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note.gif "Killing Me Softly"
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Killing Her Softly


Click on the hypodermic needle to the left to get an idea of some of the diseases your pet can contract, or aquire...many with your help.


Dogs, like Sharks, shark.gif are eating machines - scavangers, except for one thing...sharks haven't been domesticated...yet. Canines in the wild - wolves, like sharks, and vultures, eat carrion - dead stuff, as well as live. In attempts to give sharks cancer, they have been fed carcinogens, and that didn't even effect them. Whether this has been done with wolves, I don't know, but probably the effect would be nil in that case also.
Whether it is through the domestication of dogs, especially since the introduction of dog foods of the "Healthy Diet" type, dogs have developed an intolerance to the dead stuff we eat, including the junk food we ingest, or the easy availability of food as opposed to the wild canine, or wolf, I don't know.
We could suppose that if canines in the wild could loll around all day, not having to chase, or find their food, and having all they wanted handed to them, that they too would be at risk in getting ill. Such a supposition could be correct, and probably is.
Thank goodness for those in the wild, that they do have to exercise to exist. Thank goodness for one not in the wild, that there were funds, and medical help available to save its little ass...hopefully!


It is said that a boat is a hole in the water you throw money into. Similarly, a dog kept exclusively as a pet, is a hole in your life you throw money into. The dog, as a pal, satisfies the deficiency in your life for affection, giving, and taking. Human companionship should be enough, but with even those who have that, and think it is, subconsciously they supplement it in their pal. For others, their pal fulfills the lack of a human companion.
As with a human companion, your tendencies are to lavish them with all they desire, and you can afford, consequently spoiling them, and in the case of the non-human pal, sometimes making them ill, or killing them off outright, primarily with food.

It's All In The Eyes


Whether the object of your affection sits across the dining table, or beneath it, eye contact can be costly - Big Time!
It is during such times you must employ restraint, especially concerning the pal below... under no circumstances establish eye contact. If so disposed to having your significant other, or others to gaze at, do so with a vehemence, if only to forget the one trying to cast spells on you from the floor. It sounds cruel, but you may be saving its life. Simply put, for some dogs, the food, and junk humans consume can be dangerous to their health....In fact kill them.
It's heart wrenching to see your best friend slowly slipping away with a disease of a vital organ. There are so many different, horrible things that can be going on in its little body, it takes money, and experienced Veternary care to discover, and cure...if it isn't too late. All because you couldn't say "No". In some cases if it should recover, your worries may not be over, ever, for the life of the pet. You may have to administer shots, using hyperdermics, something you never thought you'd ever have to do, even for people. Your life can change over night...and for your best friend too. Believe me...I know! Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone...sing that, and ball. Right now, my baby sits quietly...not quite herself yet, but nevertheless here. We're hoping for a total recovery, but right now her pancreas is recovering...hopefully, and she is on insulin...temporarily...we hope. It's no fun for her, or us.
Remember...what we think is good for us...isn't for our pals.

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