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Check out Potpouri - where these photos come from. A new feature, Potpouri give you the opportunity to view, and print full page photos of your pals. Because photographs use alot of memory, Potpouri will be udated on occasion, newer photos replacing former photos. So...check it out NOW!

Gene's daughter's two kitties - Cat-1, and Cat-2. Cat-3 is similar to Cat-2, but was unavailable for the photo-op. Typical Brooklyn can see the poised, and confident look they exude. Check Potpouri for larger views of these city slickers. Great photography Gene.

Fluffy...Dick, and Ruth's pal resting on her favorite mat. Fluffy is getting up there in years...around 14 or so...Dick doesn't know precisely, as he walked in on them, and never left. A gentle soul, he just "hangs
out", keeping an eye on things, and not saying much.

June's kitty - Pjusken. Pjusken is a Forest Cat. Numerous sites World Wide can be found dealing exclusively with Forest Cats. Pjusken is getting up there, being fourteen years, or so old.

In an email from June, Pjusken was recalled recently in June of 2000. See my Rainbow Bridge Page.

Shirley belongs to Arielle and Jonathan of New Paltz, NY (My Granddaughter and Grandson-in-law).  She is about 8 months old and the terror of the household.  Her brother, Elwould, will be in a future picture.
  He is much older and puts up with Shirley most of the time.  Future pictures  (including Titeaux the cat) will have to wait for about two weeks since I'm leaving for Brooklyn tomorrow and won't be back for awhile.

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