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Joseph Wright & Mercy
Joseph Wright
1639 (1)
10 Mar 1684/85 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, USA (4 5)
17 Dec 1714 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, USA (2)
Thomas Wright
Mary? Cranbroke
about 1652
after 14 Feb 1711/12 (3)
01  (M):
Benjamin Wright
06 Dec 1686
02  (M):
Nathaniel Wright
16 Oct 1688 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, USA (6)
before 01 Feb 1774 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, USA (7)
Ann Deming
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Joseph Wright:

Cemetery: Wethersfield Cemetery; Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, USA


I, Joseph Wright of Wethersfield, do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament : I give unto my wife Mercy £20 in country pay of this Colony, to her and to her heirs forever, and the use of what part of my dwelling house she shall think needful for her, and that during her widowhood. I give to Joseph Wright, now of Colchester, my eldest son, to him and his heirs forever, 2 acres in Wethersfield Great Meadow which I purchased of Mr. Blackleach ; also, 5 acres of land on the Great Island in Connecticut Great River, within the Township of Wethersfield, bounded east and west on the said Great River, on land of David Goodrich of Wethersfield north, and on land of Jonathan Smith of Glastonbury south.
To my son Thomas Wright I give 2 1-4 acres of land in Wethersfield Great Meadow, bounded east on the Great River, west on a highway, north on my son Joseph's land, and south on land of John Deming, Sen., of Wethersfield ; 3 acres in the Dry Swamp, bounded (in part) on land of Deacon Warner and Nathaniel Churchill ; also half my pasture, bounded ( in part) on land of John Curtis, Jr., Samuel Butler, and my son John Wright's land which sometime since I gave him - to him the said Thomas Wright and his heirs forever. I have given my son John Wright, by deed of gift formerly, the whole which I designed as his portion.
I give to my son Jonathan Wright 50 acres of land in the Township of Wethersfield, butting on the Township of Farmington west, on a highway east, north on land of Robert Welles, Jr., and south on land of Major John Chester.
To my two sons, Benjamin Wright and Nathaniel Wright, I give that tract of land which fell to me in the last general division of lands in Wethersfield, to be equally divided between them. To Benjamin Wright I give 3 acres in the Great Swamp in Wethersfield, bounded (in part) on land of my son Thomas Wright and (in part) on land belonging to heirs of Stephen Chester, Jr., decd. ; also . five and a half acres in the said swamp, bounded (in part) on land of Deacon William Warner, on my own land, and upon land of heirs of Stephen Chester.
I give to my youngest son Nathaniel Wright 3 1-2 acres of land bounded (in part) on land of heirs of Stephen Chester, on land of my son Benjamin Wright, and on land of Nathaniel Boreman; also 3 acres bounded (in part) on land of Jacob Williams of Wethersfield, on land of Thomas Bunce of Hartford, and on land of Jonathan Smith of Wethersfield. I give the whole of what shall remain of my movable estate to my eldest daughter Mary Griswold, to my second daughter Elizabeth Curtis, and to the children of my youngest daughter Sarah Hand of East Guilford deceased - one-third part to each: to Mary Griswold, to Elizabeth Curtis, and to the children of Sarah Hand decd. I appoint my two eldest sons, Joseph Wright and Thomas Wright, executors. JOSEPH WRIGHT, LS. Witness : John Nott, John Goodrich, Jr.
A codicil, dated 9 December, 1714. JOSEPH WRIGHT, LS. Witness : George Kilbourn, John Goodrich, Jr.


Joseph was a cooper. He first married Mary (Stoddard?), by whom he had seven children, and after her death he married Mercy (possibly Deming and the widow of Joseph Curtis.) (NOT Mary's sister.)
Joseph was a deacon in First Church of Wethersfield, whose records of 1700 say "he should be helpful in preparing matters for the Lord's Supper" and in 1707 he was on a committee to "seat the galleries in the meeting house." Joseph was referred to as "Deacon Joseph" on his gravestone in Wethersfield.
ref: "Various Ancestral Lines of James Goodwin and Lucy.." p. 244

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    lyeth the/
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    who departed/
    this life the 17th/
    day of December,/
    Anno Dom. 1714/
    aged 75 years"

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