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Robert Williams
Robert Williams
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Elizabeth Williams
George Pearsall
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Robert Williams:


Need to verify that Elizabeth was Robert and Sarah (1626-1693)Washburn William 's record of her that I can find.

Apparently Robert owned land between Hempstead and Oyster Bay . The two towns fought over boundary-see "Colonial Hempstead" by Marshall pp 129--130 for more info.

"Robert Williams buys of Robert Forman 22 Decem 1652 his House and Lands at Hempstead-' Henry Pearsall buys of Robert Williams his House and Lands at Hempstead 10 June 1665. Robert admitted as a freeholder in the town of Oyster Bay that year. He was possibly related to Moyle Williams who was married to Ann Parkhurst Pearsall?

" know yee that I Robert Williams of Long Island near Oyster Bay, now being sick." Leaves to his wife Sarah, "all my Plantation, with orchards, pastures and what wood land she may make use of, during her life, if she keepe herself a widow." Leaves to son John Williams 100 acres of land, more than I have given him already. To my grand son, Robert Williams, 40 acres of laud in some convenient place. "If my daughters many and they want land, if their husbands will come and dwell upon mine, they shall goe to my overseers, and they shall give them land to live on, for them and their heirs." "If any of my sons or daughters doth walk disorderly, according to the truth; they shall have no part or parcel in this my will." Makes his wife Sarah, and Samuel Spicer and John Bowne overseers. Leaves to his son Hope Williams, 100 acres of land, which he hath already.
Dated December 2, 1680. Witnesses, John Winter, Richard Kempton, R. Hawes.
Philip Calvert, Esq., our Judge, etc., for the Probate of wills; the last will and testament of Robert Williams of Long Island was Proved, April 23, 1682.
Hope Washburn gives land to "cousin" Hope Williams land.

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