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Check out Potpouri - where these photos come from. A new feature, Potpouri give you the opportunity to view, and print full page photos of your pals. Because photographs use alot of memory, Potpouri will be udated on occasion, newer photos replacing former photos. So...check it out NOW!

elwould.jpgHeeeeere's Elwould!
Arielle, and Jonathan's
pal. Rumors have it that
Elwould isn't a pedigree,
but we know better....
Consider his royal stance
and majestic composure.
There has to be some blue blood in this noble

note.gif "Tweety asks"

titeaux.jpgTiteaux. Now,
if'n youse don't speak French, you will have a little trouble with the name, but Titeaux dosen't. Here she is inspecting the kitchen.
Titeaux is also part of Arielle, and Jonathan's
gang. Someday we may get the names of "Cat 1", and " 2 ".

According to Gene, Titeaux was recalled recently. See my Rainbow Bridge Page.

Not Another Cat!

Dick, and Ruth's Fluffy. Another shot.


Fluffy is getting up in age - 14 yrs, or so. He has had to have some bad teeth pulled recently.
Definitely no threat to Tweety Pie.

In an email from Dick, Fluffy was recalled recently in September of 2001. See my Rainbow Bridge Page.

  'Maurice Lamarr Melvin'
Here is the latest addition to the family of Arielle and Jonathan.  HE'S an 8 week old kitten named 'Maurice Lamarr Melvin'.  He was a stray found in a restaurant parking lot and now has a good home with buddies Titeaux, Elwould and Shirley.

If you enjoy animal pictures, visit DICK'S PLACE for some super shots of his visiting birds, and himself sniffing flowers. Just click on his logo to the left. He has three don't miss any.

Photography by Dick McKlveen, and his Digitalis Camera - Kodak-260, and Gene Sirota, and his Digital Super Atomic-Four Camera...thanks guys.

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