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Otitis Externa

Otitis Externa
Otitis - New Latin - 1799 - Inflamation


Derby Brown's

For several years Derby's Vet had been treating her for mites - ear mites...what dog, or cat doesn't have, or get them?
At first it's ear drops prescribed by the Vet, or regular dousing with vinegar as suggested by friends, or the internet, which we didn't do, but did keep her ears clear of hair, plucking, plucking, plucking....Then when that didn't seem to work, the Vet prescribes anti-biotics, pills of all sorts. For years plucking, applying ear drops, rinses, and pills - nothing.
In the meantime, inside your pals head, little demons are at work, eating, gnawing away, driving him, or her to distraction with pain. Nibble, nibble, nibble...these little Langolier pacman.gif Pacman like things working away inspite of all the medication, and treatments.
The poor little thing would shake her head so vigorously, exhausting herself to the point of almost shaking herself off her feet to rid herself of this curse.
In humans it's called "Swimmer's Ear", and serious enough to be fatal in the case of a diabetic. Derby is diabetic, but nothing could be found to indicate such a fate for animals. How'd she get it?...she's not a "swimmer", but she is a "rubber"...loving to rub her head in anything that's odorous, and worms, frogs, etc. She loves running in shallow water like found alongside the road after a rain, or a lawn that has been sprinkled. She did once, or twice try to wade into a shallow pond full of algae, though other dogs have been seen swimming in it with no serious consequences.
How did Derby contract this insidious thing? Who knows. However, the reason for her put it mildly, rose it's ugly head literally, just about a week after the Vet gave her her annual physical, which pronounced her "healthy". When attempting to administer the ever necessary ear drops, all of a sudden we couldn't get them into her ear. Seemingly over night both ears were blocked by this most horrible of growths:

Beg you pardon for showing this actual photo of Derby's ear, which can be enlarged for closer examination by clicking if that's necessary, but it's the best way to convey the seriousness of this disease, and our shock over it.
As I mentioned, this growth appeared within a day Derby's ear was open, the next it was blocked...just like in the photo.
Immediately we brought her to our "local" Vet...just down the road. He now saw enough to seek advise from those more experienced, and an appointment was made to have it addressed.
Without ceremony, we were advised that Derby required surgery to remove this insidious "inflamation" both ears. It took a visit to the internet to find out the technical details. and to see what was entailed, even quite you can see by Clicking here.
However, even though we were told surgery would in the end be required, we were given some drops, and a salve to apply, plus antibiotic pills. It was felt by the Vet that this may help temporarily. I did nothing. We could see ourselves that surgery was necessary, and we firmed up an appointment with the knife...luckily within a week.
In the meantime, we kept up the pills, ointments, and drops, and Derby kept getting worse, which in our imagination, we could see these gnawing creatures working day, and night...poor Derby endlessly trying to rid herself from this torture. It was torture for us say the least.
In what seemed like ages, the day came for her first ear to be operated on, and all went well...but the surgeon did the least bad ear...we ourselves could see that, but didn't say anything. The next ear was scheduled for two-months hence.
No way JosŤ! After a week, or so, the stitches were removed, and all looked well, and was well...with that ear. The original plan remained...have the left ear done in two months, or so. This was not to be. The next week was pure hell for Derby, and us...she evidently was beginning to feel genuine pain, or enough pain to let us know by crying, and spinning in circles. With our insistance, she was taken in within a week to have the left ear operated on. After this operation, the surgeon admitted that this ear was worse than the other.
I dread thinking about those days when she had that buzz-bomb in her helpless we were at the time. It did have an effect on us 24/ they say. Thank goodness for the technology available today for such operations. I often think of the poor miserable creatures, human, and otherwise who over the eons had to endure such misery, and still do...these operations didn't come cheap. In the end the toll amounted to over three-grand.
To conclude this page, here's our little pal sown up.
No apologies here...this is no worse than seeing the stitches our mother put in our teddy-bear when the stuffing started to come out. Ha ha. You may enlarge this photo without revulsion, by Clicking on it.

"All's well that ends well." as they say. Essentially, both ears looked just as bad before the operation, and now, after healing, both look the same - just fine. Though the surgeon apologized for how he had to restitch Derby's left ear, thinking it wouldn't "sit right", and at first it didn't, but now, after a month, or more, it lays nice, and flat against her cute little head.

There's More....Click Here, or on me to see Derby post-op, and today.walking_grt_dane_animated.gif

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