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"Rule Brittania"

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Blimey mates!
Meet The
Pals of Pat And Peter

Moon Shadow
And Moonlady

Moon Shadow
And Moonlady

Well, our two new charges have settled in very well indeed. The male, "Moon Shadow" is growing faster than his sister and is the initiator of play-attack. She gives as good as she gets, but rarely initiates any activity. I guess she thinks she is a lady. Well, her name is "Moonlady" and she is very quiet, and just a little bit timid still. Her trick is to "speak". She greets us with a little squeaky cry every time we enter her space! Really cute. 10/19/04

Shadow, who now after two weeks of recovery is settling a bit. His bits are also shrinking - so I guess that "vasectomy" idea, may just have been me wishful thinking! Anyway, he is now in fine fettle. Moonlady, on the other hand has taken to whining, which we think means she is passing out signals. So, I'm afraid she will have to be done, too. 2/16/05

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Fat Cat On Board


My name is Misty, aka Erpet Kali and I have come to live with my staff, Pat & Peter Richardson. It is ever so nice here, but even paradise has its drawbacks. There is a black & white cat called Harvey living with us and he thinks he is boss-cat when everyone can see I am a genuine princess!
What do you think?
Love Misty

On Saturday the 15th of May 2004
Misty Was Recalled
See my Rainbow Bridge Page.

Peter Says:

I've just sent you a picture of our latest edition. She is a Cornish Rex - a true breed. Very fine coats and big pink ears! She came to us by way of. Her first owners picked the breed thinking that with such a fine coat, the asthma allergy he suffered in the presence of cats would be avoided. What he didn't know is it is not the hair that causes the allergy. It is skin-scales from ANY cat!
So after being swapped to friend, then family, back to owner and thence to us. This is her fourth home.
She appears to be settling in although she has the occasional spat with long-term resident Harvey.

Rule Britannia!
Britannia rule the waves.
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.
Except to cats! Haaaaaah.

Latest From Peter

12 October 2005 - Here are our kitties, taken a couple of days ago. As you can see, they are just a little bigger than they where a while ago!
Shadow now weighs 10lbs, Lady weighs 5.83lbs, he always was bigger. He's a solid tight muscled creature, she's a delicate tight muscled creature. Both love the great outdoors.

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