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Space Coast Chapter

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SnapShots Taken During The
MSC Retiree Scheduled Meetings

Since we have just started the MSC RETIREE Home Page for the first time in its history, please bear with us as we build up our Gallery of The Most Photogenic People On The Planet. If you don't see your photo here, and you would like to, just send it to us, and we'll put you front, and center.

We must commend Bill Zarkas for arranging a marvelous party at the Patrick Air Force Base NCO Club...the setting, and the food was perfect. The MSC RETIREE does not have a home page as such, we are just piggy-backing on SLOWBELL'S home page. Maybe some day we will. Anyhow, enjoy the photos, and comments to follow. Here's an incomplete recollection of those who participated: Hugh (Pat) Patterson, and friend; Eilleen Bortfeld; Bill, and Milly Valashinas; Gene, and Dolores Spencer; Dennis, and Dolores Good; Ed, and Shirley Lanni; LeRoy, and Dolores Clausen; Anthony ( Tony ), and Betty Zotich; Tim Donahue, and friend Norma; Ralph, and Jackie Goldsmith; Howard, and Peggy Tarpey; Ime Jonkers; Van Altman; Frank, and Pat Noble; John, and Harriet Forster; Thomas ( Tommy ) Harris; Gus, and Kiki Karas; William ( Bill ) Quince;
James ( Jimmy ) Veber; William Vos;  and last, but not least of whom I remember - Gary, and Mrs ( forgot their last name ), and Gene Sirota - both not MSC Retirees, but good comrades from the Monday Morning Mariners Meeting group. We will have to thank Gene for his superb digital photograpy. This will be a first for the MSC Retiree...posting the meeting online.

For enlarged picture of following photos 600 wide, click on photo. If the arrow doesn't convert to a fist, it's not enlargeable. To get back to this page, click on the "Back" button on the tool-bar top left.

Bill, and Mildred Zarkas Bill Vos Retired Chief Engineer

*~* ~*~

Frank, and Pat Noble Gary, and his lovely wife

Gene, and Dolores Spencer Harriet Forster

Jackie, and Ralph Goldsmith Betty Zotich

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