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What do you do when a good pal departs, leaving a big hole in your life?
If you're Dick, and Ruth, you fill it with another.
About a month ago, Fluffy, a constant companion for some twenty-years, fulfilled his appointed time with Dick, and Ruth. As fate would have it, not too far distant, the reverse happened: a furry feline lost his mistress.

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Attached you should see a pic of our new star boarder. Albeit, he is a reluctant boarder at this moment but we hope to change that soon. Had to put a halter on him so he wouldn't take off for the wild blue yonder. Needless to say, he is not exactly a happy cat at the moment but we hope to change that soon. He is very heavy compared to Fluffy but, of course, Fluffy was not a really well cat for a long time. He appears to be a "jumper" as he has jumped up on everything in sight, except the fridge, in the garage. We hope he will not be a problem inside the house. Also, we hope we can housebreak him without losing him. He literally hates the halter we put on him to keep him from running away. Hopefully, we can remove that soon.. We have to "drag" him along when he is outside on the leash! Dick
Photo and Caption by Dick - W4YWA.


After constructing this page, I received an email from Dick that Tippy had disappeared. A search of the neighborhood turned up negative, and with darkness coming on, Dick, and Ruth had to give up.
Needless to say, this bit of news disheartened me somewhat, not allowing me to comment excitedy about the other portion of Dick's email: the arrival of his new DELL PC.


Hi C,
Boy that was a short one! You must have been in a hurry! Better make up for that shortfall later in the day or I will begin to think you are sick...
The big news now is that Oreo is back. Yes, we have renamed him. Oreo is considered descriptive due to his coloring. He was at the garage door waiting when R got up at about 4 this AM. Of course, we are pleased that he didn't stay away. He was very hungry and that is probably why he returned... Anyway, he is now in the garage sleeping on the chair that he "appropriated" from me... Hopefully, we will be housebroken to a point we can give him unsupervised run of the joint. I, too, like the pix of him in the tree - just wish the chain was not visible. I always did like a jet black - snow white coat on a cat - to me, the sharp contrast is beautiful.



This is the view from Oreo's new backyard.

Oreo enjoying the view.


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