Trenbath and Joe Wood 1928
James Fargus (1831-1907)
Djenisa Stankus
Her father
Her daughter
Johannes D Rahr
Jeannie Lightbourne
Jens Rasmussen Rahr 1711 - 1787

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Kitty and S ??Todd
Marien Jjensdatter Sevel

copyright 1998 David Venables

Enid (nee Gillett) and Don Trenbath
mini-MSEVEL~1.JPG (31017 bytes) Marien Jensdatter Sevel

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Rasmus Hansen Raa-ager 1774 - 1720

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Robert C Trenbath
Richard Gillett

Seen in a Hull Newspaper of circa 1904

Richard Gillett
SABond1.jpg (43800 bytes) Sarah Ann Bond
Sophie Caroline Goldt 1744-1828

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Richard, Thomas and Bea Gillett Richard, Thomas and Bea Gillett
Tom Gillett
Tom Gillett
Thomas Trenbath (a 'fantasy, drawn by Ronald Trenbath, based on a silhouette and known features of the Trenbaths)
Viggo D Rahr
Mary Wilhelmsen at about age seventeen with her family. She is the oldest child sitting on the left hand side.
William Trenbath - a fantasy by WRT
William Gillett - a painting, based on a photograph.

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