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Capn Ed's Belated Minutes
of the
15 May 2000 MMMM
O/A 1105 Ed arrived1735 Basin St, M.I, driving Shirley's hard top convertible Mercedes, top down. Carl as usual in driveway puffing away on a Camel, Chesrterfield, Lucky Strike, Raleigh, whatever. Realizing Carl's well coiffered silver hair, offered to put up the top, Carl declining s he hadn't been in a convertible since his younger days in Brooklyn. Carl settled in, off in a burst of speed toward Cocoa Beach.
Ed had a copy of Space Coast Press in which was the" Hi Darlin" picture which Shirley and The editor superinposed a picture of Ed at 3 months old. Carl was so impressed with the picture, he was speechless during the trip. Amazing how beautiful & handsome Ed was then as now. Arriving alongside Captain's Grill, Found Dick & Carl awating to enter. Just then Bill Q. drove up, with Bill V. close behind. Entering the restaurant, the staff bowing, as Ed tall & stately leading the group, took the usual table.
Carl, his hair unruffled in spite the racey ride, started panting, as Diane was defficient in having the usual heave around at Carl's place. Quickly the heave around appeared, Carl lovingly fondling the glass as he raised it to his lips.
Shortly after Gene Si & Gary appeared, taking their usual place at the table. The big moment occured almost immediately, Earl dealt out show & tell, copies of MMMM info, pictures of each & pictures of Carl's mom & dad sitting on a cannon at Ft Hamilton, many years ago. Of course the "hi Darlin" picture made the rounds. Diane was so taken by Ed's pic she let the coffee pot go empty, upsetting Gene. The situation was quicly overcome.
Ed told the story of Cardinal Spellman getting upset over Ed's ex bro in law down in the crypt a St Patricks Cathederal wearing a Masonic Ring. Earl also enlighting all about James Cagney dancing down the steps was impromptu, in a movie. Also different liquors were discussed.
Carl & Gene conversed about PC addresses. Gene made appointment with Gary, going to Gary's home to fix a PC.
Dick & Earl described Than San Nut air base in Vietnam, who the really cares. Earl relating him coming upon two airman trying to disarm a bomb. He stopped them showing them it was booby trapped. They didn,t listen, the bomb going off killing 22 people.
Batteries, car & marine were discussed, as Ed is replacing two in his boat. Bill V. announced that Hank Sauerland was building a house south of Cocoa Beach. The rest of the conversation was of cars old & new.
Not a sea story, which used to be the foremost subject, now it's the damn computer, as I said before they ought to throw all PC's overboard, also teevees.
The restaurant was quite busy, the choice being all salad variety, ham, chicken, roast beef, variety of veggies,w/rolls & bread, bean soup, topped off with 3 different cakes.
The group broke up, headed home.
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